How to Add an Amazon Smart Plug to Google Home

Amazon Smart Plug lets you control any of your home devices using only your voice. To do this, you need an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo, Sonos, or Fire TV. The Alexa phone app will also work well with this. These Amazon Smart Plugs add voice control to any outlet in your home, but how to connect them? Follow this simple guide and your Smart Plug will be ready in no time.

How to Add an Amazon Smart Plug to Google Home

Setting Up Smart Plug with Google Home

Amazon Smart Plug is one of the more affordable of its kind. You have probably thought it would be a great idea to get some of these for your home, but how to install them? Fear not, this guide will teach you.

Step 1

Simply unpack the Smart Plug and place it into your desired outlet. After that, you will need the Smart Life app, so download it now. If you are on Android, it will be in your Google Play Store, and if you are on iOS, then you can find it in the App Store. Install the app and register an account.

Step 2

Once your Smart Life app is ready to go, it will show you an option that says, “Create Family”. Tap on the Create Family option and then give it a name of your choosing. Click Done and you should get a message saying, “Family created successfully”.

create familyadd family

Step 3

Now you should be greeted with a screen saying, “Welcome home”. This is the screen which lets you control and customize all your devices. To add a new device, tap the plus icon in the top-right corner. Now find the option Electrical Outlet and tap on it.

Step 4

You need to make sure that your Smart Plug is visible to Smart Life and other apps. This is ensured by holding down the power button on your Smart Plug until the light in the bottom right corner flashes. Once it is blinking quickly, it will be discoverable by other apps.

Step 5

Now we need to set it up with our Wi-Fi network. Select your network and type in the password to confirm. The device will start connecting. Wait a couple of minutes for it to finish.

Step 6

All you need to do now is to select which room the Smart Plug is located in, tap Completed, and you will get a notification that the socket is now On. This ends the configuration of the Smart Life app.

Step 7

Now you must go over to the Google Home app. Download it now if you haven’t already. You will need to set it up as well and then link it to the Smart Life app. On the app’s home screen, tap on the Add button. Now tap on the Set-Up Device option.

Step 8

Now choose the option Have something already set up? under Works with Google. On the following page, go to the search bar and type Smart Life. Once it pops up, tap on it and now you’ll be asked to log into your google account. After that, the app will ask you to Authorize the connection between the two accounts. After a few moments, an Add smart home devices screen will appear. Select it and tap Add to a room. Then just choose whichever room your Smart Plug is in.

Final Step

Check if everything is working properly! Now, your Smart Plug should be set up and ready to go. Make sure to test it once you are done, and if something is not right, go over the guide again. Also, check your internet connection. In case your device still isn’t working properly, consider contacting the manufacturer.

The Last Plug-In

Smart Plug is a great way to automate your home. You can control any device remotely by using voice commands. These smart gadgets seem relatively simple, but it takes a bit of effort to set them up properly.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you! If you have any additional ideas or questions, make sure to put them in the comments, which will help us fix any issues and create more content for you.

5 thoughts on “How to Add an Amazon Smart Plug to Google Home”

Zack says:
Delete this mislead article. It is no longer, or never was, true.

Cannot connect Amazon plug to Smart Life or Google Home.

another user says:
Doesn’t work. Smart Life does not connect the Amazon mart plug to my router/network – just times out. Tries all alternatives as advised in the app. Amazon smart plug works/connects fine with the Alexa app.
Kay says:
Doesn’t work. Any other solution which actually works?
Mychael Luu says:
Smart life is unable to discover my Amazon Smart plug, on Amazon Alexa App is able to discover the Amazon Smart Plug.
Sunil says:
Same here…Smart Life doesn’t find the plug

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