How to Turn Closed Captioning On or Off on Vizio TVs

Article updated Dec. 09, 2022, to reflect current processes and settings.
Closed captions or subtitles are very useful because they can help people with hearing impairments or who don’t understand the language completely. They also come in handy in noisy environments where it is difficult to listen to the TV. You can even use captions to help you learn a new language altogether—to some extent.

How to Turn Closed Captioning On or Off on Vizio TVs

Turning on or off closed captions on Vizio TVs is not difficult, but there are some limitations and restrictions. This article shows you how to turn closed captioning (CC) on and off on a Vizio TV and explains why you may be unable to do it under certain circumstances. You’ll also see how to customize closed captioning to your liking.

How Closed Captioning Works on Vizio TVs

When using a Vizio TV with closed captioning, you can turn the feature on or off within the TV’s settings menu or use the remote’s CC button. However, closed captioning control on Vizio TVs is for built-in apps, over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts, or any connections through a coax cable. If an external device is connected via HDMI, Component, or RCA cables, such as a Fire TV Stick, Roku, Blu-Ray player, or a cable box, CC settings get controlled through the device. If the CC option appears greyed out on your Vizio TV, it is controlled through the external device only.

Even if you have a perfect understanding of English, some characters in shows and movies have thick accents or are just plain difficult to understand. For these reasons, it seems sensible to keep CC on, but some people find the captions distracting, which is also a valid point.

Here’s how you can enable or disable closed captions on your Vizio TV.

Turn CC On/Off on Vizio TVs using the Remote

If you still have the original remote to your Vizio TV, you’ll notice that it does have a Closed Caption button, appearing as “CC.” To control captions on your Vizio TV, press the “CC” button, and they should automatically come on or turn off depending on the current CC status.

Keep in mind that the placement of the CC button differs depending on the remote you’re using. If you’re using a universal remote, you may not have this button. Also, don’t forget that the closed captioning control on a Vizio TV is for antenna broadcasts, built-in apps, or devices connected via a coax cable.

Turn Off Closed Captioning on Vizio TVs Using the Settings Menu

If, for some reason, you’re having trouble turning off the Closed Captioning, try going through the settings menu on your Vizio TV. Some of the instructions may vary depending on your model, but you should be able to follow along pretty easily.

  1. Power on your Vizio TV.
  2. Tap the Menu button on your remote, which may vary depending on the model of your TV, but it should be easy to spot.
  3. Tap on the “HDTV Settings,” then select the “Closed Captions” option.
  4. Select your CC options, then highlight the “Closed Captions” option and choose “On” or “Off.”

How to Customize Closed Captioning on Vizio TVs

Digital CC allows you to change and customize the captions at will. You don’t have to live with tiny text with a default background. Here’s what to do.

  1. Turn on your Vizio TV.
  2. Press the “Home” button for newer models) or the “V” (Vizio Internet Apps) button on the remote.
  3. Access the “TV SETTINGS” menu, then select and open the CLOSED CAPTIONS settings.
  4. Ensure that Digital Closed Captions is set (usually CS1), then select “Digital Style.”
  5. Depending on your TV model, you might need to select the “Custom” captions option from the menu. Regardless, now you can increase or decrease the text size, color, position, etc.

Digital captioning is better because it gives you several customizing choices. You can also revert the settings to default if you don’t like the changes. Analog CC doesn’t have custom options.

In closing, closed captioning is a lifesaver in some scenarios, yet in others, it’s useless. If you’re watching a foreign movie, they’re beneficial. In a noisy environment, they help you interpret what is said. And like we said, you can even use them to begin learning a language, or to refresh your Spanish or French, for example. On the flip side, they can interfere and get in the way during movies, become distracting, or provide incorrect words or misinterpreted ones to the point of frustration. These scenarios are why it is essential to be able to turn closed captioning on or off on a Vizio TV, and the method depends on the source.

Vizio Closed Captioning FAQs

Is There a Way to Disable the CC Entirely?

We’re glad you asked because there is a way. Here’s how to completely disable the closed captions on a Vizio TV:

Power up your TV.

Press the V button.

Choose Setup and confirm with OK.

Choose CC and confirm.

Turn the captions On or Off, depending on your preference.

Save the changes by hitting Exit on your remote.

In some situations, closed captioning is very distracting and causes more harm than good. You might get annoyed by inaccurate subtitles in some cases. Just disable them and keep watching your show or movie.

Follow the same steps to get the subtitles back on when finished watching so you don’t forget that you disabled them. Of course, you can keep them off permanently if you like.

How to Turn On or Off Closed Caption

Closed captioning stays on after turning it off, so what do I do?

Closed captioning is such a prominent feature these days, so nearly every device you use has the option to turn them on. If you’ve turned off the subtitles on your Vizio TV, yet they remain, it’s likely because a connected device is displaying them.

Open the Settings on the connected device that you’re using to stream content and verify that the subtitles are turned off. If they are on, that’s the reason turning them off through the Vizio settings didn’t work.

Why is the closed captioning option greyed out on my Vizio TV?

