How to Watch Paramount+ from a PC, Phone, or Streaming Device

With the advent of streaming and various online services, any entertainment company that does not extend its reach to the online world is gravely missing out.

How to Watch Paramount+ from a PC, Phone, or Streaming Device

With that in mind, Paramount+ has been around for more than six years. It is a service that features a variety of Paramount+ originals.

If you are struggling with setting up Paramount+, we are here to help. Here is how to watch the former-CBS All Access service across devices.

First Things First

Before you jump into accessing Paramount+ on any of the devices below, you are going to need a subscription. You can try out Paramount+ for free with the 1-week trial period.

Still, you are going to have to create an account, start a subscription, and add a payment method. Do not worry, as you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Paramount+ offers two plans. One is $5.99 per month with limited commercials. The other one costs $9.99 per month and is completely commercial-free. You can select either of the two for the trial.

  1. Start by going to the Paramount Plus website then click Try It Free.
  2. Now, select Continue.
  3. Select your preferred plan and click Continue.
  4. On the next page, select Continue.

You will now be prompted to enter some personal information. When you are done, move on to step 2 where you will enter the payment information. You will not be charged if you cancel the subscription before the end of the trial.

How to Watch Paramount+ on a Roku Device

So, you want to watch your favorite Paramount program on your Roku Smart TV or streaming device? Start by installing the Paramount+ app on your device.

Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

In the sidebar to the left, select ‘Search.’

Here, type in Paramount or Paramount Plus.

When a Paramount+ entry appears on the list to the right, select it and confirm by selecting Add Channel.

After the device is done downloading and installing the app (you will be notified), select OK. Now, press the Home button on the remote. Find the Paramount+ app on the list and run it.

You will be prompted to sign in, activate on a computer, or log in with your provider (for example, if you have Paramount+ free through your cable company). Do that and sign in.

Now you can watch Paramount+ on your Roku.

How to Watch Paramount+ on an Amazon Firestick

To watch Paramount+ on the Amazon Firestick, you are going to have to start by downloading the app. Download it like you would download any other app on your Firestick. You can download it from the Amazon website as well.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, find it on your Firestick’s home screen. When the app opens, select Sign in.

Now, there are two different ways to go about things here. Once you have signed in, you will see two options: On your device and On the web. The former will require you to use your Paramount+ username and password. Enter your credentials and select Sign in.

The latter option will bring up an activation code on your screen. Take note of it (best if you wrote it down).

Go to this website on a browser of your choice. Here you will be prompted to enter the code.

Now, enter your Paramount+ credentials and select Sign in.

That is it! Go back to your Firestick and use Paramount+.

How to Watch Paramount+ on an Apple TV

Start by navigating to the Apple Store on your Apple TV.

  1. Search for Paramount or Paramount Plus. Downloading the Paramount+ app is free (for all platforms). Follow the same steps you would any other app.
  2. Once the app is downloaded and installed, the device will notify you.
  3. Navigate to the list of apps on your device and find Paramount+.
  4. Run it.
  5. In the top-right corner of the screen, you will see Settings.
  6. Select this and you’ll see two options: Sign-in Manually or Sign in with a Code.

The former option will require you to enter your Paramount+ credentials. Do it and press Enter. You should be signed in. Alternatively, if you want to sign in with a code, select that option, take note of the code that appears on your screen, and go to the Paramount Plus activation page on a browser (your computer, tablet, or smartphone). Here you’ll be prompted to enter the code, as seen on your Apple TV. Do it and confirm. This will sign you in on your Apple TV.

How to Watch Paramount+ on a Smart TV

This is a tricky one. Yes, you can absolutely watch Paramount+ on most if not all smart TVs. However, not every TV will be able to do it without a streaming device like a Roku or Firestick.

In addition, all Android TVs should offer the option of downloading the Paramount+ app. The best way to go here is to google the model of your TV and see if it supports Paramount+.

If your TV is supported, watching Paramount+ on it is as simple as downloading the app on your device’s app store.

Follow the instructions – which should resemble those outlined above.

How to Watch Paramount+ on a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook

Although Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices are vastly different, you will be happy to hear that they all utilize the same method of accessing Paramount+. That’s because you have to use a browser.

