How To Watch SyFy without Cable

SyFy is one of my guilty secrets. As much as I might enjoy watching news, sports and documentaries, there is often nothing better than a Firefly binge or watching some sci-fi B-movie I have never heard of. If you want a piece of this action, there are some legal ways to watch SyFy without cable. Here are a few of them.

Cable cutting is becoming more and more popular. The ability to watch streaming TV shows on demand without paying a huge fee is too good to be true for many. This is especially pertinent for those of us with little or no interest in ‘normal’ TV or who get frustrated at the sheer volume of commercials. A video stream has few or no commercials, leaving us to enjoy the programming we want, when we want, where we want. Cable simply cannot compete with that.

Watch SyFy without cable

There are lots of less than legal ways to watch TV streams online. TechJunkie wants nothing to do with those and we don’t condone them in any way. Fortunately, there are also some legal ways to watch TV streams online, including SyFy themselves.

The SyFy app

The logical place to begin is with the SyFy app. Offered by the channel itself for iOS and Android, it allows access to much of the channel’s programming. It doesn’t show all shows though and isn’t without its problems. If you watch part of a show and want to pick it up again later, you can’t as the app doesn’t retain your position. It also doesn’t offer all of the shows available on the channel.

Aside from that, the app is okay although you will still need an account with cable or satellite provider to access all features.


Hulu offers a lot of SyFy content and a free trial so you can try before you buy. It does not offer the channel, nor does it offer all of the shows but there is a decent amount of SyFy content on there. I doubt SyFy would be your only reason to subscribe to this service but if it’s sci-fi content you’re looking for, you will get some here.

Hulu works mainly in the US and just works. Unlike the SyFy app, you don’t need an account with a traditional provider to access content, just the Hulu subscription.


Netflix offers some SyFy content too. Shows such as Z Nation, Dark Matter, Lost Girl and others all feature on the platform. Like Hulu, Netflix only has access to some on demand content, not the channel itself. Some of the channel leaders are not present like Battlestar Galactica for instance.

Again like Hulu, changes are that accessing SyFy content is not going to be your only reason to subscribe. As a streaming TV service, it is hard to beat.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has the SyFy channel within all of its packages and offers all the sci-fi action you could need among 60 to 120 other channels of TV goodness. It comes at a price though, from $35 a month for 60 channels up to $70 a month for all 120+ channels. The service is good though and a viable alternative to cable.

DirecTV Now offers a free trial so you can watch SyFy without cable for a while before committing.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular service for cable cutters and offers the SyFy channel as part of its lineup. Again, it is the full channel with all TV shows and all the sci-fi goodness you could ever need. It is cheaper than DirecTV Now but offers fewer channels. Depending on how much programming you need, you can select your service accordingly.

Fortunately, SyFy is available through Sling TVs Sling Blue package which starts at $25 a month. There is also a free trial before you commit.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been around for a little while now but seems to be having problems gaining traction. Regardless of that, it is yet another way to watch SyFy without cable. Subscriptions run to $35 a month but allows access to up to 6 users at a time and works on just about any device with internet access. The SyFy channel is part of the package and delivers the full channel.

I haven’t tried YouTube TV so cannot comment on the quality of service. I think we have all tried YouTube though and we all know how well that works so I see no issue here. There is a free trial offered though, just in case.

There are six legal ways to watch SyFy without cable. Each costs money but all are much cheaper than most cable contracts. Plus you get the freedom to watch what and where you want. You can’t ask more than that!

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