What Does “Added You From Search” Mean on Snapchat?

You can add new Snapchat friends to your profile in many ways. You can add someone by searching for their username in the search bar, add them from your phone’s contact list, from a snap, or with various other methods.

What Does

The Snapchat app will notify those users that you’ve added them, and they will also be able to see the method that you used to add them.

For example, you can get a notification with “Added you from search” displayed below the username of someone who just added you. But what does this notification mean?

This article will explain why this notification shows up, along with some other messages you may see displayed below usernames.

What Does “Added You From Search” Mean on Snapchat?

When you get an “Added you from search” notification, this usually means that the person added you by manually looking for your name in the search bar.

If you made your real name visible on your account along with your username, this means that a person might’ve typed your real name in the search bar before they added you. Otherwise, it means they looked for your username.

what does added you from search mean snapchat

Another way to get an “Added you from search” notification is if someone adds you from Snapchat suggestions.

When you enter the “Add friends” menu on your profile, the app will suggest new friends that you can add. You can find these suggestions at the bottom of the menu. Snapchat will suggest you users to add based on mutual friends, your location, contact list, etc.

When someone adds you through suggestions by tapping on the plus sign next to your username, you will receive the same “Added you from search” notification.

How to Stop Getting Notifications

If you want Snapchat to stop notifying you about other users adding you, you need to modify your settings.

To do this, you should:

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Tap Settings. It’s the gear icon on the top right of the screen.
  4. Go down until you see the Notifications menu.
  5. Tap Notifications.
  6. Tap Receive Notifications from.

snapchat added you from search

Now, you will have two options: receive notifications from everyone or receive notifications from friends. If you uncheck any box, you will stop getting notifications from that group.

To stop getting notifications about people who added you, you should toggle off “Everyone,” then the notifications will stop.

You can turn them on anytime by following the same steps and toggling the notifications option back on.

Other Ways to Add Users on Snapchat

Adding users by search is not the only way to get new friends on Snapchat.

Here are a few other ways you can add people on Snapchat, which may explain some of the other notifications you get from the app.

Added You by Snapcode

When someone adds you by Snapcode, it means that they scanned your Snapcode with their phone. Only people who you give your Snapcode to personally should be able to add you via this method.

The Snapcode is a unique pattern of dots on a yellow background behind each user’s profile picture. Users need to be near each other so they can scan their Snapcodes and add each other as friends.

To add someone by Snapcode, simply enter the ‘Add Friend’ menu on your Snapchat profile and tap on ‘Add by Snapcode’. Move your camera over the Snapcode that you want to scan, and then just wait. The other user will get a notification that you’ve added them by their Snapcode.

Added You by Mention

If someone mentions you in their snap, other users will be able to see it by tapping on the ‘People’ menu on the right side of the snap. They can then add you to their friend’s list with a single tap.

You will get a notification that someone added you by mention and that will be displayed under their username on your friend’s list.

Added from Contacts

If a user has your number in their phone’s contact list, they can easily find your Snapchat. If they add you using their contact list, the app will display the “Added from contacts” notification below their username.

If you’ve ever wondered what any of these notifications mean, hopefully this article clears some things up!

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