The Best Sony TV Right Now

Sony makes some of the best TVs on the market. However, choosing the ideal model that matches your budget without compromising on quality can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, we’re here to help with this review.

The Best Sony TV Right Now

This article takes a look at the six best Sony TVs currently available.

6 Best Sony TV Right Now

Sony differentiates its TVs based on quality, features, and technology. These factors directly correlate with prices – the more advanced, the more you’ll pay. Here are the best Sony TV recommendations.

1. Sony A95K

If you’re ready to break the bank for a TV, Sony A95K is a great choice. This is Sony’s first quantum dot-enhanced OLED TV and displays unbeatable picture quality. It features an HDR color gamut, giving realistic pictures across all content types. Better still, it doesn’t have brightness issues like other OLEDs – it’s bright enough for night and day watching.

Sony A95 K’s versatile design allows you to choose an industrial or minimalist set-up. You can set the TV either front or back of a full-width metal stand.

For gaming purposes, it has two HDMI ports at 120 Hz. Also, it features G-Syncing compatibility, refresh rate, and low latency.


  • Quality sound with a strong dynamic range
  • Ambient optimization pro for tweaking pictures
  • Reduced screen brightness when you’re out of the room.


  • Insufficient gaming inputs
  • Too expensive

2. Sony A95L

When Sony released the A95K in 2022, its stunning features made us hope for an advanced version. Luckily, Sony didn’t disappoint. In 2023, it launched the A95L, which offers better features than its predecessor.

The brightness is two times better, ensuring you don’t struggle to watch in varying light saturations. Too much brightness can cause your TV to overheat, but that’s well taken care of by an in-built heat diffusion panel. You can also expect Acoustic Surface Audio+, which vibrates the screen to emit quality sound.

The TV has received enhancement from a gaming perspective featuring a Dolby Vision. It also has a multi-view where you can use an HDMI input side-by-side with a TV application. On top of that, you have a Bravia cam that allows you to video call from your TV screen.


  • Clean and clear images for any video
  • Improved brightness
  • Better gaming features


  • Only two HDMI ports for gaming purposes
  • Costly for buyers on a budget

3. Sony X95J

Sony X95J is an upgrade of Sony X95H and features an LED screen with dimming features for vibrant colors. Like other LED TVs, it has an additional filter that makes viewing from all angles possible. However, it has low contrast, which reduces the content quality.

Also, it has a Cognitive Processor XR, which makes watching fast-paced movies much better. It analyzes and smoothens data to ensure it remains clear and bright. If you’re a gamer, you’ll find this TV valuable because of its variable refresh rate and low latency.


  • Brightness overcomes glare
  • Low input lag for games
  • Ability to upscale low-quality content


  • Doesn’t support FreeSync
  • Lacks uniformity in dark scenes

4. Sony A90K

If you’re looking for a small TV, Sony A90K might be a good choice as it features a 42 and 48-inch screen. As is typical with OLED TVs, its screen is thin, one-eighth inch, giving it a lightweight that you can handle comfortably. However, the small size doesn’t compromise on important features.

Sony A90K has an HDR of 640 nits, which contrasts well with pure blacks enhancing images like the human eye. Combining this feature with its color gamut, you get natural-looking images.

Even in fast-moving sequences, you can enjoy clear action in slow and fast-moving actions, thanks to the XR OLED motions that reduce blur and latency. Also, you can upscale your content up to 4K quality to restore the lost color details.


  • Ability to upscale low-quality videos
  • A wide range of color collections
  • Natural shades and hues
  • Google Assistant for voice browsing


  • Skewed sound quality at high volumes
  • Small screen unsuitable for gaming
  • Low brightness

5. Sony A90J

Sony A90J OLED is another option if you’re looking for a minimalist TV design to complement your living space. The three models are sized at 55, 65, and 85 inches respectively, have a slim profile, and nearly bezel-less screen drawing your focus to what matters.

This TV features self-emitting pixels which produce deep blacks and vibrant colors, giving you quality images and an immersive viewing experience. Due to its near-infinite contrast ratio, it gives you a perfect HDR brightness but not as bright as LED TVs.

Apart from quality watching features, Sony A90J has a variable response rate and a near-instantaneous response time suitable for gaming.

Additionally, the TV supports Google assistance giving you the flexibility to turn your screen into a speaker and a Google TV.


  • Quality images from any angle
  • Acoustic surface technology for well-balanced audio
  • Smooth motion for video games and sports


  • Brightness is not enough for a perfect HDR experience
  • Low brightness
  • Risk of permanent burn-in

6. Sony X80K

Sony X80K is a mid-level TV for an affordable watching solution. It features direct LED backlighting, resulting in better picture quality blended with Sony’s robust internal processing. Also, it has triluminos pro-color enhancing technology, offering accurate, out-of-the-box pictures with realistic colors.

The audio quality is passable. However, above the 50% mark, it may become distorted. You might need to keep your volume below 50% for a smooth watching experience.

As with other Sony TVs, the Sony X80K watching interface is Google TV, which provides tons of content. Another feature available is a webcam that you can use for making video calls or free-hand gestures.


  • Wide viewing angle with consistent images from all sides
  • SDR peak and reflection handling for reduced light watching
  • Ability to upscale lower-resolution content


  • Poor dark room viewing
  • Low contrast ratio
  • Lack of local dimming
  • Low latency and refresh rate

7. Sony A80K

Sony A80K OLED TV is popular for its 4K HDR quality images, ease of use, and design. Its deep black displays, a wide range of colors, and high contrast make it suitable for watching in well-lit and dark rooms. However, its 700 nits brightness peak isn’t enough to fight a ton of glare compared to competitors in the same price range.

Like other OLEDs, A80K gives you perfect saturation and contrast from all angles. Now you can enjoy your favorite movie from any corner of your room.

Though not perfectly streamlined for gaming, A80K offers gamers some features. It has four HDMI ports, two supporting HDMI 2.1 bandwidth for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Also, it features a variable refresh rate (VRR) to reduce response time and input lags.


  • Excellent color and contrast for natural-appearing images
  • Wide viewing angle allows
  • Ability to increase lower-resolution videos for better viewing


  • Slightly lower brightness for the best HDR experience
  • Insufficient gaming inputs

Elevate Your Home Entertainment

Going for the best TV isn’t negotiable when you want to improve your watching and gaming experience. If you want a Sony TV specifically, make sure you select a model that matches your needs and budget. Remember, though these Sony TVs have similar features, they vary in quality, and you need to evaluate each one carefully.

Which Sony TV are you currently using? Is it a model featured in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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