The Best YouTube Music Client

If you’d prefer listening to YouTube music without interruptions from ads, play songs in your phone’s background, and download music into mp3 format, you may want to try a YouTube music client.

The Best YouTube Music Client

YouTube is many people’s go-to platform for streaming their favorite music. There’s a wealth of music genres, playlists, live performances, and more. Check out these YouTube Music client options for a great YouTube experience without all the pesky YouTube app drawbacks.

YouTube Music Apps for Android

There are so many Android YouTube music player apps it can be challenging to settle on one. That’s why we’ve selected a few of the best free apps around.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a Google app that allows you to listen to YouTube music for free. You can create new playlists and listen to other people’s playlists. To play the music in the background, though, you have to get a premium Red version. This is also the case if you don’t want any ads or to download music. Another drawback is that it’s not available in some countries. Regardless, the app boasts great reviews and has an appealing interface.

Advantages of using YouTube Music:

  • Find new music quickly
  • Select moods or genres
  • Combines music on your phone with its library
  • Choose to either listen to just audio or watch a video
  • As you interact, Google collects data and provides recommendations


YMusic is super popular, with over 15 million downloads. Because it allows you to download YouTube songs (and in different formats), which is against Google’s terms of service, it’s not available to download on Play Store. The YMusic app lets you listen to your YouTube tunes even when your screen is switched off.

Advantages of using YMusic:

  • Play your music in the background of your phone
  • Download music straight to your phone
  • Save the downloads in various formats
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Add favorites and create playlists

FlyTube APK

FlyTube APK is a fabulous YouTube music client that gives you access to every YouTube song within its library. One of its best features is that the YouTube video will play in a small floating window. This window can be shifted around your phone screen or placed in the background if you find that annoying. In the app’s setup options, you can select whether you’d like the small window to be fitted to the screen edges, or you can manually adjust its size. The small window can be maximized with just a tap. FlyTube APK plays YouTube videos even when your phone’s screen is switched off.

Advantages of using FlyTube APK:

  • Play music and do other things simultaneously
  • Gives you access to all YouTube music
  • Share videos on various platforms straight from the app
  • Don’t need Google Play Services to run the app
  • Doesn’t drain your battery or eat up storage


NewPipe is a lightweight, Freeware Open Source YouTube music client with a frontend YouTube interface. It’s run without Google Play Services or any Google API. This app is ideal for low-end Android users with limited power.

Advantages of using NewPipe:

  • Runs without Google Play Services
  • Play music in your phone’s background
  • Create playlists
  • Download audio and video in various resolutions
  • Play videos in a pop-up while multitasking
  • Takes up low storage space

YouTube Music Apps for iPhone

Finding YouTube music player apps for iPhone isn’t as easy as for Android. The selection is limited, as iPhone keeps things tight. But we’ve found a few with excellent features and decent reviews that do the job well.


Musi is a long-running free YouTube music app for iPhone and Mac users. You can also listen to podcasts on it, and it plays even when you lock your screen. It’s most popular with people not keen on paying for Apple Music or Spotify. One drawback of using Musi to listen to YouTube music is that it’s not ad-free, and you’d have to pay to get rid of the ads.

Advantages of using Musi:

  • Manage your favorites
  • Bookmark songs
  • Share with friends
  • Create infinite playlists
  • Stream on an Airplay-enabled device
  • In-built equalizer, that can fine-tune audio
  • Control Musi via your stereo, car, and more

Music Tube

Music Tube is an iOS YouTube music app that allows you to play millions of songs, create playlists, organize, and share music with your friends for free. You can search for songs within the app, and the featured and trending playlists are updated often. This app also allows you to play YouTube music in the background of your phone and is Siri and Apple Carplay-supported.

Advantages of using Music Tube:

  • High-quality playback for audio and video
  • Audio or video for YouTube songs
  • Change the app’s appearance to light or dark

YouTube ++ IPA

YouTube++ IPA is a great YouTube music app for iOS with a plethora of valuable features such as promotion and ad-blocking. This lets you watch your YouTube songs with no interruptions, have enhanced control, and adjust the default playback settings like video quality, speed, and much more. Like other YouTube music-playing apps, YouTube++ IPA also lets you play your YouTube videos in the background as you use other apps. And you can download YouTube videos directly onto your iOS device and watch them anytime offline.

Advantages of using YouTube++ IPA:

  • Extract and save the audio file as an mp3
  • Set a specific tab as default to be displayed on launch
  • Has an in-app website browser
  • Customize the time for forwarding and rewinding controls
  • Remove age restrictions
  • Auto replay YouTube videos
  • Keeps a list of all downloaded files

Get a YouTubier YouTube

Using the official YouTube app has significant drawbacks, like being unable to save the music to your phone or play it in the background while using other apps. Then there’s the ads. This is where third-party YouTube music player apps come in handy.

A third-party app lets you download songs to your phone, either as videos or mp3s, browse the web, create playlists, play YouTube music in the background of your phone even when your screen is switched off, and more. One of these apps’ most common features is that they’re ad-free.

Which YouTube music app is your go-to? What feature about it do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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