Apple data request: How to see everything Apple knows about you

Apple recently made changes to its privacy portal, supposedly making it easier to see what information the company has about you. This announcement came at the best time, as privacy and cyber security are hot topics in the tech industry right now.

Apple data request: How to see everything Apple knows about you

While the process is simple (only five steps!), it’s not exactly a quick one. It requires email communication and identity verification, and it could take up to a week – so not quite as rapid as Facebook’s solution. But, personally, I’d rather it be a tedious process. It makes it harder for people to access my information without my knowledge.

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Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s the run-down.

How to see everything Apple knows about you:

1. Go to Apple’s Privacy Policy page

2. Click on the link to the Privacy Contact Form

You’ll find this under  “Access to Personal Information,” a little over halfway down. There’s two separate forms here – click the one at the end of the paragraph.

3. Select your region

This step shouldn’t be an issue if you’re in the UK, but a couple of countries aren’t listed. That’s no reason to worry, though. You can still get your data, even if you happen to live in, say, Iceland. You’ll have to go through a different Apple privacy portal.

4. Fill out the form on the next page

You’ll want to use your full name and the email address associated with your Apple ID. In the subject and comments sections, specify in one way or another that you are requesting a copy of your personal information.

5. Wait… and wait again.

This step could take a few days, but at some point an Apple representative will email you at the address you provided. You’ll need to send them some information to confirm that you’re not trying anything shady, but it’s nothing too intrusive. After they verify your identity, they’ll send you all your information in a neat, tidy, password-protected .zip file. The password for this file will come in a separate email around the same time.

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