How to Add Music to BeReal

The BeReal app has a feature that lets you import music from Spotify or Apple Music. After creating an account with one of these two streaming sites on your mobile device, use it to add songs to the app. The music feature in BeReal makes the app’s usage more interesting.

How to Add Music to BeReal

If you don’t know how to add songs to BeReal, this article will explain how.

How to Connect BeReal to Spotify on Android or iOS

Spotify is easy to connect to BeReal whether you’re using a free or premium subscription plan. Here’s how to link Spotify to your BeReal app:

  1. Open your BeReal App on your Android or iPhone. 
  2. Touch your profile photo in the upper right corner. 
  3. Tap the three-dot icon in your top right corner to view the next screen. Beneath “Features,” choose “Audio.”
  4. Touch “Connect” next to the music streaming site with which you have an account.
  5. Enter your login details to open either Spotify or Apple Music.

How to Link Apple Music to BeReal App

If you plan to use Apple Music, ensure you have a premium subscription plan, including Student, Family, Apple One, or Individual. Then, link Apple Music to the BeReal app in this manner:

  1. Launch your BeReal app on your iOS device and navigate to the top right corner. 
  2. Tap your Profile photo icon to open a profile screen. 
  3. Move to the top right corner of this screen and touch the three-dot icon to view “Settings.”
  4. A menu with categories will pop up. Select the “Characteristics” category to see “Memories” and “Audio.”
  5. Tap the “Audio” option to start the linking process. 
  6. Touch the “Connect” icon next to Apple Music to go to the login page. 
  7. Sign into your Apple account with the correct details. 

Note: To unlink Apple Music from BeReal, tap “Close Session.”

How to Add a Song to a BeReal Post

You’ve just learned how to connect your Spotify or Apple Music to the BeReal app. Now you need to know how to add a song to a BeReal post. Here’s how to do it on your Android or iOS device:

  1. Launch your Spotify or Apple Music app on your device. Select and play a song of any genre.
  2. Open the BeReal App on your phone. Tap your camera button to take a photo.
  3. Tap the photo you want to add to BeReal as a post. Simultaneously, touch the “Spotify” or “Apple Music” icon.
  4. Navigate to the bottom sheet where you see “Shared,” “Private,” or “Disable.” Select “Shared” to show your post to everyone and “Private” to show it to friends only. Touch the “Disable” button to cancel the soundtrack. 
  5. Touch the “Send” button to share your BeReal Post.

How to Choose the Best Songs to Add to BeReal

Spotify or Apple Music can give you access to thousands of songs from different sources. However, only some songs will go with the type of posts you share on the BeReal app. When selecting the songs to add to your app’s library, consider these factors: 

Tastes and Preferences

People have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to music. It could be that you love fast-paced or slow-paced music. Luckily, Spotify and Apple Music catalogs have all types of songs. 

Music Genre

The most popular music genres include hip-hop, jazz, blues, rock, pop, classical, and country. Hence, you can select the genres that represent the unique energy levels and styles you’re looking for. 

Artist Bios

Maybe you aren’t familiar with many music artists and don’t know which ones your BeReal audience likes. If you’re in this situation, consider reading artist bios online. Select the bios that seem to capture the attention of many people and search for their songs on Spotify or Apple Music. Add the songs you like to BeReal. 

Sound Quality

Listen to a song before importing it to BeReal from your favorite streaming account. Check a song’s ratings and reviews from users and experts before adding it to BeReal. That way, you can give your fans the best-quality soundtracks.

Things to Note Before Adding Music to BeReal App

Before adding music to the BeReal app, consider the following: 

  • Only residents of Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Australia can add music to their BeReal apps for now. BeReal will continue making the music feature available to other global regions. 
  • Choose at least one streaming service between Apple Music and Spotify. However, consider that you can only choose Spotify for your Android device. If you have an iOS device, you can choose Spotify or Apple Music. 
  • If you want to add the song you are currently hearing to a BeReal post, you should have an active account with either Apple Music or Spotify. Create an account first if you’re new to these music streaming services. 
  • Ensure your songs match the themes of your BeReal posts to engage your audience more deeply. 
  • Connect the BeReal app with your preferred streaming account. Learn more about this below. 


Can one alter an already posted song in their BeReal app?

BeReal users have only two minutes to prepare and submit a post. Once it goes live, you can’t edit it or the song within it. Thus, match a song with the theme of your post before tapping the “Send” button.

Is it possible to add many songs to my BeReal app at once?

You can only add one song at a time to every new post. To share more songs from your Spotify or Apple Music account, send a new BeReal post daily. 

Can I find a BeReal app just for music?

You can only use the present BeReal app as there is no clone yet. Connect your BeReal app to Spotify or Apple Music since these are the only supported streaming sites. Use them to add music to the app. 

Is there a BeReal alternative that accepts only music?

Yes, most people opt for the Kiwi app as it lets them share favorite songs the same way they do photos on BeReal. If you’re an iOS device user, download Kiwi from Apple’s App Store and use it. Android users are still on the waiting list and should stay on the lookout for when their app version emerges.

Enjoy Good Music on BeReal

BeReal enables you to share unfiltered pictures with friends. Now it has included a feature that allows you to connect to Spotify or Apple Music. After choosing your best streaming service, you only need to follow simple steps to import songs to BeReal. You can then add a song to every BeReal post you create for your audience.

Have you used the new music feature in BeReal on your mobile device? Did you add songs from Spotify or Apple Music? Let us know in the comments section below.

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