How To Change the Notification Sound in WeChat

WeChat (available on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac), has picked up over a billion active monthly users since its 2011 release – that’s about 13% of the entire global population. It has a wide range of handy features. You can find out the latest news, pay for your groceries, and, of course, you can message friends and family, among a load of other options.

How To Change the Notification Sound in WeChat

Considering the sheer number of people using the app, you’ll probably already have many of your friends using it. And as anyone familiar with social media knows, once you’re connected, you will inevitably be inundated with message notifications.

Using this guide, you will soon be able to customize your notifications so that you can know who’s messaging you without having to look or set them to vibrate if you’ve got a meeting or are watching a movie.


Customizing WeChat Notifications

It is worth mentioning that, as things currently stand, you can only assign custom sounds to your notifications on Android devices. Even so, we’ll do our best to show you what you can do in terms of notifications on all the platforms where WeChat is available.


  1. Tap on the WeChat app icon to open it. It will normally be found on your home screen.
    WeChat icon
  2. Next, tap the button at the bottom-right of the screen. It is labeled ‘Me’ and has a picture of a head and shoulders. If it opens up to a previous conversation, tap the back button to return to the list of your current chats.
    WeChat Change Notification Sound android
  3. Tap on the ‘Settings’ button at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Open your notification settings by tapping on ‘Notifications’.
    WeChat Notification Sounds
  5. To choose your new notification sound, tap on ‘Alert Sound’. You will be shown a list of available tones to switch to.
    • Slide the ‘Sound’ switch to ‘Off’ if you want to mute all your notifications.
    • Slide the ‘In-App Vibrate’ switch to ‘On’ if you want all your notifications to make your phone vibrate as well as, or instead of, making a sound.


  1. Tap on the green WeChat icon on your iPhone or iPad. It will probably be on your home screen.
  2. Tap the ‘Me’ button down in the bottom-right of the screen. If it opens up and you’re in a chat already, just tap back to get to the list of all your chats.
  3. Next, tap on ‘Settings’ down at the bottom.
  4. Tap on ‘Message Notifications’ to get the list of notification preferences.
  5. If you want to disable all notifications from WeChat, set ‘Notifications’ to ‘Off’.
  6. To turn off the ringtone for all WeChat voice calls, slide the ‘Ringtone’ switch to ‘Off’.
  7. If you want to stop getting alerts from video calls, set ‘Video Call Notifications’ to the ‘Off’ position.
  8. To activate vibrate alerts for your WeChat notifications, slide ‘Vibrate’ to ‘On’.

PC and Mac

The options are more limited on the desktop and web versions of WeChat because it is first and foremost designed as a mobile and tablet app. Also, the developers have their own social network, Tencent QQ, so it seems they don’t want to be their own competition.

  1. Download WeChat or log in to the web version in your internet browser. If it’s the first time you’ve used WeChat, you’ll have to scan a QR code with your phone to link your account.
  2. Find the name of the person that you want to change your notification settings for. This will bring up a pop-up menu. Mac users with only one button can hold Ctrl when they click to get to the menu.
  3. If you want to stop receiving notifications from that contact, click on ‘Mute Notifications’.
  4. To re-enable notifications for someone that you’ve already muted, click on ‘New Message Alert’.

Not All Apps Are Created Equal

These are the best ways that we have found to change your notification settings on WeChat so far. Have you found a way to change the sounds on iOS or have some other related tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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