The Best Tears of the Kingdom Creations

Building is a huge part of the Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) experience. Thanks to exciting new abilities like the Ultrahand, it’s possible to fuse all sorts of items together. This lets you make vehicles, weapons, and more. Naturally, fans have been having a lot of fun with this feature, sharing their amazing creations online for all to see.

The Best Tears of the Kingdom Creations

This article will take a look at some of the best TotK creations so far.

The Best TotK Fan Creations

From robots to tanks, players of TotK have created an array of incredible objects and devices. Hardcore gamers are pushing the limits of the Ultrahand to see what it’s truly capable of, and the results may surprise you. Here are some of the most popular creations shared online.

A Gundam-Style Mech

Imagine roaming the world of Hyrule atop your mega mecha robot. It might sound like cheating, but the Ultrahand makes it possible. TikTok user SoulBanana has given us one of the best examples of this.

Inspired by the world of Gundam, this towering robot is a destructive force on the battlefield. Equipped with the Beam Emitter, it can tear through enemies in seconds. Meanwhile, Link can simply sit on top, safely shielded by a cart.

A Tank

If you need some extra firepower to blast Hyrule’s toughest beasts to smithereens, a tank might come in handy. Users have been sharing various tank designs online, like this one on Reddit, and another creation by Twitter user idonum.

With the right parts, it’s surprisingly easy to put a tank together in TotK. You can equip it with powerful guns and charge across the terrain, shooting anything in your way. It’s the perfect tool for taking out Bokoblin bases and strongholds.

A Trojan Horse

This creation might not be as useful as the others, but it’s still an awesome and hilarious example of what the Ultrahand can do. Twitter user RobFletch1393 made his very own Trojan Horse, inspired by the Ancient Greek legend.

Using nothing but pieces of wood, Rob made a huge horse and positioned it at the edge of a hill. He then used the Ascend ability to climb up and hide inside, letting gravity do the rest as the horse speeds toward an enemy base.

A Satellite Laser

Most TotK players have used the Ultrahand to make weapons, and one Twitter user literally took the concept to the stars. They created a device that can blast off into the sky and fire lasers from above, like a Death Star or sci-fi laser cannon.

In the video, the device is shown obliterating a Flame Gleeok. It takes barely a minute for this multi-headed dragon boss to be defeated. The best part is that Link doesn’t even have to do anything, apart from activating the device. After that, he can simply stand back and let the laser do the hard work.

A Paddle Boat

Weapons aren’t the only things that people have been making in TotK. A lot of creators have also tried to piece together vehicles, allowing them to traverse the air, sea, and land of Hyrule more easily. One user, named Liz_Caingcoy, shared a video of her own paddle boat.

The boat is pretty simple in its design, with a central wooden platform for link to stand on. A pair of huge paddle wheels are positioned on either side, splashing through the water and guiding the boat forward. This is ideal for those who want to sail in style or do some fishing out in the open water.

A Helicopter

The idea of helicopters being a part of the Zelda experience might seem wild, but one Reddit user proved that it’s possible. They made a massive flying machine with a set of huge fan-powered propellers.

With the aid of a Steering Stick, it’s possible to guide this wacky helicopter through the skies. What’s more, the user also equipped their chopper with some offensive capabilities. It holds a cannon for dropping bombs on any bases you encounter.

A Huge Wheel

Here’s another creation from Liz_Caingcoy. This time, it’s a massive wheel with a little platform stuck on the side. Again, the design is rudimentary, but the wheel works super well in action, rolling across the hills and plains of Hyrule at speed.

In addition, this vehicle is pretty efficient. It doesn’t use too much energy in motion. The only problem is that it’s quite weak. If you roll up on the wrong creatures, the whole thing could get smashed to pieces.

A Dog-Petting Device

Whenever dogs appear in games, gamers always have one question: can you pet the dog? Well, sadly for canine fans, a lot of dogs in TotK are not able to be pet. However, one pup-loving player decided to do something about that.

Twitter user JonComms shared his very own dog-petting device. It consists of a Bokoblin Arm attached to a long, extendable pole, which reaches out to pet various furry friends. This just proves how creative you can be when working with the Ultrahand. It can make almost anything you can think of.


How do you create vehicles and weapons in TotK?

You’ll need the Ultrahand if you want to copy any of the creations listed in this guide, or design your own. The Ultrahand is a new ability for TotK which is used to essentially glue or fuse things together. Fortunately, you unlock Ultrahand early on in the game when you complete the Ukouh Shrine in the tutorial.

Where can I find more of the best TotK creations?

Many gamers are sharing their TotK creations online on social media sites and video platforms. Reddit groups like the Hyrule Engineering Club are filled with exciting and original creations. Many players also share what they’re working on via Twitter or YouTube.

Is it hard to make things in TotK?

It depends on what you want to make. The game provides a tutorial for using the Ultrahand, which should help you learn the basics. From there, you can experiment with different objects you find in the world, joining them together in various ways. Creating complex vehicles takes time and skill, but you can improve through practice or follow online tutorials.

TotK Creators Are Just Getting Started

Legend of Zelda fans have made some extraordinary things with Ultrahand, even though the game hasn’t been out too long. With more time and creativity, there will surely be even more wonderful and wacky creations. If you’ve got an idea, jump into the game and use the Ultrahand to bring it to life.

Have you experimented with the Ultrahand? Do you know of any crazy creations that weren’t included in this list? Share your favorites in the comments section.

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