The Best Multiplayer VR Games

VR games don’t always have to be single-player experiences. Many acclaimed titles you can play on a VR headset are multiplayer games. You can share the experience with friends and family who also use a VR headset.

The Best Multiplayer VR Games

If you’re wondering what the best multiplayer VR games are, there’s no need to look further. Below is our list of excellent games that will keep you entertained for many hours.

The Best Multiplayer VR Games for a Quest 2

Below are some of the best paid multiplayer VR games for Oculus Quest 2. They can primarily be found on Steam.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky wasn’t the most impressive game at launch, and few would deny that the concept behind it was unsound. But the developers did learn their lesson and slowly improved the content. Today, the game is widely enjoyed by the gaming community and hailed as a work of art.

The game is infinitely and procedurally generated. This means the game’s engine randomly creates the planets and life forms. Even the music is cobbled together from presets to create a brand-new piece whenever you go somewhere within the game.

When you decide to play with friends, you can either invite them to your party or join theirs. The game is inherently a multiplayer because each instance contains up to 36 people. However, because the galaxy is enormous, it’s rare to encounter another person.

Fortunately, inviting people to your party is simple. A party can support four players at once, allowing all of you to embark on adventures beyond your imagination.

Because of the procedural generation, it’s impossible to find repeating planets or other objects. Everything is new and ready to be explored. The open-world format means if you see something, you can travel there.

Besides collaboration, you can also choose to play PvP matches. However, you’ll need to head to an arena to do so. But that’s part of the charm of this game – exploring the galaxy with friends.

Payday 2 VR

Players who wonder what it’s like robbing a bank only need to purchase Payday 2. The game was released in 2013, before the popularization of VR headsets. Since that time, the developers have adapted this title to become VR-compatible. This makes robbing banks in the game so much more immersive.

The Payday 2 VR add-on allows players who own headsets to step into the four main characters’ shoes. You can play as Dallas, Wolf, Hoxton, or Chains. These four robbers are headed to Washington DC and ready to rob anything from convenience stores to maximum-security bank vaults.

Besides robbing establishments, players can even mingle with the in-game local community and participate in politics. Criminal assignments are found on CRIME.NET, a fictional website where underworld figures post job listings. The payday crew can pick and choose jobs as they please.

Payday 2 is known for its weapon assortment and customization. This will be heaven for you if you’re a fan of deep weapon tweaking. There are also character skills and perks that are unlocked after successful heists.

Since its 2013 release, Payday 2 has consistently received updates that add content to the game. The player base always contributes ideas to the developers, who listen and consider the cream of the crop.


Horror games can already scare gamers who play using a traditional setup. However, with the advent of VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2, horror titles are now even more immersive than ever. You’ll think the ghost in the headset is actually right in front of you.

Phasmophobia introduces you to the world of psychological horror and the VR element intensifies the experience at least twofold. You can play it with up to three other friends as paranormal investigators checking out haunted locations. The objective is to use specialized equipment for detecting evidence of ghostly traces.

Players either support the team by using CCTV cameras in the truck outside or jump right into the location. As time passes, the ghosts become increasingly hostile.

The developers know what makes a person feel fear. Therefore, Phasmophobia has few UI elements and has pumped more life into realistic graphics and top-tier sound design. Some actions even require players to speak into a microphone.

There are currently 10 ghosts, each with different behaviors and patterns. Knowing them is a crucial step to victory.

Phasmophobia is in early access and is slated to release in late 2022 or early 2023. If you want to enjoy a great scare, you won’t regret getting it.

Pavlov VR

While Payday 2 is already full of customizable guns, it doesn’t have a monopoly on realistic weapons handling. The developers of Pavlov VR know how it feels to reload an assault rifle the correct way. They’ve taken advantage of VR headsets and controllers to create the most satisfying shooting experience.

In Pavlov VR, players must reload their weapons as they would when shooting a genuine firearm. This includes ejecting the magazine, inserting a new one, and cocking to chamber a round before firing. Compared to games like Call of Duty, you feel 10 times more like an actual soldier.

The game currently has four game modes:

  • Gun Game
  • King of the Hill
  • Deathmatch
  • Search and Destroy

You can also hone your marksmanship in the practice range if you’re not feeling confident in your accuracy. With bHaptics and ForceTube haptics support, the gunshots and impact are sent to the devices as feedback. It’s almost as if you’re hit by a bullet or feeling the recoil.

These are optional devices that enhance immersion. However, the standard Quest 2 controllers are perfectly functional.

Besides being available on Steam, Pavlov is also purchasable on the Oculus store where it’s currently called the Pavlov Shack Beta. When the game has its full release, perhaps things will change.

The community-hosted servers and other player-friendly features make Pavlov VR a great game. It’ll satisfy your CoD fix.

The Best Free Multiplayer VR Games for the Quest 2

If you’re not ready to pay for your VR games, here are some free titles you can download now.

A Township Tale

One video game genre that benefits from VR headsets is RPG. Role-playing games are much more immersive as players act as their chosen characters through fine actions with the controllers. A Township Tale is one example of a VR RPG done right.

You start as a newcomer without any items or specializations, but Professions will later become available. They’re this game’s equivalent of classes. For now, Professions don’t have new levels yet, as the game is still in development.

While A Township Tale has several servers, game progress isn’t shared between them. Your items, acts, and other belongings are attached to the server you found them in. You can still play across more than one server as multiple characters.

Death in A Township Tale can be devastating. You lose all items carried on your person, even your backpack. You can respawn and recover the items, but it may be dangerous in challenging areas.

Overall, A Township Tale shows promising gameplay and features. Players can plunge right in or wait until the game fully releases.

Rec Room

While many gamers love a good setting and plot in RPG titles, others prefer to hang out with strangers and friends with the help of VR. Rec Room is a cross-play VR game that lets players socialize in worlds created by the community. If you can dream it, you just might find it in Rec Room.

Millions of rooms are already available, and the player base continues to exercise their creativity. New rooms are released every day. Join them and bring your imagination into virtual reality.

In a room, there can be different game modes to enjoy. Paintball, concerts, or simply hanging out are all there to enjoy. If your friends have VR headsets, they can join you as you explore this digital universe.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is simple. You try to complete eight 18-hole mini-courses that can be replayed in a more challenging mode after unlocking Night Mode.

Nevertheless, the game sports realistic physics that doesn’t make it feel too fictional. It’s not perfect, but you can expect the ball to roll like the real thing.

There are plenty of hidden objects to discover and, best of all, you can play this game with friends. A private room can hold up to five players. You can queue up for 1v1 quick matches if that many players are too overwhelming.

While there are eight courses by default, you can purchase more as DLC. These extra courses have Easter eggs and loads of detail.

You should give Walkabout Mini Golf a chance, as mundane as VR golf may sound. It might be great fun with friends and family.

Is This Real?

These VR multiplayer games let you share the fun with everyone. From shooting games to mini golf, there’s always an option for all gamer types. VR is great for relaxing, swift combat, or terrifying jumpscares, all in an immersive environment. And the technology just keeps improving.

Which of these games have you played? Are there any others you think deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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