The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods

It’s been only a few weeks since Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) was fully released. Yet, plenty of mods are already available for combat, UI, and character development. Some mods can potentially break the game, making it much easier or harder. If you’re new to the Baldur’s Gate series, some aspects of the game can be too challenging. A mod can help you quickly advance through the game and enhance overall gameplay.

The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods

This article highlights some top mods to help you scale the BG3 world.

Best Mods for Baldur’s Gate 3 Playthrough

Remember that even though mods can be helpful to newbies, they can alter the game balance or overhaul some mechanics beyond recognition or original intent. You can find the mods listed below on NEXUSMODS.

Party Limit Be Gone

Even though BG3 provides players with ten different companions, your camp has a limit of four characters. This consists of your player and three companions. But given the companion’s captivating lore and unique abilities, selecting only three can frustrate players. Luckily, the benevolence of modder Sildur ensures that you no longer have to choose.

You can have up to 16 companions in your party with this mod. This will likely shift the balance to the increasing party size. But if you’re in the game for the story and not particularly interested in the combat aspect, this won’t present any issue.

Fast XP

This mod is perfect for players looking to unlock abilities and advance their levels quickly. It doubles the amount of experience points(XP) players earn throughout the game. The earlier levels make the game easier overall. Higher levels give you more combat abilities and better stats to improve your odds of passing ability checks.

Customizer’s Compendium

This mod is a must-have if you’re looking for more customization options than what BG3 already provides. It provides you with new opportunities for character creation, most of which were locked and designated for non-player characters (NPC). From eye color to hairstyle, this mod ensures that your character features the best (or at least the most interesting) look and design in the game.

Increase Your Carry Weight

Do you like engaging in looting escapades as you journey through Faerun and don’t want to get rid of any items? Well, the carry weight increased mod is an ideal choice for you. Modder Mharius increases your carrying capacity to 9000 with this mod. Now you can go around collecting all the junk you like.

Tav’s Hair Salon

If you’re looking for ways to explore in style, then the modder Kitten Tails just made things easy for you with this mod. With a limited connection of new hairstyles and quality designs, your character will indeed look good when taking down monsters.

AI Friends

This mod creation was a collaboration between Malach Xaviel and Nox Phantom. Combat in BG3 involves rolling for initiatives and controlling members in turn-based battles. Using the AI friend’s mod allows players to cast Friends spells on their companions to enable AI control for autonomous action. You can now sit back and watch the chaos unravel.

Hit Level 20

In BG3, the characters have a level limit of 12, and this is unlikely to change in the game’s future. This is mainly considering how much more content becomes available with levels (mainly by unlocking spell slots levels 7-9). With this mod, your characters can achieve level 20, albeit by multiclassing. Since the mod doesn’t introduce new content, you’re still bound by abilities coded into the game. However, some multiclass combinations become much more enjoyable. Additionally, the mod contains a few customization options for XP or level gain to streamline the process.

More Actions

BG3 limits each round of combat by restricting action points. Party members can utilize one action point for activities like attacking or casting spells, and a bonus action for movement or certain minor spells. Modder Magus, through this mod, has increased the number of actions per turn. You can also apply this effect to enemies, making the game much more harder (and interesting).

Achievement Enabler

BG3 automatically turns off achievement when players install mods for the game. As a result, players struggled to find ways to bypass this setting. Prolific BG3 modder DK discovered a solution though many are questioning its morality aspect. Since some mods make the game easier, achievements can become trivial.

Improved UI

You will notice that a lot of work went into this mod. It has achieved a bedrock status due to its ability to enhance the game’s user interface and work well with other mods you’ve installed on your PC. Yet, its top feature is its ability to allow players to customize original characters in whichever way they like.

Regarding UI cleaning, the mod tucks away any unnecessary icons when carrying out specific actions in the game. It also eliminates the pop-up notifications that occur when using mods in the game.

Rogues Extra

Created by the modder lostsoulman, this mod provides rogue players with plenty of subclasses options. Some of those includes are Scout, Phantom, and Soul Knife. It also adds many twists and turns for sneaky characters. Players should expect a slight update behind the base game. The best thing about the mode page is that it is set up exceptionally well, and players always receive prompt and clear updates whenever necessary. This makes it one of the best modes in the game because these updates are essential in ensuring that players don’t accidentally break the game.

Casters Extra

While BG3 provides an epic adventure for players, some favorite subclasses from Dungeons and Dragons are missing. Created by the same modder that made Rogues Extra, this mod has included some of the missing subclasses, such as Bladesong Wizard and Twilight Domain Cleric. However, the mod does lag behind updates and compatibility.

While the subclasses help enhance gameplay through customization, they don’t drastically shift the game’s balance which players appreciate. The mod creator is proactive and always reacts quickly to hide the mod whenever there are compatibility issues and only relists it once an update has been made.

Backgrounds Enhanced

Most players like to enjoy a bit of flexibility when customizing their characters. If you’re one of them, then this is a must-have mod. This mod provides you with new background options, giving you a different set of ability perks to use in your gameplay.

Legendary Items

Created by modder Oiff, installing this mod will introduce new weapons and armor to your game. The variety of armor provides an excellent addition for players. From weapons that cripple your antagonists to thorns that help you heal quickly, you will have no shortage of offense and defense material.

Choose Your Stats

Have you been looking for ways to improve your statistics, initiative, or movement in BG3 but have yet to be successful? This mod is a must-have. Players can increase essential resources such as Dark Division or Bardic Inspiration by gulping down a special potion.

Transform Your BG3 Gaming Experience Using Mods

BG3 will rank highly in the top role-playing (RPG) games of 2023 charts. But it has some downsides, and mods started to come out immediately after the BG3 joined Early Access. These mods aim to expand, improve, and reinvent some of the game’s aspects. Fortunately, the game’s developer, Larian Studios, has always supported modding. But be aware that installing most of these mods will block you from earning achievements in the game.

What is your current favorite BG3 mod? Let us know in the comments section below.

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