How to get American Netflix in the UK: Nab US Netflix shows on your TV, PC, PS4, Xbox One and more

Getting access to American Netflix in the UK is like hitting the motherlode – if you think Netflix UK is full of amazing content then you’re in for a treat when you realise the wealth of shows and films available to our transatlantic cousins. In fact, this database actually estimates that the US has access to more than 11% more titles than the UK does (Japan has 34% more!), so it’s no wonder people are eager to balance the score.

To do this, your first port of call is a good VPN service. We know, we know. They come with serious caveats, and much has been said of their sketchy nature, but we do have a roster of VPNs we trust and would recommend, including but not limited to ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and Surfshark.

So how does this magical technology work? The short story is that VPNs let you hide your IP address from sites so that they don’t know where you’re located. A VPN is formed by a network of computers securely connected to one another, and all users on that network are able to transfer data to one another safely and securely.

In case you want to know more before you get started, and we recommend you do, we’ve got an explainer on VPNs and how they differ from something like proxies. You can also explore the entire US Netflix catalogue to see if it’s even going to be worth the hassle, and compare it to the UK collection. 

To sum up – VPNs are hands down the best way to securely access American Netflix in the UK, and we’re going to break down how to do so over the next few pages.

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How to get American Netflix in the UK:

  • Watch American Netflix in the UK with a VPN
  • Watch American Netflix in the UK by changing your DNS to US
  • Stream US Netflix on Android
  • Stream US Netflix on iPhone and iPad
  • Stream US Netflix on PS4 and Xbox One
  • Stream US Netflix on Apple TV
  • Stream US Netflix on a Fire TV Stick

Is it legal to get American Netflix in the UK?

In short, it depends. The legality around gaining access to Netflix libraries in other countries lives in the grey area and, while technically it’s perfectly legal to stream content from the US because you’ve paid for your Netflix subscription (the catalogue switches as soon as you arrive in another country anyway), Netflix doesn’t approve of the practice.

More accurately, the companies and studios that Netflix relies on for content don’t approve, and the streaming service has been forced to crack down on subscribers using VPNs and other methods so that they keep these third parties happy. This may be one of the reasons why Netflix has been focusing more and more on original content and less on film and TV produced by outside sources.

All this said it’s still morally dubious to deliberately get access to more content than you’re strictly allowed. It’s not as legally questionable as something like Kodi, but Netflix is nonetheless taking a hard line on VPNs and has begun blocking some of the most popular services. ExpressVPN is one of the few that guarantee Netflix access.



What’s Netflix’s stance?

For years Netflix was largely neutral on the topic of VPNs and extra-territorial streaming and was happy to turn a blind eye as it saw its global numbers growing. In January 2015, however, the company updated its terms and conditions to state outrights that out-of-region steaming using a VPN or other methods was no longer supported. This marked the beginning of Netflix siding with publishers over users when it comes to content restrictions.

This makes sense, as Netflix was likely facing its own ultimatum from studios who threatened to pull valuable content from the service if the situation wasn’t resolved.

So before you consider finding a way around these rules, note that these updated terms of service plainly state that Netflix “may terminate or restrict your use of our service, without compensation or notice” if it deems that you’re attempting some jiggery-pokery. You’ve been warned.

If you still want to try your hand at streaming content from US Netflix, then keep reading to see our guide over the next few pages.

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