Hisense TV vs. Sony TV

Recent technological advancements in the TV industry has forced manufacturers to up their games to match new user requirements and preferences. Popular TV brands like Sony and Hisense haven’t been left behind as they try to close the gap between quality and price. For this reason, the battle of brands has been a never-ending feature in today’s technological era. So, which company tops the list regarding Hisense and Sony?

Hisense TV vs. Sony TV

Read on to learn more about each brand to make an informed decision when buying a TV.

Essential Factors to Consider

Though Hisense is relatively new to the industry compared to Sony, it has managed to carve out a solid space for itself within the market. Below are critical aspects to consider when trying to choose between a Sony and Hisense TV.


Cost has always been subject to quality. Most buyers believe that highly-priced TVs feature premium quality. Yet, to acquire high-quality products, you must be ready to part with substantial cash. In the case of Sony and Hisense TVs, products from the former are considerably more expensive.

Branding and advertising are a vital focus of both brands. But Sony’s longevity means it’s already created a solid brand image. However, it still has to constantly venture into heavily funded promotions to solidify its place in the market. For this reason, Sony TVs have a notably higher price range.

On the other hand, most Hisense TVs are reasonably priced . However, since most consumers see Sony as the watermark for high-quality TVs, they’re willing to pay more. But if you’re a budget-conscious buyer, you can still enjoy remarkable quality with Hisense TVs at a reasonable cost.

Brand Reputation

It’s vital that you check feedback and customer reviews for both Sony and Hisense devices before settling on the line you’ll buy. As consumers interact with the company through buying their television sets and receiving aftersales services, they can accurately tell which line offers better services to their clients. To create a solid brand reputation, the companies have had to ensure they are what they sell.

Sony has been in the market for fifty years. This has given it valuable time to learn through its mistakes and advance its product designs to become a coveted and respected brand. Hisense, established in the 90s, is much younger than its predecessors. As a result, they have received complaints from customers who were unhappy with their customer service experience.

Performance and Quality

Consumers will likely be attracted to high-performing and quality products in the market. With this in mind, TV brands focus on adopting and developing new technologies. Sony TVs offer many features that help improve and enhance the customer experience. The 4k Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, Object-based audio, and Smart TV features are excellent examples. All these features ensure that the consumer gets a high-end television.

Hisense televisions also offer the highest level of picture quality with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR10-plus, Dolby Vision HDR technology, Quantum Dot Color (QLED), and Motion Rate processing technology. This provides consumers with fantastic motion clarity and smoothness. Both contain Smart TV features and offer various streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.


Sound is a critical component of TV sets. For that reason, it’s essential that the TV you buy provides quality sound performance. Many brands invest in high-quality sound technology for their devices. This is made possible through the use of built-in speakers and further enhanced by the use of external sound outputs to improve sound quality.

Sony televisions use a variety of sound enhancement technologies. They utilize modern features like Acoustic Multi-audio, Vertical Surround Engine, and ClearAudio Plus. These features help provide a clear and balanced sound, making Sony a go-to choice if you’re looking for the best sound quality on the market.

Meanwhile, Hisense television offers excellent sound quality with advanced audio technology, such as Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TruSurround. The brand also offers optional wireless subwoofer systems, enhancing the set’s audio performance.


TV brands that are in tune with the market create sleek, modern, and stylish designs for their sets. This helps to boost the product’s visual appeal. It also gives the televisions a more premium feel and look. Sony television manufacturers have attained this level of appeal by making their sets stand out through slim bezels, minimalist designs, and high-quality materials for their exteriors. If you’re looking for a TV that will look great in your household, then Sony is a great choice.

Hisense televisions are also famed for their modern and sleek designs. Their TVs boast slim profiles and thin bezels that allow the picture to take center stage for a superior viewing experience. The brand also provides various color settings, from the classic black to unique options like rose gold and blue-grey.

Smart Technology and Connectivity

Hisense is one of the market’s leading Smart TV providers. Their TVs are a formidable option if you’re looking for a device with great connectivity features. The company has invested in technologies like 4K UHD resolution. Hisense TVs also offer excellent cross-platform capabilities with features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which make media sharing easy and convenient.

Unlike Hisense, which features digital TVs, Sony only produces Smart TVs. This equates to a more extensive offering of TVs with better Smart and connectivity options. Apart from the inbuilt Wi-Fi design, Sony TVs also provide support options like Android TV and Apple Airplay 2. All of which enhances the user experience and makes them rank higher in the market.

Warranty Policies

Sony TVs feature one of the best warranty frameworks worldwide. Not only is it longer, but it also covers more aspects. The only limiting factor is that their warranties don’t cover all models. Most of their policies cover a period of one and a half years. For Hisense TVs, all their devices feature a one-year warranty, but it’s not transferable, as is the case for Sony.

TV Screen Size

Most users are interested in creating an incredible entertainment experience in their home. For some, this means buying TVs with large screens. Hisense’s currently holds one of the biggest offerings in the market measuring 120 inches and ranking slightly higher than Sony. If you prefer large displays and want to enjoy brilliant picture quality, then browsing through the Hisense TV line is an excellent idea.

Operating System

Sony TVs typically use the Android TV and Google TV operating systems (OS). They boast an overall user-friendly interface which makes the devices easy to run. The only downside is that it tends to lag at times. Meanwhile, most Hisense TVs use the VIDAA OS after transitioning from the Google and Android TV software. Though this is a Linux-based system, it can run most popular Android apps. Ultimately, it all comes down to the ease of use and system refresh rate. It’s best to test them out at the electronics store before making a decision.

What’s Your Choice?

Choosing between a Hisense and a Sony TV can be overwhelming. Both brands are customer-centric and have created models that boast excellent features. But ultimately, your choice will most likely be determined by your budget. Sony TVs are significantly more expensive than Hisense TVs. But they are typically of higher quality. If money isn’t an issue you should select the best TV brand to suit your needs. However, both companies have an excellent standing in the market, and you’ll hopefully be happy with your choice.

Have you ever bought a Hisense or Sony TV before? If so, what swayed your choice? Let us know in the comments section below.

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You can’t compare Sony to Hisense. Thats rubbish, Sony is Far best

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