How To Watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub

It’s probably true to say that the Google Home Hub didn’t set the world on fire when it was released. Like the Amazon Echo Show, the screen-based home assistant was met with more muted applause than the internet giant had hoped. A few months on and the little touchscreen assistant is gaining ground, especially as you can now watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub.

How To Watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub

One shortcoming of the Echo Show was that it couldn’t play YouTube videos. The Google Home Hub was naturally compatible from the off and is now compatible with Netflix too. There are a bunch of other apps you can use with your device that covers audio, video, podcasts, productivity, shopping and some smart home apps too. The app list started small but has grown immensely since launch.

Watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub

To watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub, all you need to do is add the app and set it up. The process is very straightforward and will obviously need a Netflix subscription to work.

  1. Launch the Google Home app on your phone.
  2. Select Menu and Google Assistant.
  3. Select More Settings and Services.
  4. Select Videos and Photos.
  5. Select the Netflix app and select Link.
  6. Enter your Netflix account details where prompted and select Link again.

You should now be able to watch your movies and TV shows on the Google Home Hub. You can set it up to use voice commands too if you like. For example, ‘OK Google, play Stranger Things’ on TV’ or ‘OK Google, play next episode’. There are a bunch of voice commands you can use depending on what you want to achieve.

  • Say ‘OK Google’ to wake up your Google Home Hub.
  • Tell it to ‘Open YouTube on TV’ or ‘Open Netflix on TV’.
  • Say ‘Watch The Crown on TV’ or ‘Watch The Crown on Netflix on TV’.
  • Say ‘Play Stranger Things on Chromecast’
  • Say ‘Watch next episode on TV’ or ‘Watch next episode of The Crown on TV’.
  • Say ‘Pause’, ‘Rewind’ or ‘Stop’ for extra controls.
  • Say ‘Rewind 2 minutes on TV’ to be specific.

Voice commands are logical and relate specifically to what you want to watch and where you want to watch it. As the Google Home Hub can play content on your TV or Chromecast, you need to be specific about which device you want it to play on. Otherwise, using the system is a breeze. Voice commands are outlined here.

Troubleshooting Netflix on the Google Home Hub

Support for Netflix on the Google Home Hub is fairly recent and the app isn’t the prettiest out there. I spent a good hour with my Google Home Hub-owning friend to get this setup so I could write this tutorial and it wasn’t the easiest. We had to link Netflix to the Hub a couple of times to get it working properly.

If you add the Netflix app to your Google Home Hub, link it up and it still doesn’t work, try setting a default TV or playback device. That seemed to work okay when we did it. If you’re having issues with Netflix playback, you could try this to see if it works. You can always undo it if it doesn’t.

You will need to have set up your playback devices before setting a default.

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Select Account and Devices from the menu.
  3. Select the device you want to use as default.
  4. Select the cog settings icon in the top left.
  5. Select Default TV to set it as the default playback device.

Once you do this, Netflix should play as normal on the Google Home Hub. It worked for us anyway. The other advantage of doing things this way is you no longer have to add ‘on TV’ to your voice commands. You could simple say ‘OK Google, play Stranger Things’ and it will understand your commands and play on the default device.

Even if you set a default, you can still play on other devices by specifying it in your voice command.

If you’re still having issues watching Netflix on the Google Home Hub, you may want to try linking the two accounts again as per the first process. We did that a couple of times when setting up and it seemed to be okay. There were no issues overwriting a previous link request with a new one so that might work for you too.

Have you go Netflix playing nicely with Google Home Hub? Did you have to find a workaround or did it work first time? Got any tips for setting it up? Tell us about them below if you do!

6 thoughts on “How To Watch Netflix on the Google Home Hub”

Jon says:
“Sorry Netflix can’t be played on smart displays”
Keith says:
The author obviously has no experience with the “nest hub” display and had incorrectly named the “Google home” (of his friend) a “hub”
No flaming tho.. the names have changed a few times.. but the key here is “setting a default display”
Im afraid this uninformed ambiguity is the reason a lot of people are rekindling the thought of Netflix as a possibility on the “nest hub” smart display.
This article is about a guy helping his buddy set up a Chromecast with his Assistant
Billy says:
“Sorry, Netflix can’t play on smart displays” – Aug 17, 2019
Mrs Michelle Wagstaffe says:
You are able to use the home hub to tell it to play Netflix on the tv but not actually on the smart display. I’ve been routing about this with my hubby for days now. He doesn’t want our daughter to have her iPad in her bedroom but she needs it in order to play Netflix on her tv.
Jorge says:
I just tried this today (7/14/19) and the hub says that “Netflix cant be played on smart displays”
CJ says:
When someone calls B.S. (me yesterday afternoon) and you just delete the comment outright with no retort at all, that makes you look like the troll site that you are. P.S. I just checked, and still no Netflix on the Home Hub. Big shock.
Orlando Perrone says:
This was the #1 thing keeping me from buying a Home Hub. Now it’s on my get very soon list if this is true.

We were looking for a nice device for the kitchen to video chat with family, get recipes, updates, calendar, and watch netflix.

I hope this is it. Especially since I’m liking that new Hub Max.

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