How to Remove “What’s Happening” from Twitter

Do you like to stay up to date with the most recent events and trends? Twitter tries to help out its user base by filling in what’s going on around the world. Even if you’re a fan of current events, it doesn’t always mean you love the “What’s Happening” section of your Twitter home page.

How to Remove “What's Happening” from Twitter

This tab shows you related events that are happening at the moment, based on accounts you follow, Although you might be interested in some of these events, you may not want to see them as soon as you log in to your account.

So, is there a way to remove them? Read on to learn more.

How to Remove the What’s Happening Section

You may think you can choose what you see on your Twitter home page, but that’s not entirely true. There are a few sections Twitter automatically inserts based on what they believe you’ll like, such as “What’s Happening,” which shows you different news and events that are currently trending.

You may see these sections at the top of your Twitter home page or as sidebar panels. If you’re not sure why you’re being shown a specific event, you can click or tap the down arrow next to it to find out.

Luckily, there’s a way you can hide the event if you’re not interested in it. However, that may not stop Twitter from showing you other similar events, so the solution won’t solve the issue altogether.

The key is a Chrome extension that removes any unwanted section from your Twitter feed so you can focus on the tweets only. The extension is called Tweak New Twitter, and you can install it in a few seconds.

With this extension, you can customize your Twitter experience and use the chronological timeline so you only see the latest tweets first. You can also hide any suggestions coming from Twitter, like the “Who to Follow” or “What’s Happening” sections.

How to Unfollow a Topic on Twitter

Suppose you find yourself following so many topics on Twitter that you simply can’t keep up anymore. In that case, you might want to unfollow some of them. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Select your profile picture.
  2. From the menu that opens, tap or click “Topics.”
  3. You’ll see the list of topics you’re following, so find the one you want to remove and select “Unfollow.”

That’s not the only way to unfollow a topic – you can also do it from your home timeline.

  1. Find a tweet related to the topic you want to remove.
  2. At the top of the tweet, locate the down arrow icon and select it.
  3. Choose “Unfollow” from the menu.
How to Remove What's Happening on Twitter

Additional FAQs

Is there something else you want to know about how to customize your Twitter experience? You may find your answer in this Frequently Asked Questions section.

How Do You Turn Off Trends on Twitter?

Twitter also shows you trends that may interest you. But they’re not always based on who you’re following and what interests you’ve selected. They may simply be the hottest trends at the moment or be based on your current location. They may also be entirely irrelevant to you. If you want to turn off this sidebar and no longer see trends suggestions, follow these steps.u003cbru003e• Log in to your Twitter account and tap or click on the u0022Settingsu0022 option.u003cbru003e• Choose the “Trends for You” option.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-203543u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Select “Show more.u0022u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-203544u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Click or tap the slider to turn off the trends. You’ll no longer see them on the feed.u003cbru003eOf course, you can also use the extension to remove this Twitter section.u003cbru003eIf you have an iOS device, you can try removing the “Trends” section this way, too.u003cbru003e• Open Twitter on your iPhone or iPad.u003cbru003e• You’ll see a three-dot icon at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. Tap it.u003cbru003e• Choose “Settings u0026amp; Privacy.”u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-203548u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Select “Display and Sound” from the “General” tab.u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-203549u0022 style=u0022width: 300px;u0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Tap the slider next to the “Show search column” option.u003cbru003e• When you go to your feed again, you’ll only see the tweets on it.

How Do You Tweet Someone on Twitter?

To message someone on Twitter, follow the steps below.u003cbru003e• Open your home timeline and click or tap the compose box. You can also start a tweet by selecting the Tweet button from the navigation bar.u003cbru003e• Enter your tweet in the empty field, and if you want to mention someone (i.e., tweet them), type “@” and start typing their Twitter username.u003cbru003e• When a list of suggested users appears, select the desired person and post your tweet.u003cbru003eAnother way is to reply to a tweet from the Twitter user (if they’ve already tweeted you). You can do this by selecting the reply icon and typing in your tweet.

How Do I Get Rid of the Sidebar on Twitter?

To get rid of the sidebar with topic suggestions or other undesired information of Twitter, use the recommended Chrome extension “Tweak New Twitter” from the previous section.

How Do I Get Rid of Notifications on Twitter?

Notifications give you information about the activity related to your tweets. You can see how many likes you’ve had, how many new followers have come to your profile, how many people retweeted you, and so on.u003cbru003eHowever, sometimes you may receive duplicate notifications or automated ones that you may not consider relevant. To get rid of those, you can use the u0022Quality filter.u0022 Here’s how.u003cbru003e• Open your Twitter account and click on the “Notifications” timeline.u003cbru003e• From here, choose “Settings.”u003cbru003e• Select the checkbox next to “Quality filter” to enable this option.

Twitter Remove What's Happening

Customize Twitter to Suit Your Needs

Sometimes with Twitter, you’re there just for the tweets, and too many additional sections may feel overwhelming for you. Would you like to remove them? Luckily, you can do it – sometimes using a built-in option available on Twitter, and sometimes by installing an extension for your browser.

Either way, the good news is you can get rid of unwanted information on Twitter and enjoy the content for which you’ve created your account.

Have you disabled specific blocks on Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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