How To Add a FireStick to a Hisense TV

The Amazon FireStick is one of the best streaming devices on the market. However, you may wonder whether the FireStick is compatible with your Hisense TV. A FireStick device can be used on all Hisense TVs with an HDMI port and a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll also need an Amazon account to access the content.

How To Add a FireStick to a Hisense TV

Read on to learn how to properly connect your FireStick to your Hisense TV and start streaming.

Adding a FireStick on Hisense TV

Follow these when setting up your FireStick with your Hisense TV for the first time.

  1. Plug the USB power cable into the micro-USB port on the FireStick.
  2. Plug the other end of the power cable into the adapter brick.
  3. Use a power adapter in a wall outlet to connect the power adapter.
  4. Find a free HDMI port on the back of your Hisense TV to plug the FireStick into. Note the HDMI port number as you’ll need to access the corresponding HDMI input via your Hisense TV.
  5. Switch on your TV and select the input to the corresponding HDMI channel. Now, wait a while for a loading screen with a FireStick logo to appear.
  6. If you haven’t done so, insert the AAA batteries into the FireStick remote to set it up.
  7. The remote should pair with your FireStick automatically. If it doesn’t, long-press the “Home” button for 10 seconds. It should then pair using “Discovery Mode.”
  8. When your remote and FireStick are paired, press the play/pause button to begin the setup.
  9. You’ll be prompted for your preferred language. Use the navigational button on your remote to highlight your language.
  10. Choose the language by pressing the Select/OK button – the circular button centered in the navigational buttons.

Set Up Your Wi-Fi Connection

Your FireStick will list the available Wi-Fi networks. Follow these steps to connect your FireStick to Wi-Fi.

  1. Select your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.
  2. Enter the network name (SSID) and password if needed to connect.

Register Your FireStick With Your Amazon Account

Your FireStick will be pre-registered if you order it using your Amazon account. If not, or if you want to register using a different account, complete the on-screen instructions to register or de-register the current account on your device.

If your FireStick isn’t pre-registered, you’ll have the option to choose whether you want to use an Amazon account for registration. Additionally, you can create one.

After you’ve logged in or created a new Amazon account, your FireStick will be registered to that account after a few seconds.

Finish the Setup

  1. Once registration is complete, you’ll be asked whether you want to save your Wi-Fi password to your account.
  2. It is a good idea to select “Yes” for quick connection if you use several Amazon devices registered to the same account as your FireStick. Select “No” if you don’t have any other Amazon devices.
    Note: If you’re setting up after a reset or have an Amazon account via another FireStick, you may be asked whether you wish to restore the device. Click the “Restore” button to reinstall your apps. You will not be prompted if you haven’t used your FireStick with your Amazon account yet.
  3. If you want to enable parental controls, choose “Enable Parental Controls.” You’ll then be prompted to set up a PIN. Following that, you’ll need to enter the PIN before accessing most FireStick activities.
  4. You can select “Get Started” to choose the streaming services and apps you want to install. Or, if you prefer to install them later, select “No Thanks.”

How to Pair a FireStick Remote With a TV

Follow these steps if you’re using a newer FireStick with TV controls.

  1. Click “Power” on the remote with the following message: “Press “Power Icon” on your Fire TV remote to turn off your TV. Wait 10 Seconds, Then Press “Power icon” again to turn it back on.
  2. Press the up and down volume buttons on your remote. Ensure your remote points directly at your Hisense TV with no obstructions.
  3. Choose “Yes” if you notice the Tv turn off. Otherwise, click “No” to repeat the process.
  4. Once your Fire TV remote has synched, the following message will display: “Your Fire TV remote has been updated.”


Can a FireStick work on any TV?

A FireStick can only work on TVs with HDMI ports. If you’re using an older TV with a lower resolution, the FireStick should automatically convert to the best resolution.

Can you use a FireStick on a non-smart TV?

Connecting your FireStick to a non-smart TV is easy. You just need to ensure your TV has an HDMI port.

Adding Your FireStick to Your Hisense TV Is Easy

Despite FireSticks’ wide-ranging compatibility, it only works on TVs with HDMI ports. To add your FireStick to your Hisense TV requires connecting one end of the power cable to a wall power outlet and the other to the FireStick adaptor brick. The FireStick adaptor will fit any free HDMI port on the back. Once you’ve switched to the corresponding HDMI channel via your TV, all that’s left to do is kick back and enjoy streaming.

Were you able to start using your FireStick on your Hisense TV? Share your setup experience in the comments section below.

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