Lenovo Webcam Not Working – What You Can Do

There is a known issue on some Lenovo laptops where the webcam doesn’t work. The webcam itself is either not detected by Windows, or there’s a glitch with the device driver. Of course, this can be a very frustrating issue and isn’t just limited to Lenovo products.

Lenovo Webcam Not Working - What You Can Do

The cause of this problem stems from an issue with a setting in some Lenovo laptops that disables the camera for the privacy of the laptop user. In this case, fixing your webcam should be pretty easy to do. If you’re not so lucky, you may have some updating or tweaking to do to get your webcam to work.

No worries, though. We’ll show you what you need to do to fix some common issues you might run into with your Lenovo webcam.

How to fix the Lenovo Webcam

The first fix for the Lenovo webcam not working is within the Lenovo app itself. Hit the F8 key on your laptop keyboard, which will enable or disable the Lenovo EasyCamera.

If that doesn’t work, try following these steps to fix your webcam:

Adjust Your Privacy Settings to Fix Your Lenovo Webcam

  1. Type Camera into the Windows Search box and select Camera privacy settings. Windows Search Bar - Camera
  2. Toggle the Allow apps to access your camera toggle switch to On.
    Windows Privacy Settings - Camera
  3. Retest your camera.

This privacy setting is designed to protect you from hackers but can be inconvenient when you need to use your webcam.

Lenovo Yoga C930

If the above solution doesn’t work, we have a few more simple solutions that may get your webcam working again.

These fixes also will work on any Windows computer having issues with its webcam — not just Lenovos.

Use the Device Manager to Fix Your Lenovo Webcam

Is the webcam enabled in Device Manager?

Follow these steps to check:

  1. Right-click the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.
  2. Select Imaging Devices, then Lenovo EasyCamera. If there is a yellow warning triangle by the icon, there is an issue with it. If there is a small down arrow by it, the camera has been disabled.
  3. Right-click the Lenovo EasyCamera and make sure there is no option to Enable device. If the camera is enabled already, the option should be to Disable device. Device Manager Web Cam menu

If the camera is already enabled, you may as well update the driver.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Right-click the Lenovo EasyCamera again and select Update driver. Device Manager Web Cam menu - Update driver
  2. Select the automatic option to see if Windows can find a fresh driver.
  3. Allow it to install and retest.

If Windows cannot find the driver, visit this page on the Lenovo site for the latest Lenovo EasyCamera driver.

If a driver update doesn’t work, it may be worth trying a complete refresh. That means uninstalling the driver, rebooting the laptop, and installing the new driver from the link above.

Legacy settings can remain in play even when overwritten by a newer driver.

Check the Program Settings to Fix Your Lenovo Webcam

If your webcam works in some programs and not in others, it may be the program settings and not the camera settings causing the problem.

Just follow these two steps to check:

  1. Open the program in question and find the Settings menu option.
  2. Make sure the Lenovo EasyCamera is set to be the default camera in those settings.

This may be an obvious solution, but it’s worth trying if you’re having trouble getting your webcam to work.

Remove the Lenovo Settings App to Fix Your Lenovo Webcam

Lenovo laptop

If none of those solutions work, you could remove the Lenovo Settings app altogether in case it is interfering. This shouldn’t be necessary, but if nothing else works, you have nothing to lose.

Most of the settings within the app are controllable from within Windows anyway, so you’re not damaging the laptop in any way.

To remove the Lenovo Settings app, follow these four steps:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel in Windows. Windows Start Menu - Control Panel
  2. Under Programs, select Uninstall a program. Control Panel Menu
  3. Select Lenovo Settings Dependency Package from the list and select Uninstall.
  4. Reboot your laptop and retest.

Hopefully, after following these steps, your webcam will be working again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I allow access to certain apps while denying access to others?

Yes. If you have one app that just won’t access the camera, you can follow the steps to access your camera’s privacy settings.

1. Scroll down to Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera.

2. Toggle on or off any apps you do or do not want to use the camera.

This may not work for any third-party applications downloaded from other sources, but it may help you to get your camera working or protect your privacy.

My camera is blurry; what can I do to fix this?

1. If the image from your camera is blurry, but it is still working, first clean the lens. Dust and debris can cause image quality issues.

2. Next, check for any system updates. If your computer (specifically the camera) isn’t up to date, you may be missing drivers after a past update. Performing a new update should help.

3. If you are still having quality issues with your camera, check that your Antivirus software isn’t blocking the camera from performing properly.

You can also scan your hardware changes.

1. Simply visit the device manager on your Lenovo computer and click the camera option.

2. From here, use the Action menu to select Scan for hardware changes.

3. Once the scan is complete, restart your computer and test the camera.

Final Thoughts

If your Lenovo EasyCamera still doesn’t work after all of these steps, I suggest raising a support call with tech support. They will be able to help you find the solution to fix the camera on your specific device.

