Sony TV Remote App for Android

Sony TVs come with various navigation options. The Radio Frequency remote control can tell you where the remote is at any time, and the Infrared (IR) remote control has a physical keypad rather than a digital one. Even the TV’s power button performs more functions than turning the device on and off.

Sony TV Remote App for Android

Since most people have their phones available 24/7, perhaps the most attractive option is using your Android device as a remote. This article will introduce you to Android apps that enable you to control your Sony TV with your phone and explain how to connect it to your TV.

Official Sony TV Remote App

Having a TV remote in your phone can be very handy. Sony Corporation recognized this convenience when it created the official “Video & TV SideView: Remote” app for BRAVIA TVs. This free app allows you to use your Android smartphone or tablet as a remote control. 

The app supports Android version 8.0 and above. It has parental control, interactive elements, your library, and a section displaying currently popular shows. The only requirement is to have your Sony TV and Android device connected to the same Wi-Fi. 

Here’s what you need to do before using your Android device as a remote control for your Sony TV:

  1. Connect your Sony TV to your home Wi-Fi as you usually would.
    Note: Connecting to the internet varies by TV model and network type, so this step will differ for every user. Consult your TV’s “Connecting to the Internet” section for instructions.
  2. Download the “Video & TV SideView: Remote” app on your Android.
  3. Link your Android device to the same network as your Sony TV.

Now, you can focus on the app itself and do the following steps:

  1. Open the “Video & TV SideView: Remote” app on your Android.
  2. Select your country or region.
  3. Press “Agree and Start.”
  4. When asked to enable access to media, tap “Allow.”
  5. Your app should start searching for nearby devices connected to the same network automatically. 
  6. Once the app locates your Sony TV, press “Add Device.”
  7. Tap your Sony TV’s name to start the connection between the two devices.
  8. Press “Allow” to prompt the connection to begin.
  9. Go to “Menu” once the connection establishes.
  10. Choose “Remote.”

Note that some Sony TV models might not support the services and functions of the app. In addition, some features might be restricted to certain countries or regions, but you might be able to bypass that via VPN.

Other Apps for Turning Android Into Sony TV Remote Control

As mentioned, the official Sony TV remote control app might not work in some countries or regions. Fortunately, the internet offers numerous other apps that may work better for your purposes. These apps aren’t affiliated with Sony Corporation but might serve as an excellent alternative to the official app.

They’re relatively similar in terms of features and functions with slightly different designs that some users might find more or less appealing. The following sections will provide an overview of several unofficial Sony TV remote control apps.

Smart TV Remote for Sony TV by Backslash

This Smart TV Remote for Sony TV app lets you connect multiple Sony TVs simultaneously and switch between them. To use the app, you’ll need a smartphone with Android version 4.4 or, connected to the same network as the TV. 

If your phone has an infrared (IR) port and you use an infrared connection, you’ll get the same functionality as with a regular remote. But over Wi-Fi, you might get some additional features like a touchpad, making this the preferable option.

TV Remote for SONY by JaviTech

This app by JaviTech also works over Wi-Fi and through an IR port, supporting most Sony TVs. The app features ads, but those shouldn’t come up too often. It has light and dark modes, easy navigation, and fast setup. You can also control your TV’s picture setup and search and open TV apps with it.

Sony TV Remote by Just Remote Control

If you like the traditional look of TV remote controls but still want the convenience of using your Android, this Sony TV Remote app is the right for you. It gives you the original look of a TV remote and offers identical features.

This app keeps the viewing experience simple and eliminates the confusion of having too many fancy features.

TV Remote for Sony by Spikes Labs

If you are looking for expanded functionality, try the TV Remote for Sony app by Spikes Labs. The list of features seems endless and offers everything from standard remote apps to advanced options like a sleep timer and voice recognition commands.

The app has five million downloads, and for good reason. It’s a unique app supported on Android devices version 4.4 and above, making it available to pretty much everyone with a smartphone.


Can I use Sony remote TV app on Apple devices?

Like for Android devices, Apple devices have numerous available apps for navigating your Sony TV. For example, Remote Control for Sony TVs is a free app that works in multiple languages on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. For Sony BRAVIA TVs, you can use the Bravia Controller.

Can I operate my Sony TV without a remote?

You can control your Sony TVs without a remote and even without using your phone or tablet as the controller. Some TVs have “+,” “-,” and the power button, making navigation easier. But even if you only have the power button, you can easily navigate the options on your TV screen by switching between short and long presses.

Is Sony remote TV app free?

The official Sony TV app is free. As for the other remote Sony TV apps you can find online, some of them are entirely free, while others have free and paid versions offering additional features.

How can I use Android devices besides using them as a remote control for my Sony TV?

Apart from using your Android phone or tablet as a control for your Sony TV, you can also cast your device to the TV with apps like Sony TV Screen Mirroring.

Never Lose Your TV Remote Again

Although most of today’s Sony TV remote controls come with Google Assistant, which helps you locate your controller, there’s still a chance that you might misplace it. Or maybe you’re just scrolling through your phone and don’t want to get up for your remote control that’s out of reach. 

Whichever the case, having a remote control app on your phone comes in handy. In addition, if your remote gets broken, using a free Sony TV remote app saves you the trouble of getting a new one.

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