Windows 10 Error Log: How To Access Error Logs

Don’t you love about Windows that for pretty much every single command there’s at least one way of getting what you need? In today’s article, we’re going to show you no less than 3 different methods to accessing the Windows Error Logs in Windows 10. Speaking of “more than one way”, this utility is also known as the Windows Event Viewer.

Windows 10 Error Log: How To Access Error Logs

So it has 2 names and 3 access ways. Whether it’s a security issue that you’re trying to identify, a system problem or an application that keeps generating errors and slows down the system, if you need to find a problem, it must show up in there. And after reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea of how to get to the Windows 10 Error Log.

But before we proceed to present the actual methods, we need to specify one important detail: you can only have access to these logs if you’re coming from a user account with Administrative rights.

Once you’ve cleared that out, here’s what you need to do:

Access Windows Error Logs via the Power Menu

One method that works like charm when you want to enter the Windows Event Viewer / Windows Error Logs lays in the Power Menu. As you are about to notice, it is also the easiest way to access Windows 10 Error Log:

  1. Go to the taskbar and do a right-click on the Windows icon;
  2. From the context menu that will show up, click on the Event Viewer.

Access Windows Error Logs via the Run command

Perhaps you’re into trying something new, or you’re more like the type of user who befriends with the keyboard, not with the mouse. From the Run command, you should go to the same path, but only with a few extra steps and command lines for Windows 10 Error Log:

  1. Launch the Run dialog box by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the R key from your keyboard;
  2. In the newly launched Run windows, type in eventvwr;
  3. Hit Enter to run the command;
  4. And the Event Viewer window should automatically pop up right after that.

Access Windows Error Logs via the Control Panel

We showed you one simple and super-fast method. Then we showed you another method, a bit slower, but with the advantage that it only relies on the keyboard. This last method is just for the sake of demonstration. Yet who knows when you’ll end up in the Control Panel one day and realize you want to take a look at the Windows Error Log?

When that thought crosses your mind, get ready to:

  1. Access the System and Security item from the Control Panel;
  2. Identify and click on the Administrative Tools;
  3. Identify and double-click on the Event viewer.

It might look like there are only a few steps to take, but these involve browsing through many other items from the Control Panel folders. That will definitely kill some time.

Just to recap, we showed you how to access Windows Error Logs in Windows 10 from the Power Menu, from the Run Command, and from the Control Panel center.

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