How to Fix a Non-Working Webcam with Webex

Although the Webex apps have a superb design and functionality, you might experience a few hiccups here and there. Notably, some users are complaining about their webcam not working on Webex.

How to Fix a Non-Working Webcam with Webex

This common issue is often the result of an outdated webcam driver, another app hogging the webcam, or some other external reason. You can resolve most Webex issues with a simple restart of the application, but sometimes that is not enough.

You can find many solutions in this article. Let’s solve this problem together. It will be easy.

Webcam Fixes for Webex

According to the official Webex help center, the most common culprit for webcam issues on Webex is other apps. In other words, you need to close down any apps on your device that may have access to your webcam (Facetime, Skype, etc.).

Make sure to terminate these apps, even if you have to force stop them on mobile, or end their active processes on Windows. Restarting the Webex app might also do the trick.

Your Webex app might be out of date, so make sure to update it regularly using the official Webex downloads page. Webex has dedicated apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Also, make sure to get all system updates on your device. Not just the webcam, having the most recent system updates will make the entire device run smoother and better.

Update the Webcam Drivers

Another suggestion from Webex is to update your camera drivers. Here is how to do it on Windows:

  1. Enter the Start menu (press the Windows key on your keyboard).
  2. Search for the Device Manager and open it.
  3. Find your camera, and right-click on it.
  4. Choose Update Driver.
  5. The update should install automatically. Restart your computer when it’s done.

Alternatively, you can select Uninstall instead of Update Driver. After that, connect your webcam again and install the latest driver. If the automatic update doesn’t work, look for the update manually on your webcam manufacturer’s official website.

There are some third-party apps for installing updates, but they usually aren’t trustworthy, so try to avoid them if you can.

Make Sure Your Webcam Is Connected

Sometimes, the webcam won’t work with Webex because it isn’t connected. Check and see if you connected your webcam to your computer correctly. Make sure that the shutter or the cap is off. Then, do the following to connect your webcam to Webex:

  1. Open Webex on your computer.
  2. Start a meeting with anyone, and make sure they know it is just a test.
  3. While the meeting is on, click on More Options (three dots icon).
  4. Choose the camera settings.
  5. Pick your webcam from the list of devices available under the Camera selection.

Webex encourages you to contact them and explain your issue if your webcam still isn’t working. Here is a direct link you can use to start a text chat or call Webex.

If your webcam isn’t working in the Cisco Webex Chrome extension, open the following link in your browser. Make sure that the Webex website is not blocked on the Chrome privacy and security settings page.

Back to Business

We hope that our advice will help you get back to your Webex meetings as soon as possible. Video conferencing is now more important than ever, considering the increasing hyperconnectivity trends. Also, Webex is an excellent tool for any work from home if you’re a freelancer.

Did you manage to get your webcam working again? Which of the tips helped you solve the problem? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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