What Is the Video Icon on Messenger?

Popularized by Snapchat, video calling is one of the few past predictions of the future that have actually come through. You may not use video calling, but many people across the world do. It is much more convenient and personal than audio calls. But how do you activate the video calls option?

What Is the Video Icon on Messenger?

Video Calling

Once you enter any conversation on Messenger, you’ll see a video icon in the top right part of your screen (this works on all Facebook and Messenger versions). Tapping this icon will instantly place a video call to the conversation you’ve entered. If you’ve contacted an individual, they will be notified immediately and prompted to answer your video call. If you’ve requested a video call within a group conversation, every available participant will be notified and prompted to answer your group video call.

Be Careful

So, that’s what the video icon does in Messenger. Be careful, however, because tapping that icon doesn’t prompt you to confirm that you’d like to place a video call, regardless if you’re in a group or one-on-one conversation. This can cause awkward situations.

For instance, let’s say that you’re going down your virtual memory lane, looking at old conversations with people and in group chats that haven’t been active for years. You’re casually scrolling along and you accidentally hit the video call icon. No matter how quickly you hang up, the other party or parties will receive a notification of a missed call, which may or may not put you in an awkward situation.

This is why you should always be careful with the video call icon. The audio call icon works pretty much the same.

Why Use the Video Icon?

Well, we do live in a world where the textual format is the king. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t utilize the benefits of the video call. For instance, it is a slightly safer alternative to texting while driving, provided you keep the eyes on the road and only listen to the person on the other side. This is not to say that you should video call while driving, because you shouldn’t. But, if you really need to use Messenger while driving, an audio or video call is still a bit safer alternative.

This mode is especially useful when trying to explain how something works graphically, whether you’re drawing an explanation or showing it. Pointing a finger at something is always quicker than trying to describe it via text.

The Benefits of Messenger Video Calls

Skyping has become almost synonymous with video calls in general. However, people rarely use Skype anymore and generally “skype” with each other via Messenger and similar apps. Messenger makes this very easy because, well, everyone’s on it already. A few years ago, before the video calls option was introduced, you had to move from the messenger chat app and start another app that enables video calls. This has all been hugely simplified with this option.

The messenger video icon doesn’t just merely start a video call instantly. While the video calls part plays the biggest role in this icon’s function, it allows you to exit the full-screen mode and use chat simultaneously. This means that you can, for instance, communicate with other people in your group conversation that don’t want to or can’t video chat at the given moment. This is a very useful feature that not many apps offer.

Also, if one friend needs to explain the other how to do something or help them troubleshot a problem (on their computer, or otherwise), the video call option on Messenger is perfect here. This is definitely much, much simpler than having to type or read away heaps and heaps of confusing text.

The Benefits of Messenger Video Calls

Work-Related Video Calls

While Facebook may not be a work-focused platform, some companies use Messenger for a number of reasons. For one, it is simple to set up and the employees most likely already use it. Secondly, it allows everyone to keep all their texting needs in a single app. Whether it’s used for employee training sessions, job interviews, tech support, or meetings and webinars, the video icon on Messenger can turn out very useful.

Additional Features

You may be skeptical about the whole video calls thing, but there are other cool things about the video calls mode on Messenger. Besides being very simple to use and handy in a wide variety of situations, the whole experience is immensely fun. All the emoji and face-warping options are very much there in video calls. You can use the filters in real-time and have tons of fun with your friends.

Another great option is videogames. Yes, using your face, you can actually play some of the available video games. It may not sound like a big deal, but the video calls option can be immensely fun. There is also the screenshot option, so make sure that you capture the most memorable moments.

Tap That Icon

Go ahead and tap that icon and give the video calls a go. It’s as simple and clean feature. The video calls feature works great, so you can expect a clear, smooth video call.

Have you ever used the video icon on Messenger? What have you used the video calls option so far? Discuss in the comment section!

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