How to Turn Off Quick Resume on a Xbox Series X

Quick Resume is one of the most unique features that Xbox Series X has to offer gamers. However, even with the convenience offered by the feature, there are instances when you may want to turn it off.

How to Turn Off Quick Resume on a Xbox Series X

This article explains how to turn off Quick Resume and answers some frequently asked questions about the feature.

Turning Off the Quick Resume Feature

The Quick Resume is a convenient feature for users. However, it can cause various issues, bugs, and glitches even in the games that support it. The Quick Resume feature is enabled by default with the Velocity Architecture, which is the base of the new generation console storage technology. Quick Resume can only be turned off manually since no universal option exists. This may sound tedious at first, but it is relatively easy to follow and accomplish.

  1. Click the “Xbox” button on the Xbox Controller. It’s at the top middle, bearing the Xbox icon, and should light up when pressed. This opens the guide menu.
  2. In the guide menu, choose “My games and apps.”
  3. Select Quick Resume to find the list of games that are using the Quick Resume feature.
    • Xbox Series X and S usually store temp saved states of three games. This is inbuilt and allows less memory to be taken up. This feature allows more games to be stored for Quick Resume.
  4. Find the game you want to remove and highlight it.
  5. Choose the “Menu button” on your controller to reveal a pop-up menu.
  6. Choose “Remove from Quick Resume.”
  7. Go back to the “My games and apps” section in the guide menu
  8. Repeat steps 3-6 to remove any other games individually.

Following these steps closes the game and deletes any unsaved data. Make sure you save your game progress before turning off this feature. One other thing to bear in mind is that Quick Resume is automatically re-enabled once you open the game again.

Reasons Why People Turn Off Quick Resume

The feature has been a great success with many single-player games. As mentioned, the Quick Resume feature may cause issues with some titles. In most cases, the issues are related to online games. When a game is put into the Quick Resume state in the Xbox Series X, your session is suspended. This allows you to resume gameplay right where you stopped.

However, suspending online games can cause issues. This is mainly for titles that need a server connection. Examples of games that face issues include FIFA, PUBG, and Halo Infinite. If you run into issues with such games, you’d need to quit the game entirely and reboot.


What happens when the Quick Resume feature is disabled in Xbox Series X?

This closes the game, and it deletes the temporary save state that had been previously created. The save state data can’t be recovered. Any unsaved progress in the game for which Quick Resume is disabled is lost. When you need to play that particular game again, you’d have to wait longer as the startup loading sequence opens the game.

Does Quick Resume take up Xbox Series X SSD space?

The feature shouldn’t take up additional space on the Xbox Series X console.

Does Quick Resume affect the performance of Xbox Series X?

There isn’t a consensus on this issue since there have been claims that it does have an effect and can lead to game crashes. Yet other users don’t have this issue and report no significant impact. Ultimately, it’s all about your hardware and the specific game you’re playing.

Does Quick Resume run when the computer is off?

This feature aims at helping you go back to your game at the exact point where you left off. You don’t need to reopen all applications involved. It doesn’t work once your system is off.

Where are the Quick Resume games stored?

Any Quick Resume game that you’ve played and saved can be found in “My games and apps” under the group section on the Xbox Series X consoles. To find such games easily, press the Xbox button to access the guide and open Quick Resume in the screen’s upper right corner. Games that haven’t been played or saved don’t appear in the list here.

Can specific games be pinned to Quick Resume?

Yes, two games can be pinned to Quick Resume regardless of any other games launched. You’d have to access the Quick Resume group found in “My games and apps” under groups to do this. Select Quick Resume and highlight the game you want. Press the menu button and click “Pin” to Quick Resume.

Do all games use Quick Resume?

The Quick Resume feature is available in the most played titles. Some of the less-played games aren’t supported.

Are online games included in Quick Resume?

Yes, Quick Resume works with online games as well. However, there’ve been issues causing games not to resume as they should. Some online games are service-based and push players to the game menu instead of starting from the point you left off.

When sharing a console, can you have multiple Quick Resume options for one game?

No, presently, you only get a single Quick Resume save per console for a particular game. If you use a friend’s console and sign in to launch a game with Quick Resume assigned, you can still launch it. However, doing so replaces the Quick Resume in existence.

Does Quick Resume Work for Apps?

Quick Resume was explicitly designed for Xbox games. This feature doesn’t support any apps. However, the load times are much faster than the games.

Control Your Gameplay on the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Quick Resume feature is something that gamers hold in high regard. It’s made it easier and quicker to switch between games. The save state ensures that gameplay isn’t lost, and you can return to where you left off. While this feature is a true wonder, some scenarios have seen players to turn it off for a better experience.

Have you tried to turn off Quick Resume on the Xbox series X? If so, which steps did you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

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I would like to be able to turn quick resume off for everything it makes my games lag

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