How to See My DoorDash Reviews

DoorDash is very transparent toward its drivers and allows you to view your DoorDash reviews within the driver app. The customer reviews are critical, bear that in mind.

How to See My DoorDash Reviews

In this article, you’ll find out essential things about your Dasher rating, why it’s so important, and how to see it. Read on for details.

How to See the Reviews

Checking reviews is quite simple; you only need the DoorDash Driver app. The DoorDash Driver app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices from their respective app stores.

Here’s how to view your ratings:

  1. Launch the DoorDash Driver app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the Rating option.
  3. You can see the customer reviews here alongside detailed info about your Dasher stats.

This app is very polished and simple, with straightforward UI. Remember to use the Schedule section to make plans for deliveries, check the Earnings section to see how much you’ve earned on a given day, month, or week. The Account section is for changing your personal or vehicle info and app customization.

See My DoorDash Reviews

Reviews Explained

Reviews are critical, but your overall Dasher score is the most important stat. Many factors go into it, not just customer reviews. To get a customer rating, you need to make at least 100 deliveries, if all of the customers rate you.

It is unlikely to happen, so you’ll need to make even more deliveries. Note that these ratings have nothing to do with the food. They pertain to customers’ experience with you. Customers have a month to review you, so don’t expect to get a quick review every time.

Some of them just skip reviewing altogether. Also, remember that a customer can’t rate you if you haven’t completed the order (delivery). Your customer score is one of the most important determining factors because DoorDash can deactivate you if it is lower than 4.2.

Other Important Factors

Besides the customer score, you also need to have a high completion rate. In other words, most of your deliveries have to be successful. DoorDash understands that a lot can go wrong during the delivery, so they set the required rate to 70%.

In some cases, you are forgiven if you fail to complete an order. These cases include:

  1. If a customer changes the delivery address to a place, you don’t want to visit.
  2. Closed restaurants.
  3. If your DoorDash card gets declined during the pickup.
  4. If DoorDash or the customer cancel the order.

Never unassign orders in these scenarios. If you unassign an order yourself, then you won’t be forgiven.

There is also your acceptance rate for orders via DoorDash. It does not affect your score, but you can use it for personal reference. The only time when the acceptance rate is essential is if you want to apply for catering (Drive orders). Then your acceptance rate must be 80% or above.

Lastly, there are delivery time stats, but these also have no impact on your work. Don’t rush the deliveries to keep this rating high, since it won’t bring you any benefits.

How to See DoorDash Reviews

Your Dasher Stats Change Over Time

Note that all of your stats will change as the new reviews roll in. The older ones will simply get overwritten by the new ones. Still, you’ll have the average score that can vary, usually not too much.

However, you shouldn’t worry about it. The minimum 4.2 score is not hard to achieve, and neither is the completion rate standard. If the customer is rude or too far away, you can choose to unassign their order without consequences.

Try and complete as many of your deliveries if you can, though. Don’t deliver in an area too far away from you. Note that sometimes the lousy rating will stick with you because not enough people leave reviews.

Don’t stress it. If you’re doing your job right, your rating will improve over time. Here are some tips for a high customer score:

  1. Try and always be polite to the customer and mind your manners and hygiene.
  2. Lower the speed when driving up or away from their house.
  3. Take care not to touch any of the customer’s possessions.
  4. Be reasonably quick, so the food doesn’t get cold.

Be Patient

In case your ratings on DoorDash go awry, don’t let it affect you. You can improve customer reviews if you follow tips in this article. Take care while driving and delivering in general. If you don’t feel like it, take some time off, nobody is forcing you to work, and you’re not under a contract.

Are you satisfied with your reviews? Do you have any tips for novice Dashers? Join the discussion in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “How to See My DoorDash Reviews”

Mitchell says:
I feel like someone was paid to write this. As a Dasher I can tell you the app is not transparent about your ratings. It’s a fuzzy vague “1.0 – 5.0” rating that you can’t see what went into it. There’s no way to view the detail of the review of each delivery and no way to respond when you’re given a negative review. I’m always professional, courteous, on time, follow any specific instructions on the order, and validate the order if I am able. Never fails, someone will leave a negative review even though I’ve never had a negative interaction on any delivery. As a driver, there’s nothing you can do about it either.
Patrick Hair says:
Correct. I have people put in the wrong address and then get mad and blame me for not finding the right address. If you see a rating go down after a bad or unfair customer experience, call dasher support and explain it. many times they will erase the most recent negative rating decrease in your customer satisfaction number.
Newbie says:
I had start DD maybe 2 weeks ago. I made sure I do the best that I can. But when I looked at my ratings, everything was in the green of last week. But when I looked at it today, now I am down to 4.8 rating now. I don’t understand why. I don’t have no control of the restaurant of the food been late. ( I make sure the customers knows why ) I wished that I can see who rated me…
Tracy Beaudrie says:
I am a Doordasher and I take pride in my job! The food is always early and always steaming hot when delivered! I make sure to keep my customer updated at all times. I treat them as I would want in return. With everything in life there are always a few rotten apples .
Kisha says:
Do not use Door Dash. This is a greedy company. They have poor customer service and dishonest drivers. The driver asked for payment for a order that was already paid for. They company does not take responsibility. The drivers can easily manipulate the situation. Save yourself the time and and money. Use uber eats or grub hub. This company is greedy.
mishelle says:
have naked blonde is out delivering food in hopkinsville.. she looks horrible and only wears her pajamas to deliver food…
Holly Frownfelter says:
That’s gross!

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