How To Unblock Someone on Fortnite

Fortnite is viewed as a fun game by the majority but as something way too serious by a few. Dumb people are everywhere and usually we can avoid them. When you’re in game with one and they are doing everything they can to ruin the experience or just talk trash in chat, it can spoil your fun. That’s where blocking or unblocking in Fortnite comes in useful.

How To Unblock Someone on Fortnite

Blocking in Fortnite is less than ideal though. You can block someone from chatting with you but you cannot block them from appearing in the public lobby or in missions. So even if they cannot chat to you directly, you may come across them in game. It’s a less than ideal system but it’s what we have right now.

Block players in Fortnite

As mentioned, you can only block players from chat in Fortnite. You may still see them in missions or in the public lobby and if you’re unlucky, will see them in game occasionally too. This should be rare given the huge player base but it is possible.

The easiest way to block someone you know is from your friends list. Select your friends list from the Fortnite lobby, right click their name and select Block. This will stop them being able to hassle you in chat but will do nothing else.

You can also block someone in game using the menu. When in game, pull up the menu and select Report Player or Block. I use PC so this works there. Mobile may be different. Again, this won’t stop them appearing in game but will stop them chatting to you.

Unblock players in Fortnite

Unblocking a player in Fortnite includes a couple more steps but is simple enough. If you accidentally block someone or the person has changed their attitude, everyone deserves a second chance.

  1. Navigate to the Fortnite lobby.
  2. Select your friends list in the top right.
  3. Select Settings in the top right.
  4. Uncheck the box next to Hide Blocked Players.
  5. Navigate back to your friends list.
  6. Select the new option called Blocked Players at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Select the player, right click their name and select Unblock.

If this works correctly, the previously blocked person will be moved to your friends list. The Epic forums are full of players complaining that this process doesn’t always work though. There seem to be many instances when a player is unblocked but remains uncontactable through chat. There seems to be no way around this when it happens.

Dealing with toxic players in Fortnite

Fortnite is being hit hard by toxicity with quite a number of players quitting because of it. I know of a few players who left even after reporting behavior to Epic. It’s a shame that such negativity can stop you playing a game you like but it happens.

Toxic players seem to be of different types.

The troll

The troll will trash talk in chat and do everything they can to disrupt everyone’s game with racism, dumb comments, provocative suggestions or comments and seemingly do whatever they can to find a button to push.

The armchair general

The player who thinks they are better than everyone else and you should all do what they say when they say. This is less toxic than the troll but can quickly escalate when players ignore their wishes.

The leech

Less annoying than the troll or armchair general but in games where elite loot is few and far between can be exceptionally annoying. They usually play support classes and won’t risk themselves in a fight. They stay in the background and will leap in to pick up the best loot before you can.

The disrupter

The disrupter will edit your walls, go around after you undoing your construction and generally try to disrupt your game as much as possible. These are common in Fortnite for some reason and are incredibly annoying.

How to deal with toxicity?

As you cannot blacklist players in Fortnite and blocking only stops them in chat, you have no option but to report them and move on. Try to ignore them during the game or quit and find another match. You cannot follow people you’re not friends with in Fortnite and if you live in a populous region, you hopefully shouldn’t see them again for a while.

It’s important not to react to players like this as they feed on that reaction. It’s what they are looking for. Nothing annoys a troll or disrupter more than you completely ignoring them and carrying on your game as if they don’t exist. It may seem like a weak way of handling a situation like this but it’s actually the best!

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