If replacing the driver, enabling the camera, and removing the Lenovo app doesn’t fix it, there is something seriously wrong, so don’t waste any time!

Have you experienced any problems with your Lenovo webcam? How did you resolve the problem? Please comment below.

30 thoughts on “Lenovo Webcam Not Working – What You Can Do”

Dorota says:
I cannot believe it took me so long – there is a button on the right side of the LEGION. Like a physical button, you slide to turn the camera on and of. And, of course, I learned about it accidentally days after I searched the internet to find a solution. So silly! 😀
Harry Beats UG says:
It really worked. It was just the F8 button. Thanks so much.
___ says:
what do i do if the camera doesnt activate whether the slider is on or off. i know the camera works because ive seen it work however most of the time its just a grey screen saying to switch off the camera slider.
Megan says:
I FINALLY FIXED MINE!! When I tell you I did everything and knew it would be something simple… there is a small slide above my camera that you can push one side to the other, but it’s so discreet! I must have slid it over once without thinking and didn’t realize that’s what disabled my camera!
Gaby says:
Megan from October 10, 2022, This is Gaby from February 16 2023… I am so grateful for your comment! You just saved me so much time and energy. Thank you!!! It’s fixed!
Andrew says:
Thanks a lot. Installing the new driver did help. Camera now works with Zoom 🙂
Andrew says:
Thank you very much. That was helpful. Installing the new driver did help. Camera is now working with Zoom.
Moshe Margareten says:
I followed all your instructions and it still doesn’t work!
BTW – The green light near the camera is off, does that mean my camera is dead?
Alia says:
did your camera ever work? im having the same problem
tinsky says:
Thank you so much! That F8 hit is like magic! 😀
katie says:
after trying everything in the thread.. this.. THIS worked. I feel stupid
Milky says:
…smh why did I not think to do this lmaooo
Milky says:
…smh why didn’t I think to do this lmaoo thanks
SAKSHI says:
Ecila says:
the F8 comment omg i feel so stupid right now i have had this problem for over 2 years
Bridget says:
Thank you for the F8 fix! I was so confused by why the camera suddenly stopped working but I do have cats who love to be near my workspace!
Nathan says:
Hasn’t worked at all. Using the camera just results in a black screen. It KNOWS the camera is there, but does not use it at all. It’s not F8, its not the slider, it’s not my privacy settings and I’ve installed everything I should have. Nothing. There isn’t even a EasyCamera file IN my device settings, just integrated camera. Installing from the Lenovo website did nothing.
Emily says:
I am having the same issue. I put in a request with customer service since it is still under warranty. Did you get your issue resolved?
Jeff says:
Yep, same issue. My camera takes pictures fine, but the video when started, beeps and goes to a black screen, then beeps again and comes back, but never records anything.
Tim Chipman says:
Hi, just an update on this thread. The solution here has worked for me in the past (ie, review security settings / use lenovo vantage to disable ‘security blocking’ camera – software setting). Most recently I hit this problem, and it did *NOT* help. In the end the solution was very specifically (a) Lenovo drivers website for laptop (B) Download latest driver for laptop/win10 – was released last year. (C) Install Driver. (D) There was also a ‘registry patch’ related fix in the webcam driver download area so I got that / installed that at same time. After making this change, webcam worked perfectly. Prior to this. “Delete” Device from windows devManager did NOT help. Windows update / update-drive-to-latest from dev.manager did NOT help.
QUOTE: “(D) There was also a ‘registry patch’ related fix in the webcam driver download area so I got that / installed that at same time.”

Can you direct me to the page where you downloaded the “registry patch” please?

Jeff says:
tried everything in the thread so far, to include downloading the latest drive and installing. Still does not work. Pictures yes, video, NO.
johandiss says:

Uninstalled lenovo vantage and problem still there.
in device manager camera sometimes pop up sometimes hiding

im confused
please help

Todd says:
Yep the old F8 key– cats walked on the laptop —
Thanks for the help
Svea says:
Thank you TechJunkie team! And Todd – I think the same thing happened to me with the cat’s new sleeping spot on keyboard ahhh. The F8 worked like a charm! Learning every day
Faith says:
omg Thank you!
Bhupendra Vishwakarma says:
I tried allowing access to Lenovo Vantage. But i can see a message that other app is using the camera close the app and try again. But I can’t see any other apps open
Jakob says:
Check if the camera is disabled in the Lenovo Vantage app, Noone ever mentions this and there is no way of knowing if it’s turned off without going into Lenovo vantage.
Kelly Williams-Nipple says:
Thank you! I’ve been looking all over for what to do! You had the answer…. easy!
Hank says:
Thank you so much, I didn’t know the solution was this simple.
ayesha says:
Damien E Kelly says:
hi I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me recently I’m having problems with my camera not working cause when I double click the camera it starts to load up and my Lenovo ThinkPad yoga 11e laptop refreshes I have tried uninstall the integrated camera I have checked the settings etc. and I also have rebooted my laptop to factory settings but still doesn’t working

