How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on an iPhone

iOS handles backups differently than Android. The lack of well-defined local storage confuses some users—especially those who have recently switched to iOS. When talking about WhatsApp messages and how to save them if you’re an iPhone user, things are much simpler than you think.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on an iPhone

This article will teach you everything you need to know about WhatsApp backups on iOS.

The Standard Method

By default, WhatsApp doesn’t store messages on its servers, so it’s impossible to retrieve any you might have deleted. That’s why it’s best to back up your conversations, just in case you might need to get access to information.

Unfortunately, unlike Android phones, iPhones don’t have native support to store WhatsApp messages locally. That means that you have to use the iCloud service to save your chat history.

To start, we’ll make sure that your iCloud backup is enabled. Here’s where to check:

  1. Open the Settings on your iPhone. If you see your name at the top, you’re signed in to your iCloud account. If you don’t see your name, tap on the iCloud option and sign in.
  2. Tap on iCloud.
  3. Ensure that the toggle switch next to WhatsApp is enabled.

After you’ve enabled the iCloud backup for WhatsApp, you can backup your messages. You can do this backup manually, or you can set them to back up automatically.

Here is how you perform a manual backup on WhatsApp:

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app. Then, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the Chats tab.
  3. Select Chat Backup.
  4. Select the Back Up Now option.

That will begin the backup process. Of course, you can also automate it. That’s helpful as it won’t affect your backups if you suddenly forget to initiate them yourself.

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app and tap on Settings in the lower right corner.
  2. Go to the Chats tab.
  3. Select Chat Backup.
  4. Tap on the Auto Backup option.

You can also customize this feature and select whether to save videos or only texts.

Note that you need to make sure that your iCloud Drive is on before doing any of this. Also, be sure to sign in to the app with your Apple ID.

How to Retrieve Chat History

So you have your chat history backups now. How do you get access to them? In case you have severe issues with your iPhone, you could always restore your phone from an older backup. That will also bring back your WhatsApp chats if you backed them up on iCloud.

Alternatively, you can check your iCloud to look for any stored messages.

How to Export Chat History

You can export your chat history and email it to yourself. That way, you can use your inbox to store your WhatsApp chats and circumnavigate backups.

  1. Bring up a chat that you want to save. Tap on the group subject.
  2. Tap the Export Chat button.
  3. Select one of the sharing options from the pop-up menu. If you want to store the file for future reference you can select the Email icon and send it to yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although WhatsApp has a fairly simple interface, there are some tasks, like backups, that you might need more help with. Keep reading if you have more questions about saving WhatsApp messages.

How do I transfer my messages from an iPhone to an Android?

If you’re familiar with iOS and Android, you probably already know that iCloud isn’t compatible with Android devices. Transferring your messages between the two operating systems is possible, though.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Settings like we did above.

2. Tap on Move Chats to Android.

Note: You can also move your messages to a new phone number by tapping Transfer to a different phone number?

3. Tap Start on your iPhone.

4. Tap the option to restore WhatsApp on your Android device during setup.

5. Follow the on-screen prompts.

If you don’t see the option to transfer WhatsApp, or you’ve already set your phone up, you can use a third-party service or app to transfer your messages, export the chats to your email (as shown above), or use Samsung Smart Switch (if you have a Samsung device.

Is iCloud the only option to backup WhatsApp messages?

No. But it is the more practical option. As you may know, Apple gives users 5GB of free storage. After that, you have to pay for more (up to 2TB). If you’re out of iCloud storage you can use a computer or third-party service (buyer beware) to backup your WhatsApp messages.

Do You Like the Idea of Cloud Storage?

Let’s face it – most everyday people aren’t targets of hackers. So, the chances are that your data is safe in the iCloud. Although some backups may take time to create and upload, it’s nice to have so much storage capacity at your disposal from anywhere.

Let us know in the comments section below if you keep your WhatsApp on automatic backup or if you create one when you need it. Also, share with us your thoughts on iCloud’s security.

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