How to Power Zonai Fans in Tears of the Kingdom

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” uses another familiar item – the Zonai device. Although not as prevalent in “Breath of the Wild,” “Tears of the Kingdom” has found new ways to utilize this mechanic.

How to Power Zonai Fans in Tears of the Kingdom

There are many different Zonai devices in Hyrule, one of which is a Zonai Fan. The fan helps you cross the map much faster when attached to a transport.

Read on to learn more about Zonai Fans, their power usage, where to get them, and how to use them.

Powering Zonai Fans With Energy Cells

Powering Zonai Fans are fairly straightforward in “Tears of the Kingdom.” All you need to do is have an Energy Cell in your inventory. The Energy Cell works like a battery and powers the Zonai Fan. If you have the Energy Cell, you don’t need to activate anything. When you are close to a Zonai device, it will power it autonomously.

Since Energy Cells are crucial for powering fans, knowing where to get them is essential. You will receive them from a Steward Construct at the beginning of the game after you finish the In-isa Shrine during the quest “Great Sky Island– Find Princess Zelda and The Closed Door.”

However, the fan will power down and stop working if the battery runs out. This is why you need to have Zonai Charges.

How to Use Zonai Charges

You’re introduced to Zonai Charges early in the game. As you start exploring Hyrule, you encounter some standard monsters like Constructs, who drop these items after you defeat them.

Energy Cells powered with Zonai Charges have a refillable battery. To give the battery a top-up, follow these steps:

  1. Click the plus icon “+” on the controller to the Inventory.
  2. Find the Materials tab.
  3. Choose “Zonai Charge.”
  4. Click “Use” to charge the Energy Cells.

The battery icon will appear on the screen, and you can see the remaining power. If it’s needed, you can use another charge.

Using the Zonai Device Dispenser

Zonai Charges can also be used at a Zonai Device Dispenser to obtain more Zonai devices. These dispensers are scattered across the land, and they are easily noticeable. They look like a pedestal with round objects on top.

You can get different types of devices, from fans to portable pots. If you remember your tutorial on the Great Sky Island, you’ll probably remember seeing them.

To use the Dispensers, you can walk up to it, press the “A” button to drop the Zonia Charge and wait for orbs to pop out. The number of devices you receive is random, so inserting multiple Zonai Charges for the biggest drop is a good idea.

Locations of Zonai Device Dispensers

If you are looking for a particular Zonai Device, you should know exactly where to find it. Even though Dispensers drop random items, specific locations always drop certain items. These are the Zonai Device Dispensers locations:

  • Aurora Island
  • Courage Island
  • Southern Hyrule Sky Islands
  • Great Sky Island
  • Western Hateru Sky Islands
  • Thunder Island
  • WellSpring Island
  • Minakkare Sky Island
  • Ichikara Village

Since you’re looking for a fan, the locations where you can find them are Courage Island, Great Sky Island, or Thunder Island. Likewise, Water Spring Island and Ichikaga Village are great places to visit if you’re looking for electric fans.

Even though the Dispenser may drop fans, it doesn’t mean you’ll get them in these locations every time. To ensure a Dispenser has Zonai Fans, you can hover over the map and see if they have fans in their inventory. Additionally, there are some Dispensers that guarantee this drop, such as:

  • The Taunhiy Shrine Device Dispenser
  • The Kadaunar Shrine Device Dispenser
  • The Gutanbac Shrine Device Dispenser
  • The Nachoyah Shrine Device Dispenser
  • The Igoshon Shrine Device Dispenser

Each Dispenser only has five fans at a time, so you might need to return or visit a different Zonai Dispenser for more fans.

How to Use Zonai Fans

To use a fan in “Tears of the Kingdom,” all you need to do to activate it is to strike it with your weapon. However, you run the risk of breaking your weapon. A better alternative to start the fan is to use a ranged attack like a bow and arrows.

The fan starts spinning when activated, blowing air in a particular direction. If you want the fan to stop, hit it again. The vital thing to know is that there are short cooldowns between activations, so there is no need to switch the fan unnecessarily.

Different Zonai Fan Usage

The fans are best used for traveling. You can use “Ultrahand” to make a raft to cross a river or lake. You can also attach it to a different object and make an aircraft. When flying with a fan, you need to turn the stick downwards. Your controls will affect where the fan will blow.

Another creative usage for fans is to attach it to your sword with the “Fuse” ability. On a shield or a sword, enemies will be pushed back, possibly taking fall damage, depending on the environment.

Korok Frond Fan

If you can’t find a Zonai Fan to power your creation, there’s an alternative in “Tears of the Kingdom.” The Korok Frond Fan is made from branches and Korok Frond. While Zonai Fans are used to boost a vehicle’s speed, Korok Frond fans are used to manipulate the wind.

To build this particular fan, you need to know the “Fuse” ability and to have tree branches and Korok Frond. These materials are typically found in the forest areas of Hyrule. The easiest way to find them both quickly is to look outside the In-isa Shrine.

Ensure You Always Have Fans and Charges

Zonai Fans are essential in “Tears of the Kingdom.” They can be used for various things. With fans on particular vehicles, you can cross a large portion of the map quickly, and with fans on your weapons, you can defeat multiple enemies easier. However, fans don’t work non-stop and will eventually run out of batteries. Therefore it’s also important that you always have enough Zonai Charges to purchase new devices and Energy Cells to replenish batteries.

Have you discovered new ways to use fans in “Tears of the Kingdom”? Have you tried making the Korok Frond Fan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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