The Best Free Benchmarking Software in 2023

Benchmarking software is a powerful tool for professionals looking to analyze and compare their overall computing power. If you’re a PC gamer or video editor who doesn’t want their hardware to crash, this is essential information to have.

The Best Free Benchmarking Software in 2023

In this article, we’ll explore the best free benchmarking software options in 2023 and dive into the pros and cons of each, depending on precisely what you’re looking for.

Why Do I Need Benchmarking Software?

The product has been around since the 1960s, but it remains a crucial part of any tech user’s tool belt. So what does it actually do?

Benchmarking software tests the overall computing power of your system and compares it to rival systems. It can test your system’s stability under heavy workloads, so you know if your computer is at risk of crashing or slowing down when playing games with lots of graphics or using lots of CPU video editing or 3D rendering. It also isolates hardware issues that you may want to improve upon or replace.

This information is vital for making purchasing decisions or upgrading components. Below are some of the best benchmarking software products that you can use during your next project and the competitive edge offered by each of them.

PassMark PerformanceTest

PassMark PerformanceTest is a comprehensive benchmarking suite developed by PassMark Software. It helps you to evaluate and compare your PC’s performance against multiple hardware configurations. With over 20 built-in baselines, the software is a great way to compare system specifications against standard industry averages and other users

The benchmarking suite can also be used for troubleshooting areas on which a system may be deficient in performance – highlighting areas that may need improvement or additional hardware upgrades.

Additionally, PassMark PerformanceTest includes specialized test suites for gaming, security testing and artificial intelligence applications. This makes it one of the most powerful benchmarking tools available in 2023.


UL Solutions’ PCMark benchmarking software is a powerful and user-friendly method of testing the performance of all types of PC hardware. It allows you to accurately compare different components such as graphics cards, processors, and storage drives in order to assess overall machine performance.

PCMark makes everything super simple for you by breaking its findings down into four categories, each of which provides key insights into different areas of system performance:

  • Essentials: Measures browser speed, startup times, video editing, and photo manipulation.
  • Productivity: Tests data analysis, spreadsheet editing, and web performance.
  • Creativity: Measures video editing, 3D modeling, and photo manipulation.
  • Gaming: Tests graphics processing power, and CPU performance.

UL Solutions has developed one of the most powerful software suites on the market for 2023, and is particularly popular with creatives using their PCs for video editing.


This tool was also developed by UL solutions, and is ideal for those turning their PCs into high-speed gaming rigs. 3DMark is designed to provide accurate representations of a system’s visual capabilities, from low-end PCs to the most powerful gaming rigs.

The software offers a comprehensive suite of tests for 3D graphics, ray tracing, and AI-based physics simulations. Some of its features include the ability to benchmark DirectX Ray Tracing API (DXR), as well as compute shaders and AI-based simulations.

This product stands out for its remarkable legibility, creating detailed charts and grafts that make it easy to compare performance results across systems. 3DMark is the perfect option for those in need of benchmarking software that can measure graphics and gaming performance.

AIDA64 Extreme

This suite of analysis and benchmarking tools from FinalWire is a great choice for those looking for software with everything — AIDA64 Extreme offers complete system diagnostics as well as hardware and software benchmarking services. It has extensive capabilities for testing both single-core performance and multi-core scalability, meaning it can accurately measure the performance of both processors and graphics processing units.

AIDA64’s tests are designed to maximize processor utilization and simulate typical workloads, rounding up all the data in helpful charts. This way, it’s easy to compare your system against the competition.


Developed by Primate Labs, Geekbench is a powerful free benchmarking software that works across every platform. It measures the performance of CPUs and graphics card processors, and even dives into the technical minutia of each of their components.

This means that no free tool will go into more detail in its reports on CPU and GPU performance. It also provides you with an array of color-coded graphs for extra easy comparison.

Geekbench even validates its results against a large database of known hardware configurations to provide more accurate data, and lets you compare your scores with thousands of other users around the world. Most free benchmarking software is limited to Windows users, making this a great option for owners of Mac and Android devices.


Developed by MAXON, Cinebench is renowned among computer enthusiasts alike for its accurate and beautifully displayed evaluations of CPUs and GPUs. This free software focuses primarily on measuring a system’s rendering capabilities by integrating with the popular 3D modeling and animation software, Cinema 4D.

To play out this experiment, Cinebench renders a fully fleshed out 3D scene and observes how your computer responds, tracking everything from single-core and multi-core CPU performance to graphics card performance.

Cinebench’s straightforward interface and consistent results have made it a go-to tool for professionals seeking an in-depth analysis of their hardware’s rendering prowess. Professional animators and 3D developers, look no further.

Unleashing the Power of Free Benchmarking Software

Benchmarking software is a critical weapon to have in your arsenal for a ton of reasons. Whether you’re interested in evaluating rendering performance, monitoring system temperatures, or obtaining comprehensive hardware specifications, each of these software solutions offers its own blend of technical capabilities and user-friendly interfaces.

No matter if you’re a business owner who wants to analyze your company’s hardware or a diehard CS:GO entry fragger who wants to game without the slightest lag or glitch, this software is a must-download.

Do you use benchmarking software? Are you happy with the results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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