How To Unsubscribe from Magazines on Amazon Kindle

Subscribed to a magazine and no longer want it? Tried a free trial and don’t want to pay for a regular subscription? Here is how to unsubscribe from magazines on Amazon Kindle.

How To Unsubscribe from Magazines on Amazon Kindle

Never has consuming content been easier than when the Kindle arrived. Sure eBook readers had been around a while but the Kindle brought with it a self-contained infrastructure that not only enabled you to read on the device but also provided the material for you to read. It was a work of genius from Amazon to include the entire ecosystem along with the device itself.

The ability to subscribe to periodicals, newspapers and magazines is an excellent part of Kindle. It enables you to take a break from books for a little while and go for a little light reading or something you can more easily pick up and put down. For magazines, it offers a lifeline from print that can help keep them in business as we switch more to digital content over paper.

Unsubscribe from magazines on Amazon Kindle

If you no longer want a magazine subscription, it is relatively simple to cancel it within the Kindle ecosystem.

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Magazine Subscription Manager.
  2. Select the magazine you no longer want to receive.
  3. Select Cancel subscription and confirm.

You can also cancel magazines from the Content and Devices part of the Amazon website.

  1. Navigate to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  2. Select the magazine you want to cancel.
  3. Select Actions and then Cancel.
  4. Follow the wizard and confirm the cancellation.

Some publishers may refund you for any undelivered magazines, others will not. Instead, they will deliver the magazine for the remaining paid-for subscription period and then stop until you subscribe again. You should be notified which is which as part of the cancellation process.

How to get magazines on your Kindle without subscribing to them

You don’t have to have a subscription for every magazine you read to be able to legally read them. There are other ways if you know how.

Amazon freebies

Amazon is often offering free access to its content and there is even a Kindle book that tells you exactly how and where to access them. Called Kindle Buffet, it is a free eBook for Kindle that walks you through finding and downloading other free content for the Kindle. Well worth a look.

Amazon Prime

If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, there is no need to pay extra for magazine subscriptions. As a Prime member, you gain access to magazines as well as books. While the offer doesn’t include every magazine out there, it does cover many popular ones. If you use Prime, you should check if your magazine of choice is part of the program before paying extra.

Amazon Unlimited

If you are taking your reading further with Amazon Unlimited, you get magazines too. Some big name magazines such as GQ and National Geographic are part of the program along with hundreds of other titles. While the value of Amazon Unlimited is up for debate, it might be worth the extra $10 if it includes magazines you usually subscribe to. Make sure to check out what magazines are included and which are not before paying for a separate subscription.


Calibre is an accomplished eBook reader that also offers free access to magazines. Calibre is a downloadable app available across operating systems that provides a light, reliable eBook reader. It can also download newspapers and free eBooks too once set up. The option to access free magazines is under ‘Fetch News’. The variety and volume of freebies changes all the time to check it frequently for your magazine fix.

Your local library

Did you know libraries also offer eBooks and magazines? You will likely need a magazine reader such as Zinio but your library will tell you exactly what you need. You can do it the old fashioned way and visit the library and ask someone or the new-fangled way by visiting your library’s website and looking for digital lending or eBooks. The same lending rules apply, you get the content for a fixed amount of time before having to return it but it’s all free.

Freebie websites

There are dozens of websites offering free access to this or that but few of them are legitimate. One that does seem legit is Hunt4Freebies. I haven’t used it personally but have heard good things about it. Mainly that it doesn’t download malware or anything you wouldn’t want. Other than that, it offers free eBooks and magazines for the Kindle. Can’t say fairer than that.

Got any other ways to download free Kindle magazines legally? Tell us about them below if you do!

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