How to Watch Twitch on Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has brilliant gaming capabilities, but it lacks some key features. For instance, have you seen a modern portable device without app capability? Well, Nintendo Switch might be your first.

How to Watch Twitch on Your Nintendo Switch

So, by design, you cannot watch Twitch on Nintendo Switch. You can’t do anything app related, and this includes social media. However, there’s a workaround that will allow you to access the Twitch app on your Switch.

The Solution

The only solution, for the time being, involves using an Android OS system. The trick is to run it “systemless” using an SD card that’s compatible with your Switch.

So, the device will run apps that Switch can’t. And don’t worry, in terms of hardware and compatibility, there aren’t any problems. Apps like Twitch, Netflix, Spotify, and Chrome will work like a charm.

So, install a systemless version of the Android OS onto your SD card. Put the SD card in your Switch. A couple of tweaks later, you can install Twitch. Plus, a variety of other Android apps.

watch twitch on nintendo switch


You’ve bought your Switch for gaming. There are millions of tablets that you could’ve gone with instead. So, gaming is important to you, and you don’t want to sacrifice it to access Twitch.

This workaround is still pretty fresh and needs more testing. However, users reported no problems with gaming after using systemless Android. The emulators also work like a charm, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

Furthermore, the technology will be ironed out as time goes by. After all, it revolves around the same Android OS that was to be used on the Nvidia Shield TV.


Unfortunately, the drawbacks do exist. After all, you’re tinkering with sensitive technology here.

This workaround allows you to use your Switch as an Android tablet. So, practically, you’re enabling an impromptu dual-boot mode. The two systems may conflict with each other, causing errors and bugs.

However, the real drawback here is that you won’t be able to use all Android apps. For instance, those that require a microphone, camera, or a built-in GPS. How come? Well, Nintendo Switch doesn’t have these features. Fortunately, Twitch doesn’t need any of these to work, so you should be good.

Streaming Live on Twitch on Nintendo Switch

You are probably wondering about streaming your gameplay. While Nintendo Switch was never intended to perform the role of a tablet, it is a gaming console. The modern world of gaming is difficult to imagine without Twitch gameplay streams. After all, you’ve seen all those Nintendo Switch streams on Twitch. How do they do it?

nintendo switch how to watch twitch

Well, the good news is that this is possible and officially doable. The bad news is that your Nintendo Switch isn’t the only component that you’re going to need.

A Dock

First of all, you won’t be able to stream live gameplay on Twitch if you don’t have a dock. Yep, if you are a Nintendo Switch Lite owner, you are fresh out of luck when it comes to gameplay streaming.

If you have the standard Switch, keep in mind that your Switch will have to remain docked during the stream.

A Decent Computer

You’re going to need a computer. And not just any old computer. You’ll need at least an i5-grade processor and no less than 8GB of RAM. Fortunately, your GPU won’t matter a lot here, so you’re in luck. However, whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, the newer it is, the better.

A Video Game Capture Device

Streaming live gameplay from Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC/Mac is fairly straightforward. You can do it directly. Switch owners, however, will need to get a video game capture card. You can get them for cheap, but a decent card goes a long way in boosting the quality of your stream and helping you avoid potential issues.

Other Stuff

Finally, you’ll need a mic and a webcam. Remember, the Switch doesn’t have a mic and a webcam, so you’re going to have to use external devices here.

Setting Up the Stream

To get things started, connect the Switch to the capture card using the HDMI cable. Connect the card to the computer via a USB cable. It works as an intermediary between your Switch and your computer. Then, use another HDMI cable to connect the output on the card to the HDMI port on your TV/screen.

Set up OBS Studio on the PC/Mac and link it to your Twitch account. Now, right-click anywhere within the OBS app and select Add. Then, add your card by using the Video Capture Device command from the drop-down menu.

A box should pop up, showing your actual current Switch gameplay. Set things up as you would with any other Twitch stream. Once you set everything up, click Start Streaming, and your live stream should start.

Twitch and Switch

Although there is no official way to watch Twitch live streams on the Switch, a workaround does exist. Still, expect some bugs and glitches along the way.

On the other hand, you can live stream on Switch. Although an official way to do this exists, keep in mind that you’ll need additional devices and tools.

Have you ever tried streaming your Switch gameplay? Have you tried installing an Android OS on your Switch, and were there any problems downloading the Twitch app? Hit the comment section below with any thoughts, tips, or questions.

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