How to Find Your Watchlist on the Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Firestick is a great streaming device and an excellent option if you want to cut the cord. Why pay for an expensive cable TV service, when you can get all you need with a one-time purchase? Sure, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime as well, but that’s much cheaper than cable TV.

If you are a new Amazon Fire Stick owner, you are probably wondering how to find your watch list on the Fire Stick? It’s dead simple, read on to find out. We also have some useful watch list tips.

Locating My Stuff on Your Fire Stick and Fire TV, Formerly Called Watchlist

A watchlist, now referred to as My Stuff on Amazon Prime, is a list of movies or TV shows you can use to remember all the great titles you want to see, but don’t have the time to watch right away. Websites like IMDB popularized this feature, but you don’t need any external apps or sites to check your Fire Stick watch list.

It is located on the Home screen of your device. Here is how to find watch list on the Fire Stick:

  1. Open the Home menu on your Fire Stick. Amazon Home
  2. Next, scroll over to the My Stuff tab and select it. Amazon My Stuff
  3. You’ll see all the content of your watchlist, it’s empty if you’re a new user. To remove items from the watch list, simply press the Menu button on your Fire Stick remote and select the Remove from List option. Amazon options tab

Don’t worry; an explanation for adding items to your watch list is coming right up.

prime video

How to Add Movies or TV Shows to My Stuff

If you’ve just bought an Amazon Fire Stick, your watch list will be empty. To add some movies or TV shows to the list, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Videos on your Fire Stick and browse the Prime Video Collection for a movie or a TV show you like. Prime Shows
  2. When you find a movie or TV show you like, press the Menu button on your Fire Stick remote and then select the Add to Watchlist option. Amazon Add to Watchlist

You can do the same by searching for a specific movie or show using the search option, and then tapping on Add to watch list next to it. That’s it! Now you know how to add and remove movies or shows from your Fire Stick watch list.

How to Find My Stuff on Your Android

You can also use your Android device to add or remove items from your Prime Video watchlist. For this to work, you need to download the Prime Video app for Android. It is free, so use the link to download or update the app. Now, follow the steps:

  1. Start the Prime Video app on your Android device.
  2. Look for the TV show or movie you want to add to the watch list. Tap on the show or movie you like and hold it.
  3. A menu will appear. You need to select Add to Watchlist from the dropdown list.

To access your Prime Video watchlist on Android, tap on the Hamburger icon on the Home screen and select the Watch list. This is where all the added items will be, and you can remove them from there. Select a movie or show, and select Remove from watchlist.

How to Find My Stuff on Your Computer

Finally, some people prefer using their PC for video streaming. Follow the steps:

  1. Open your browser, go to the Prime Video site and sign in to your Amazon account.
    prime video sign in
  2. Look for the movie or show you want to add and place your mouse over it.
  3. Click on Add to watch list for movies, or Add season to watch list for TV shows.

To access your watch list through the browser, click on the Account menu at the top of your screen. Select your watch list and you will see all the shows and movies you’ve added. To remove anything from the list, simply click the remove button next to the show or movie.

Happy Streaming

There is no need to use IMDB or any other third-party site or app to make a watch list. You can use your Fire Stick, Fire TV, phone, or computer to create, view, and edit your watchlist. Of course, you can also play your favorite movies or shows directly from the watch list.

Is Fire Stick’s watch list functional or does it need further improvements? What’s on your watch list? Leave us your two cents in the comments section.

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