How to Add Friends in VRChat

VRChat allows anyone to don a virtual avatar and talk to other players using virtual reality. Eventually, you might meet some players you enjoy hanging around, and you’ll want to add them. However, going about it in-game may not be evident for some users.

How to Add Friends in VRChat

Fortunately, the developers of VRChat have made adding friends remarkably easy. Whether you’re on a keyboard or own a VR headset, you can still add friends and respond to requests. Keep on reading to learn more about adding others in VRChat.

How to Add Friends in VRChat

Since players don’t have to own a VR headset to play VRChat, you can also move around and control your avatar using a mouse and keyboard. We’ll cover adding friends using a VR headset and a mouse and keyboard, too, and both methods take no time at all.

Adding Friends Using a VR Headset

As the VR headset has its own buttons and motion controls, you’ll use a combination of buttons and pointing to navigate through the Quick Menu. The Quick Menu contains numerous actions, such as changing your world and respawning. For our example, we’ll use the Oculus Rift as the controller.

Here’s how to add friends on VRChat with the Oculus Rift:

  1. Press the B button on your right controller to open the Quick Menu.
  2. Point at “Social” and press a trigger to select it.
  3. Type in a name you wish to add.
  4. Select “OK” once you finish typing.
  5. Find the right player on the list.
  6. Select the player’s name.
  7. In the pop-up menu, send them a friend request.
  8. Once the player accepts your friend request, you can see their name on the Social menu.

If you want to add a person in the same room, the steps are more straightforward.

  1. Open the Quick Menu.
  2. Point your selection laser at the player you wish to add.
  3. A menu will pop up.
  4. Select “Send Friend Request.”
  5. Wait for the player to accept your friend request.
  6. If they do, their name will be on the Social menu.

Since different VR headsets have their unique button layouts and controls, we recommend checking them beforehand. Thankfully, there’s a website where all supported controllers and the default controls are listed. You can visit it here to learn more about VRChat’s control schemes.

Adding Friends With a Mouse and Keyboard

While VR headsets allow for an immersive experience, not everyone enjoys using one. Fortunately, you can get by in VRChat with a mouse and keyboard. The steps are similar to using a VR headset because the Quick Menu is practically identical in function.

Here’s how to add friends using a mouse and keyboard:

  1. Press the Esc key on your keyboard.
  2. Click on the “Social” option.
  3. On the search bar, type the username of the player you want to add.
  4. Click “OK” to create a list of possible players.
  5. Select the player from the list.
  6. Click on the option to send them a friend request.
  7. Wait for them to accept it.
  8. Your friend will appear on the Social menu after they accept.

If the player you want to add is in the same room, the process is much simpler. It’s practically the same as using a VR headset and pointing. The difference is you’re now on a mouse and keyboard.

These instructions will let you add anyone in the same VRChat room as you are:

  1. Open your Quick Menu using the Esc key.
  2. Click on the player you want to add.
  3. Click on “Send Friend Request” to do precisely that.
  4. When the player accepts it, the Social menu will display your new friend’s name.

Accepting Friend Requests on VRChat

Every time a user sends you a friend request, VRChat will notify you. To accept or decline the friend request, you have to open the Quick Menu and act accordingly. These notifications appear as chat bubbles with an exclamation mark.

This exclamation can also represent an invite by a friend to go to their current world and room. Make sure to check out the notifications to see which is the case.

First, here’s how to accept friend requests using a VR headset:

  1. When you notice the notification, press the button to open your Quick Menu.
  2. From your Quick Menu, point at “Social” and select it.
  3. Accept the friend request.
  4. Now, you can see their username on your Social menu.

For mouse and keyboard users, follow these steps instead:

  1. Upon receiving a notification, press the Esc key.
  2. This action opens up your Quick Menu.
  3. Click on “Social” to open your Social menu.
  4. Accept the incoming friend request from the player if you wish.
  5. From now on, you can see them if you check your Social menu.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to accept the incoming friend request, you can decline it. Blocking the player sending the request is also possible.

How to Add Steam Friends in VRChat

Unfortunately, there is no way to add your Steam friends on VRChat. The only way to add a friend is to enter their VRChat username and search for them.

While VRChat is on Steam, the two aren’t exactly interchangeable. The closest way to add your Steam friends on VRChat is first to add them on VRChat and ask them to add you on Steam.

As long as your Steam friend allows it, you can see what games they’re playing at the moment if you view their profile. The status may also display VRChat, and if you see them playing it, you can also log in and play with them.

Here are two main ways of adding a person using the Steam platform:

Using a Friend Code

The easiest way is to ask for a Steam Friend Code. Using Friend Codes lets you add them should the friend accept your request.

Adding people on Steam via Friend Code works like this:

  1. On VRChat, add your friend.
  2. Ask them to send you a Steam Friend Code.
  3. Launch Steam.
  4. Click on “Friends.”
  5. Select “Add A Friend.”
  6. Type or paste the Friend Code you received.
  7. Select “Send Invite.”
  8. Once your friend accepts, you’re now on each other’s Friends List on Steam.

Alternatively, you can send each other Quick Invites. These will let anyone add you instantly, but they expire after 30 days and only work once. This process works like this:

  1. Add your friend on VRChat.
  2. Go to Steam.
  3. Select “Friends.”
  4. Copy the Generate new link.
  5. Paste it to your friend’s messages in VRChat.
  6. Once your friend uses the link, they’ll be your Steam friend immediately.

These methods are the closest way of adding friends you meet on VRChat. Hopefully, there’ll be a way to instantly add users on Steam directly on VRChat in the future.

Can You Add Me?

Meeting new players and making friends is part of VRChat’s appeal. Adding other users as friends is a relatively simple process, and you can do it with any controller. After becoming friends, you can invite each other anywhere to hang out and chat.

How many friends do you have on VRChat? How do you think VRChat can implement adding Steam users directly? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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