Generally speaking, the CC feature on Vizio TVs appears greyed out when the TV cannot control it. You need to adjust the settings in the connected device. This scenario occurs for external devices plugged in via HDMI, RCA (red, white, yellow), or component connections (red, blue, green).

Also, a greyed-out CC option can occur when you haven’t opened the app or source video yet. This scenario only applies to over-the-air OTA antenna signals, built-in apps like Netflix, and devices connected via coax cable.

20 thoughts on “How to Turn Closed Captioning On or Off on Vizio TVs”

Suzanne R Bell says:
I have the original remote for my tv, when i press the menu button there are 6 selections, I can select all EXCEPT the Closed captioning button
Steve Larner says:
, The article has been updated (Dec. 09, 2022) to reflect current processes. Try launching the app or coax-connected device first, then try again to select the “Closed Captions” option.
Sharon Holdren says:
I’ve tried everything following each separate instruction including washing the remote buttons with alcohol wipes inside and out. The CC/subtitles used to work on OTA TV but do not any more. They do when I’m playing DVD or YouTube.
Steve Larner says:
Not sure why you can’t turn off closed captions for OTA unless it is not a coax connection or runs through another device like a VCR or digital tuner that connects via HDMI, RCA, or component.
Denis says:
i cant turn off captions!
Allan Michael says:
My ccs are stuck in spanish on my d series vizio. I dont see any “v” button either. How do i change them to english? The menu language is set to english, so i dont understand why im getting spanush ccs
Vyra Adalade Harris says:
I can’t get it off. Closed Captioning will not highlight.
Steve Larner says:
You’ll need to open the source, such as the app or a TV channel first, then access the option.
Hans Lans says:
I just cannot get rid of close caption
Steve Larner says:
The option only works when a qualified source is active, such as a coax-connected device or an OTA antenna signal.
William Kerr says:
When I push the CC button, the screen states “this operation not available”. The closed captioning works but I need to increase the size since my hearing loss is getting worse.
Tom says:
None of these answers work for our 8 year old Vizio TV. It is NOT a smart TV. There is NO CC button on the remote. If we go into the settings there is no HDTV to click on. So NONE of these answers work for us.
Please HELP.
Steve Larner says:
Vizio support pages say that on older TVs, you may need to set the input to TV or DTV to turn closed captioning on or off. Hope that helps.
Karen G Oliphant says:
How do I move the caption from the top of the screen to the bottom? I have used your methods but nowhere does it allow you to move from top to bottom or vice versa. It use to appear on the bottom of the screen, and now it’s showing on the top right in the middle of the tv characters.
Steve Larner says:
The article was updated on Dec. 9, 2022, but how old is the TV or its model number, and have you tried going to “Settings -> Closed Captions -> Digital Style.” or something similar?
Sue says:
I can’t see the white captions on light colored screen
Steve Larner says:
Correct. You have to change the display options for Closed captioning to include a black background or black text.
Roger graney says:
Vizio’s have some kind of problem on cc with antenna settings. I have 3 Vizio’s and they all suck on cc setting.
Steve Larner says:
You’d have to be more specific, but the signal strength often affects the reception of CC data, kind of like the square blocks on a weak channel.
Barbara MacKellar says:
I cannot get closed captioning off!
I have followed your instructions and it will not turn off !
I tried to turn them off permanently but I do not have V or VIZIO button on my remote!
Please help!
Steve Larner says:
The article has been updated, as of Dec. 9, 2022, but on newer Vizio TVs (2020+), the “Home” button replaced the “V” button on the remote.
jim wrye says:
my Vizio E70 menu does not allow the CC button to be active.
Steve Larner says:
The article update on Dec. 9, 2022, mentions the greyed-out issue and why it happens. Your TV has to be active on a source that allows built-in CC options, which include a coax signal, a device connected by coax, or a built-in streaming app. For all other devices (DVD, Blu-Ray, digital tuner, cable box, Roku, Apple TV, etc.), the CC options get managed by the device’s settings.
Dawn says:
Close caption LARGE setting isnt large enough on VIZIO. PLEASE HELP. ALSO… All on-screen wording and instructions are too small unless you sit almost on the TV. NOW WHAT?
Steve Larner says:
Check the Vizio TV settings for accessibility options. Maybe you’ll see something there to enlarge the text or the view.
Judy Tuttle says:
Actually CC is very distracting as I tend to look at it and not at the action on the screen so I miss what is happening. Very frustrating! Grrrrr.
Phillip Hubing says:
the closed caption settings are at 9 o clock on the screen how do I get it to go to the bottom of screen
Steve Larner says:
The article update on Dec 9, 2022, describes going to the “Digital Style” section of the “Closed Captions” menu.
Robert O Mulske says:
How do i get the tv to stop talking, telling me the volume, what program name is, etc. Its annoying as hell.
Steve Larner says:
Accessibility settings?
Connie says:
How do you turn closed caption on Vizio free tv?
Steve Larner says:
Free tv? Not sure what you mean.
Michi says:
I moved new condo which have direct TV, so I can’t turn on CC
Could you tell me how can I trun on CC on direct TV ?
Steve Larner says:
It has to be done on the DirecTV device, which would be the receiver. Do you have a DirecTV remote? If you do, it should work on the receiver/digital box to enable CC options.

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