The Best Tears of the Kingdom Builds

The “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” brings a variety of choices when it comes to building vehicles or machines used in the game. All over Hyrule, resources and Zonai devices can be found and used to help you travel, cross rough terrain and water, carry items, fly, explore dangerous regions such as The Depths, etc.

The Best Tears of the Kingdom Builds

This article outlines the best builds in “Tears of the Kingdom” and their particular uses and attributes.

Best Builds in Tears of the Kingdom

In “TotK,” a build can refer to a customized player creation or a particular setup of a combination of gear, devices, and strategies to cross obstacles, defeat enemies, or reach unapproachable areas. Moreover, these builds help the player enhance their gameplay while at the same time rewarding the player for mastering it.

Human-Like Robot

Finding a human-like robot or a “Synthroid” can help players to complete their missions. Robots can imitate human behavior, emotions, and activities, often indistinguishable from humans. Furthermore, a player can select a “Synthroid” for their partner, and the robot will make progress in the game much more accessible. These robots can navigate the land without anyone’s help which can be very useful.

Hoverbike MKII

One of the vehicles that help a player move quickly throughout the vast land of Hyrule is Hoverbike MKII. This powerful vehicle can bounce and move swiftly. They have sensors to help players reveal hidden paths and uncover and locate rare items.

The hoverbike looks like a bicycle, made with Zonai fans, with fans pointing at the ground so the vehicle levitates. The player stands between the two fans and can steer the vehicle in different directions.

Infinite Height Ladder

The ladder is a unique build in “TotK.” Players must be cautious when using this device since it is easy to fall off, not to mention the precision and timing needed to utilize it. It’s advantageous when climbing a high mountain or areas hard to reach.

The Doohickey

The Doohickey looks like a vehicle, but it’s not recommended for traveling long distances since it would take a while to get to the desired destination. The Doohickey’s abilities can range from summoning creatures to helping you in combat to using the power of ice. Its skills depend on the location.

This build looks like a raft with four wheels. Two wheels help the raft move while the other two carry the paddle.

Caged Death

Unlike other builds, the Caged Death is used in combat as a trap for enemies. If they approach the Caged Death, they will be hit with spikes, spinning blades, and explosive traps. The machine explodes when the enemy enters the cage, bursting into flames.

Wing Launcher

This flying vehicle is game-changing. With it, players can fly over high mountains and explore less accessible areas in Hyrule. The “Wing Launcher” also flies faster and travels longer distances.

Moreover, a player can upgrade or combine this vehicle with other materials for better use. This way, you can spend more time airborne. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to the timing upon taking off – you need to jump at the precise moment to reach maximum length. Likewise, players need to pay attention when landing to avoid taking any damage.


The truck vehicle is handy for traveling through the map, especially in rough and less accessible areas. It can carry items and help you move around faster while bearing weight.

The “TotK” truck is made entirely of wooden planks found in Hyrule, apart from a steering wheel and four wheels that move the vehicle. More importantly, the vehicle helps explore The Depths, which have always caused problems for players. This dark region has proved daunting for many an explorer, but you can easily explore the subregion and avoid the dangerous gloom just by adding light to the front of the vehicle.

Horse Wagon

You must attach a horse to a wagon you created to use this vehicle. Using wood and planks near a road is recommended for this task. Furthermore, this vehicle is one of the most beneficial, as there’s no need for Zonai fans to power it. Because the horse provides the power, you don’t have to worry about battery drain.

An equally important usage of the horse wagon is transporting Koroks to their friends. If you didn’t know, one of the ways to get Korok Seeds is to help a Korok find a friend. This task becomes much easier and faster to complete with the wagon.

Hot-Air Balloon

The hot-air balloon should be familiar to “TotK” players since the unfinished air balloon can be seen at the Skyview Tower in Lookout Landing. Making it work is simple since you only need to power it with fire. The best item for this is Flame Emitter or a torch.

Sooner or later, players will need to get even higher than the Skyview Towers, or a paraglider can take them. This is where the usage of a hot-air balloon becomes beneficial.


A monocycle can be created with the “Autobuild” ability. It’s pretty helpful in exploring The Depths since it has two lights in the front. Instead of wasting “Brightbloom Seeds,” you can travel around The Depths with monocycle. Items needed to make this vehicle are a steering device, two lights, a stabilizer, and a small wheel.

The monocycle is not great on rough terrain but is a good alternative when you’re too far from your horse.

Beam Cycle

This type of motorcycle is steadier than a monocycle since it has wooden beams on each side of the cycle. Moreover, it’s called the “Beam Cycle” since a beam emitter is attached to the front of the vehicle. With this laser, you can shoot enemies in from of you. Its schematic can be rebuilt quickly with the “Autobuild” ability, and its materials are not hard to find.

Bolt Boat

This vehicle for traveling across a large body of water is schematic for the “Autobuild” ability. It’s used not only for traveling but also for defeating enemies in the water. The “Bolt Boat” travels at high speed while electrifying enemies in the water with a bolt emitter.

This vehicle’s schematic can be acquired at the Abandoned Lanayru Mine after the third time killing Kohga.

Bombing Plane

As a rather complicated build, the “Bombing Plane” is useful when fighting tricky enemies like the Battle Talus. With the “Bombing Plane,” you can damage your enemies from the safety of the air. It needs many materials, but it can be custom-made if you have base elements. Essentially, you need to build a plane with a “Construct Head” and two cannons pointing downwards on each side.

Build Vehicles and Machines for Easier Gameplay

In “TotK,” Link’s new abilities like “Ultrahand and “Autobuild” are used for multiple things, including building vehicles for faster and easier exploring Hyrule. This is just a sampling of the types of builds you can create in your game, and the possibilities are limitless.

Have you tried making customized vehicles in “TotK?” Let us know in the comments section below.

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