and I would be grateful if you know what could be the problem

thank you

Jason Crudge says:
Brill advice guys F8 button did the trick. Thansk for the help
Cylia Lowe says:
Thank you F8 worked !
Tony Beeton says:
I have a Lenovo Yoga 710 and find the camera does not work. My technician said the problem was simple, the camera was not connected to the motherboard and I should return it for replacement. Unfortunately it is out of warranty, but a quick fix was to connect my portable Logitech camera used on by desktop into a USB port and problem solved.
gerardo Musano says:
Hi you should look in the bios of you pc because it in there i had the same thing
Amy says:
Thank you so much for the Lenovo Vantage camera tip. I have worked for hours, uninstalling, reinstalling, restoring, etc. etc. trying to fix this after a recent Zoom update. A few months ago I had the same issue and had to send my Yoga to Lenovo for repair (all they did was replace the camera driver…which I had uninstalled and reinstalled 320942095 times). I spent hours on the phone with support, having them remotely access my computer, turning off security, back on, etc. Each company placing blame on the other (Kaspersky, Lenovo, Microsoft, Zoom). This is SO SIMPLE, so I’m not sure why it’s not listed as one of the “easy fixes” to try first. Nonetheless, thank you so much.
Quinlan says:
Thanks, this helped alot.
KIndye says:
I have try all mechnisms on the above posted but still i couldn’t fix my laptop is lenovo window 8.1 pro
Check if u did not close the webcam switch very small easy to miss located right above slides from one side to the other
Mark says:
Thanks for that, I could have saved myself a few hours if I had read your post earlier!
Teta says:
Never noticed the camera icon…thanks a bunch as the first one worked!
Martin says:
Oh my goodness. There IS a switch there. I would describe is as INVISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE. You have to feel it with your fingers, sliding them along the top edge of the screen, close to the webcam itself. Spent hours on other fruitless efforts. Feel like a fool. THANK YOU ROLANDO!
Rebekah says:
THIS! just spent the last half of the morning uninstalling, re-installing, deleting, updating, pulling out my hair! the Switch was pushed over to what I assume was a privacy mode.
Alex says:
Opened up Lenovo Vantage app and just clicked the turn on camera icon and it worked! Thank you!
Jakob says:
Check if the camera is disabled in the Lenovo Vantage app, Noone ever mentions this and there is no way of knowing if it’s turned off without going into Lenovo vantage.
Nsikakobong Eyakndue says:
The issue is with the VIntage APP, just go and click the camera there, if it has a red crossing, click it let the red slash line go off. viola it starts working
Alisha says:
Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I have spent 2 days trying to get my camera to work. I wasted so many hours trying various things. I saw your post and it fixed my camera.
Sarah Stevenson says:
This worked for me too! I did the Vantage app part and could get it working in there but not in Zoom. Then I rolled back and restarted and it is working in Zoom
UMar says:
Its not working- its display the following message
u need to install media feature pack N and NK.
After installation of media pak and reboot the system, still same message appear.
Raphael says:
This was very helpful. Thanks
Edison says:
I went into my “Device Manager”, double-clicked on my Integrated Camera, selected the “Driver” tab, and clicked “Roll Back Driver.” And bam, my camera finally works!
Susanna says:
I tried everything and this finally worked! THANK YOU!
T Diaz says:
OMG, I spent over an hour troubleshooting and finally took a closer look at my brand new Yoga and thought, hmm, I wonder if this image of two cameras–one off and one on with a red circle in the middle is actually a peelable label, and omg it was. Yep, feeling pretty stupid. Was thinking, nah, I don’t need to read any manual or quick start guide, but it’s probably right there in one or both of those very documents. Just a very big d’oh! moment!
Fran Z. says:
Yup! I just found that peel-off strip, too, and laughed myself silly. So glad I didn’t take it into my local techie for help!
GANESH says:
Dear Jamie, many thanks for your tips. I share the laptop with my child for online studies for her. She had disabled the camera manually by the F8 button on the keyboard. She must have been lazy to switich video off on zoom. Anyway after spending close to 3 hours on various forums, I came across yours and the first line of your instructions worked for me.
Alvaro says:
Simplesmente sensacional. Fiz isso tudo acima e nada funcionou. Simplesmente cliquei no F8 e voila . a magica aconteceu e tudo funcionou. Mais simples que tudo. Queria ate sugerir pro dono do post, colocar essa dica, no começo de tudo. Que acho que vai resolver 90% dos problemas.
Nitin Pedy says:
Jamie, Thanks .. Your tips worked with uninstalling and installing the driver through the link you shared in the blog.

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