How to Change the Input Name on Vizio TVs

People change the input names on their Vizio devices because it makes them easier to recognize when accessing the input menu. For example, having your own input names makes things a little easier when searching through the menu trying to change the input source. To avoid problems, be sure to fully complete the first-time setup when you first use your Vizio device. After that, you can set up your input names more easily.

How to Change the Input Name on Vizio TVs

The Input Source

Inputs are based on the wires you put into the back of your TV. For example, you may have your satellite TV and XBOX plugged in at the same time. These are sources of signals, and your Vizio TV refers to them as inputs. Each input has its own name because you need to switch between different inputs, depending on which you wish to use your TV for, such as watching YouTube, playing DVDs etc.

Changing the input sourceRenaming Devices on Your Vizio Input Menu

Make the things you input into your TV a little easier to recognize on your input menu by renaming your inputs with custom names. For example, if you insert your PlayStation 4 console into your TV and its identifier is just a number or code, then it may be worth changing its name to something more easily identifiable.

Here’s how to rename your device on the Vizio input menu:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your remote. The on-screen menu will pop up. Highlight “Devices” by using the arrow buttons on your remote. Press “OK” and up pops the devices’ menu.
  2. There are pre-set names that may apply. To use pre-set names, you must highlight the input port and press “OK” to select it. Highlight the name you wish to use, and select the name by pressing “OK.”
  3. Alternatively, you can enter a custom name for your device. To do so, you have to actually highlight the name of the input in this case. Highlight it and press “OK” to bring up the keyboard. Choose your custom name, and then highlight the “OK” button and press “OK” to create your new name. The new name will appear in place of the old one.
  4. Once you have completed the name change, you may press the “Exit” button on your remote to navigate away from the page.
    Input Name

Get to Know Your Remote

There should be five buttons that are used for navigating the input menus. These consist of four arrows and a big “OK” button.

You’ll need to use the “Menu” button, at the top right of the screen just under the power button. In turn, you’ll need to use the “Exit” button to leave the menu once you’re finished changing your input name.

At the top left, you’ll see the “Input” button. If you press this, then the input source changes. It may change from your satellite TV source, to your games console source, to your plugged-in USB drive, and so forth.

Know Your Remote

When you press the “Input” button and change the input source, you’ll see any names that you’ve added or chosen. If you chose a pre-set name for your devices, or made your own name up, then these names will appear on the screen as and when you reach them through pressing the input button.

Why Not Use the Automated Input Names?

Sometimes the input names aren’t particularly helpful or explanatory, and other times they’re outright incorrect. For example, you may plug in your USB flash drive, and it appears as a weird code, or as “DVD” player when it’s actually a Blu-Ray player. Even the pre-sets that come with the TV aren’t suitable in some cases, to the point where it’s better/easier to set your own names to avoid confusion later.

Plus, if you have numerous digital inputs, then it may become confusing as to which is which. You can always learn the codes, but where’s the fun in that? And where’s the convenience? In addition, you have to tell other people which inputs mean what, whereas if they’re named, people can figure out for themselves which is terrestrial TV, which is cable and which is satellite TV.

Can I Name My Inputs Anything?

Yes, you can use any form of name you wish. It’s not like the game Red Dead 2 where you can’t name your horse after certain celebrities because of a name blocker. You can name your inputs whatever you like and there’s no filter. The only restriction is on the number of characters (letters and numbers) you can use.

For example, you can’t leave a note to your kids by naming a channel, “You shouldn’t be watching this” because you won’t have enough characters. Although, you could name an input “Adult Only.”

Why Bother?

An obvious question is, why bother? After all, you can only have a limited number of inputs, and can probably determine which is which through the process of elimination. The reason you should do so is because it’s convenient and helpful. If your device can be used in an easier way for the foreseeable future, then why sacrifice that extra bit of usability for the sake of a few seconds spent updating your input name?

Does your TV allow you to change your input names? Did you figure it out for yourself? Are you still having troubling getting the name to change? Let us know in the comments section below.

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