How to Watch HBO Live Without Cable

Being one of the premium television networks around, HBO offers an incredible number of movies and TV shows. Having some of the best original titles, this is definitely a service worth keeping once you cut your ties with a cable operator.

How to Watch HBO Live Without Cable

Thanks to many alternative sources, getting HBO programming isn’t that complicated nowadays. You can opt for one of the streaming services or purchase a streaming device. There’s also an option of getting HBO’s proprietary streaming apps to keep watching all those exclusives.

Are There Any Free Options?

Although not an official way to access HBO, you can use streaming websites to watch various network channels for free. One such site is With this option, you can enjoy HBO’s HD stream absolutely free of charge.

As with any service that allows you to access paid content for free, 123TVNow won’t give you the best viewing experience. It’s certainly not even close to what official streaming services provide.

The main downsides are random pauses that interrupt your stream. To continue watching your favorite HBO show, you’ll have to click the play button again. In turn, that will open an invasive pop-up ad, further reducing the comfort of your stream.

What Streaming Services Provide HBO?

If you want to watch HBO without any interruptions, it’s definitely best to subscribe to one of the available streaming services. This will get you a user-friendly interface that’s super-easy to use, as well as the Full HD or 4K picture quality.

How to Watch HBO Live without Cable - HBO Now

How to Watch HBO with HBO Now

Since HBO’s been around for quite some time, it’s no surprise they’re present with almost all cable operators. But if you plan to become a cord-cutter, then HBO Now might be the right solution for you.

Being a subscription-based streaming service, HBO Now is independent of any operator. Therefore, you’ll be able to access the complete HBO catalogue whenever you want. You can use it from your desktop computer or a laptop, as well as from any smartphone or a tablet. There’s a dedicated mobile app for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Beside this service, there’s also HBO GO which is basically the same thing as HBO Now. The only difference is how you obtain your subscription. Cable providers usually offer HBO GO as a premium service – so this won’t do for cord-cutters. In some areas though, you might get HBO GO through your mobile carrier. If that’s the case, you might even get it for free with your mobile plan bundle.

How to Watch HBO with Hulu

Another way to watch HBO Live is through streaming services. Currently one of the most popular is Hulu. Besides HBO, you can find tons of other entertainment here as well.

To watch HBO on Hulu, first you’ll have to subscribe to one of their plans. The basic one grants you access to Hulu’s entire on-demand catalogue, including their original content. The “Hulu + Live TV” plan adds over 60 live television channels, as well as the DVR option. This will allow you to record up to 50 hours of your favorite shows directly to the dedicated Cloud storage.

Thanks to this, you can access your saved content practically from any device. To watch Hulu on your smartphone or tablet, simply download their mobile app. It’s available for both the Android and iOS mobile devices.

Unfortunately, HBO is a premium service, meaning it’s available only as an add-on. Since none of the Hulu plans include it in their base price, you’ll have to pay for HBO on top of your monthly Hulu subscription. Luckily, there’s a free trial for both Hulu plans, as well as the HBO add-on. It lets you try out their service for a week. Check it out to see if this combination works for you.

How to Watch HBO Live without Cable - Prime Video

How to Watch HBO with Amazon Prime

To watch HBO using Amazon Prime, first you need to subscribe to Amazon’s streaming service. Just like Hulu, Amazon also treats HBO as a premium service. This implies that you’ll need to purchase HBO as an add-on, increasing the amount of your monthly Amazon subscription.

As with many other streaming services, Amazon also lets you try theirs for one week. Visit the Amazon Prime promo page and apply for the free trial in a few easy steps. Their mobile app is available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

How to Watch HBO with AT&T TV

For anyone using AT&T services, it’ll be super-simple to get HBO. This really makes sense, since the telecommunications giant is the parent company of HBO.

For their new users, AT&T TV allows access to HBO for free during the first 12 months of the contract. After that, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription for HBO. Much like with Hulu and Amazon Prime, AT&T treats it like a premium service as well.

What’s more, using AT&T TV will grant you access to HBO GO for free. That way you can keep track of your favorite shows whenever you want, wherever you are. HBO GO is available both for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

How to Watch HBO Live without Cable - AT&T Tv Now

What Streaming Devices Support HBO?

When it comes to watching your favorite TV shows in the comfort of your home, that’s probably the preferred way for most people. If you decide to continue without a cable service, there’s no need to worry. Popular streaming devices allow you to access tons of entertaining content directly from your TV.

How to Watch HBO on Fire TV Stick?

If you choose Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, getting HBO Now is extremely easy. You simply need to access the Amazon Appstore from your Fire device and install the HBO Now mobile app.

For the new customers, HBO provides a seven-day free trial, so make sure you use it. Being a subscription-based service, once this trial expires, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to keep watching HBO.

How to Watch HBO on AppleTV?

If you prefer not to leave your Apple ecosystem, then Apple TV could be the best solution for you. You can either use the default HBO app that comes with Apple TV devices or download HBO Now from the App Store.

Please note that if you already have an HBO Now subscription, it won’t work with the native HBO app on your Apple TV device. To use the HBO app, you need to subscribe to HBO services directly from the app’s registration form. This implies that you should cancel your existing HBO Now subscription. To avoid all that hassle, it’s best to stick with HBO Now and you’re all set.

Watch HBO Live without Cable

How to Watch HBO on Roku?

With Roku streaming devices, you can access your favorite HBO content in two ways. The most obvious is to install HBO Now to your Roku device and use the app to access the content.

Another option is to add HBO to Roku Channel – Roku’s free streaming service intended for live and premium TV. This way, you won’t have to open the HBO Now app to browse the available content. Instead, all HBO titles will automatically appear in your Roku Channel list, along with all other content this service provides.

Of course, both of these options imply that you need to have a valid subscription to HBO Now service in order to watch it with Roku. Before you subscribe to HBO’s streaming service, use the free seven-day trial.

Enjoying HBO Free of Cable

After you finally sever ties with your cable operator, getting HBO is pretty simple. You can either go with HBO’s streaming app or you can subscribe to a streaming service that supports it. If you want to enjoy HBO originals from the comfort of your home, then choose one of the streaming devices. And definitely make sure to use those free trials to test the services you’ve read about in this article.

Have you managed to set up HBO streaming? Which of the options did you choose? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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