Once you have opened any browser, all it takes is typing in “Paramount Plus” and the browser will take you there.

  1. You will see a sign-in option in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Once you are logged in assuming an active subscription, you will be able to select any content that you want on the platform.

Yep, it is that easy.

How to Watch Paramount+ on an Android Device

This is entirely possible, which is amazing for those long commute and transit hours. As long as you have the data to spare and a solid connection, you can watch your favorite shows on the palm of your hand.

  1. To get things started, run Google Play and search for Paramount+.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Once the app is ready, run it from your home screen.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your Paramount+ credentials. Do it and sign in.

There you have it, now you can access all content on your phone or tablet.

How to Watch Paramount+ on an iPhone

Paramount+ supports iOS devices so you can install it on your iPhone and iPad. The principle is fairly similar to the Android method as explained above.

Start by going to the App Store on your phone/tablet.

Search for Paramount+, and download it, as you would any other app.

Then, start the app, enter the credentials, and sign in.

This will enable you to access all content available on Parmount+

Gaming Consoles

Yes, Paramount+ is available on the major gaming consoles, Xbox and PlayStation. Installing the dedicated app is as simple as navigating to your console’s app store and looking for the Paramount+ app.

  1. Download the app, wait for it to install, and then look for it in the list of installed apps.
  2. Once you have found it, run it, sign in using your credentials (or other offered options), and you will be able to watch Paramount+.

Other Devices

For a device other than the above, you might still be able to install the app. As long as your device has an app store, you will likely be able to find the Paramount+ app and install it.

However, some devices simply are not supported by Paramount+. However, as long as you can use a browser on that device, you’ll be able to sign in on your browser. Just go to the Paramount Plus website, and sign in like you would on a PC or Mac. This workaround can be of tremendous help for devices that are not supported by the Paramount+ app.

Accessing Paramount+

As you can see, Paramount+ is available on all popular devices. Before you install the app on your device, you might want to create an account and subscribe to the 1-week free trial first. You will be using the same credentials to sign in to the service regardless of the device.

Have you managed to get Paramount+ to work on your device? Which device are you using? Did you encounter any issues? Let us know in the comments section below – our community might just be able to help you.

13 thoughts on “How to Watch Paramount+ from a PC, Phone, or Streaming Device”

Debra A Knight says:
The computer directions do not work on my computer.
Steve says:
I subscribed to CBS All Access through apple TV but want to run on my Chromebook and Android TV also. I can download the apps but cannot login even using my Apple ID.
Steve Larner says:
Unfortunately, you can’t use a CBS All Access subscription purchased through Apple TV to watch it on Chromebooks or Android apps or browsers of any kind. They are two different beasts. Apple restricts the subscription to Apple devices that include Apple TV. However, a subscription from the website will work on Safari for Apple and any browser for Windows and Android. Also, the CBS All Access Android and iOS apps work with a subscription purchased directly on (formerly
Angel Urrutia says:
I am no able to see live TV on my Samsung smart TV. It says to share location
Steve Larner says:
CBS All Access/Paramount+ wants your geographical location and the TV isn’t delivering it.
Tina Teper says:
So after signing up, can I only watch “The Stand” on my PC? I have a RoKu think I can attach to the TV, but do not has the Roku service? Question is: where do I watch this program?
Steve Larner says:
Watch CBS All Access (now Paramount+) using your web browser.
Mari nielsen says:
I have a PlayStation 3. Did anyone successfully use their App Store to download CBS all access?
Julie says:
How do I watch from my laptop to my tv
Steve Larner says:
To cast CBS All Access/Paramount+ from your laptop to a TV, use Chrome’s casting function.
Reanne K says:
I cant get the video’s to play on my desktop computer. I keep getting an error code of 305. I have googled this and cant find an answer or a solution. Can anyone help me please
Steve Larner says:
If the CBS All Access error code 305 is accurate, it is probably an internal code used for internal purposes and was never published. PlayStation has the same thing. Certain error codes are not published and are used for internal troubleshooting. It usually means an error is on the provider’s end, not yours.

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