What Does SFS Mean on Snapchat?

Those new to Snapchat might think its users communicate in secret codes. These terms might be unique to Snapchat, but they’re certainly not a secret. Each acronym has a simple meaning, easy to use to keep up with the times.

What Does SFS Mean on Snapchat?

If you’ve been wondering what SFS means and how to use it, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading, and you’ll become fluent in Snapchat in no time.

What Does SFS Mean

There are three different interpretations for SFS on Snapchat. The intent of each one is mutual promotion and engagement boost. By using SFS, a Snapchat user might ask for:

  • Snap For Snap
  • Shout-out For Shout-out
  • Spam For Spam

If you’re using “Snap For Snap,” you typically want a user to share your Snapchat story so that it can reach as many people as possible.

When it comes to “Shoutout For Shoutout,” users want to promote each other in their respective Snapchat circles. Shouting out a user means sharing their username on your Snapchat with the intent to give them more friends and subscribers on the app.

You probably associate the word “spam” with unwanted messages. However, most social media networks have put a positive twist on its meaning. To spam a user typically means liking, commenting, and engaging with their content as much as possible.

Therefore, “Spam For Spam” aims to improve your engagement and direct traffic to your Snapchat profile.

How to Use SFS

Although this acronym is unique to Snapchat, you can share it across your other social media platforms. The goal is to find new users and expand your friend or subscriber list.

The most convenient method is to use a hashtag. Many social media networks have excellent search engines that can help you locate people using “#SFS” quickly. You should include your Snapchat username with the hashtag so that the interested people can find you straight away.

Reddit users have also made dedicated Snapchat subreddits where you can easily find new friends.

Don’t forget that these acronyms are based on an exchange. If a user snaps, spams, or shouts out to you, be sure to return the favor. You need to carry the post forward and generate a bigger reach.

You can also use SFS on Snapchat only. Share the hashtag to your Story to increase its reach. The aim is to get as many people as possible to share and engage with the post.

Another way you can use SFS is to snap a user directly. If you have a particular user in mind, don’t wait for them to pick up on your Story. You can snap them a simple “SFS?” and see if they’re up for it.

What to Avoid When Using SFS

As helpful as it can be, the SFS hashtag has also gained a notorious reputation on social media. Some users view it as a lazy ploy to get more subscribers without putting out interesting content.

As a result, not all returning comments and snaps will be positive. To avoid the negative side of using SFS, try to put out exciting content worth sharing. This way, you’re not abusing the hashtag. Instead, you’re using it to promote and increase the reach of quality content.

Other Commonly Used Snapchat Acronyms

Snapchat is all about fast-paced communications. The users try to get their point across using few words. It’s no wonder, then, that the Snapchat terminology continues to evolve, trying to cover every possible scenario.

What Does AMOS Mean

AMOS can be the first step in your communication with another Snapchat user. It means “Add Me On Snapchat” A new friend opens the door for exchanging many other Snapchat acronyms, including an AMOS variation−PMOYS.

PMOYS stands for “Put Me On Your Snapchat.” Basically, you want the user to mention you or put your picture on their Snapchat Story.

What Does SB Mean

SB might be the most commonly used acronym, and it stands for “Snap Back.” The goal of this acronym is to maintain a Snapchat streak.

A streak will begin after you’ve exchanged snaps with the same person for three consecutive days. The user will get a fire emoji next to their name. The number next to the emoji keeps track of how long the streak has gone.

The more snaps you send, the higher your Snapchat score. Many Snapchat users think of this score as a trophy, so they like to show it off and compare it to other users’ scores.

Snapchat uses streaks and scores to encourage users to constantly interact with each other and, in turn, frequently use the app.

What Does ESB Mean

This acronym stands for “Everyone Snap Back.” Users usually send this term to their group messages to remind everyone to respond to their snaps. This ensures that the Snapchat streaks are maintained.

What Does GMS Mean

GMS typically means “Good Morning Streaks.” This acronym helps maintain your streaks by making sure you get all your snaps in as soon as you wake up.

Alternatively, you can use GNS or “Good Night Streaks” to close your day with your Snapchat streaks intact.

What Does SNR Mean

When you send SNR, you want to know more about the receiving user’s activity on Snapchat. You’re asking for “Streaks N Recent,” meaning who they have streaks with and who was the last person they spoke to on the app.

What Does FFF Mean

The “Follow For Follow” acronym isn’t native to Snapchat. FFF is present across most social media networks. You can use this term when following someone if you’d like them to follow you back.

What Does NRS Mean

NRS stands for “No Replies.” This term is typically used to notify your friends you can’t snap them back at the moment. You might be attending classes, studying, or lacking data. Whatever the reason, your friends will know not to worry about their streaks.

What Does SMO Mean

SMO can have two different meanings, depending on the context.

It can mean “Serious Mode On” if a user isn’t in the mood for jokes. It usually means they would like to talk about a serious topic and want to make it known to the other users.

Alternatively, it is used as “Shout Me Out.” Like with many other Snapchat acronyms, the goal of using SMO in this context is to achieve more online visibility.

The ABCs of Snapchat

You might be trying to stay updated on the latest trends or want to dive into the fun world of Snapchat communication. Whatever the case may be, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-growing Snapchat term collection. So, when in doubt, take a peek at our handy Snapchat glossary and snap away!

Do you use acronyms on Snapchat? What is your favorite one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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