Valorant Mobile: Latest Details & Beta Registration Info

Valorant’s 2020 PC release saw massive success and quickly became one of the genre’s most played first-person shooters. While the PC version is the most popular platform, many gamers are eager to see this entry released on their mobile phones. Riot Games responded to community demands with an announcement that Valorant will soon be playable on smartphones.

Valorant Mobile: Latest Details & Beta Registration Info

The biggest question now is: when will you be able to play Valorant on the go?

In this entry, we’ll share some crucial information about Valorant Mobile release date, how to register for the beta version, and whether cross-play will be available.

When Will the Valorant iPhone and Android Apps Be Released?

Riot Games looks to provide a completely different gaming experience compared to the PC version enabling FPS fans to immerse themselves into an action-packed world using only their fingertips.

However, Valorant Mobile is still in development, and the official release date is yet to be confirmed.

Currently, it’s not certain whether there will be beta testing, but judging from the history of other multiplayer games, it is very likely. The development team expects Valorant Mobile to be a lengthy process, so beta tests may not occur this year. The same goes for the gameplay trailer.

Although Riot hasn’t issued an official release date, they hope the game will be available in its second year, the middle of 2022. However, this is just a speculative date. Any playable states of the FPS, including alphas, betas, and fully launched entries, may not materialize before 2023.

While there’s no concrete evidence of a release date coming soon, some leaks also suggest it may come in Q3 of 2021. Beta testing of this tactical shooter should likely commence software-locked (e.g., iOS or Android only) or region-locked in the initial stages.

The main reason why the release is being delayed is the development process. Namely, it won’t be a direct port from the PC version to smartphones. Instead, it’ll be a unique mobile experience with special tweaks to accommodate this format. The developers want mobile users to experience the same thrills as PC gamers, but they understand that various mobile features (e.g., controls) are different.

On top of that, Riot Games first wanted to prove they’re fully capable of putting out a high-quality, competitive shooter for PC before going mobile. Fortunately, they accomplished this goal, considering the 14 million players who log in each month. This amounts to around half the player count of CS: Global Offensive, the biggest FPS on the planet.

Despite some of these setbacks, rest assured that Valorant will reach mobile phones worldwide, eventually. It’ll be available for both iOS and Android when the global launch finally takes place. The same has been the case with numerous entries, including Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. It remains unknown how Riot will translate Valorant controls for mobile devices, which is essential to the game.

The good news for smartphone users is that Valorant will hit their screens before console fans enjoy the game. The console version isn’t in development yet, mainly due to peripherals. The developers claim that such platforms struggle to support this level of competitive integrity, where the controller is a huge obstacle. As a result, it may take a while before Xbox and PlayStation users can experience the thrills of Valorant on their respective consoles.

Where Can I Register for the Mobile Beta Version?

Riot Games has enabled players to register for the upcoming beta version. To do this, you’ll need to visit TapTap. After creating your account, you’ll be notified about the release date once it’s finalized. As we’re currently in Q3 of this year, keep an eye on the page for major updates.

Make sure only to use this website only because it’s the only confirmed registration pathway. Many other fake web pages look legitimate and contain Valorant images but turn out to be a scam. Consequently, signing up on them may jeopardize your information or infect your device with malware.

Will the Mobile Version Be Cross-Play With Other Gaming Platforms?

Even though many users hoped Valorant Mobile would support cross-play with other platforms, this won’t be the case. Like the company did with Wild Rift and League of Legends, they won’t risk compromising the players’ ability to display their mechanics and skills.

Switching between mobile and PC accounts won’t be possible, either, and there’s a simple reason for that. The developers don’t want to impact their PC support since they’re fully committed to maintaining or increasing the PC experience. Introducing other platforms may hinder their efforts.

Instead, you’ll see a mobile version like Wild Rift. It’ll be a well-made standalone entry precisely adjusted to smartphones without losing essential elements that define the game experience.

In all likelihood, Valorant Mobile will contain mechanics that won’t be too hard to execute. Even if they turn out to be challenging (such as Sova’s kit), they’ll probably come with a quick-cast option. Bear in mind that this is just speculation, and you’ll need to wait for the release to get a deeper insight into all the features.

Patience Pays Off

Although Riot Games hasn’t confirmed the official release date, Valorant Mobile should soon be available. The development process is well underway, and it might be a good thing that you’ll need to wait a bit longer. The company is investing a lot of effort to ensure you get the same satisfaction associated with PC, translating controls without impairing the mechanics. In contrast, a rushed release would probably be flawed and leave a lot to be desired.

To ensure you receive notifications about the official launch date, complete your pre-registration process on TapTap for the beta version. You’ll become a part of the Valorant Mobile community even before the release and stay on top of all major updates. Once the game finally comes to life on your smartphone, it promises to be an enormous hit alongside its competitors.

Unfortunately, patience is the key right now. More information about the launch may emerge a few months down the line, but there isn’t much to build on. For now, you should focus on the upcoming YR1 events and wait for the developers to come out with new details.

Have you played Valorant on PC? Do you think the mobile experience will be better or worse? Do you plan to pre-register or wait for the actual release before signing up for the game? Tell us in the comments section below.

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