How To Block Specific Subreddits

Reddit, also known as the front page of the internet, is one of the biggest and most frequented sites on the internet. Like all other sites with user-generated content, it has its fair share of not-so-appropriate content. So what to do when an unsavory post gets upvoted and appears on your r/all list?

Back in the day, blocking subreddits that weren’t your cup of tea was a piece of cake. Nowadays, Reddit users need to dig deeper to reclaim the sovereignty of their r/all feeds.

The Way Things Used to Be…

Back in the day before Reddit got a total makeover, users could filter their feeds pretty easily. Blocking specific subreddits was a piece of cake, with the option readily available on the r/all page. All you needed to do to get a bothersome subreddit off your feed was enter its name into the search box labeled filter subreddit, click the + icon – and you’d be done.

Old Site Filter Reddits Search

However, in 2018, after more than 12 months of development and testing, Reddit rolled out the redesigned site. It was the first major visual overhaul of the site in more than a decade. With the new design came the sleeker graphics and some other changes. The r/all page lost the filter subreddit search box.

Reddit Today

At the time of this writing, Reddit’s default view is the new one. However, nostalgic users can switch back to the old view that’s moved to All the new posts are being posted there for the time being. If you register an account on the new site, you’ll be able to use it on the old site, as well.

The old site is just the way it was before the redesign, including the filter subreddit search box on the r/all page. You can test it and type in the name of a subreddit you’d like to banish from your feed. It will disappear from your old Reddit feed. However, the subreddit you block on the old site won’t be blocked on the new one.

R All Today

Therefore, it might seem that the users of the new Reddit site are left helpless against the subreddits they don’t want in their feeds. However, that’s not entirely true. Let’s see how you can banish the unwanted communities from your r/all feed.

How to Block Subreddits Nowadays

With the filter subreddit search box gone from the feed, there’s pretty much nothing a regular user can do to expel the unwanted content that’s been upvoted by the community. This is true for the desktop version of the site and for the native mobile apps.

But, not all is lost for those who don’t want to use third-party apps and extensions – they can switch to Reddit Premium. The premium version of the site or app, depending on the platform you’re using, will allow you to block specific subreddits from the r/all feed.

To upgrade to Premium membership, click on the little downward-facing triangle next to your avatar (upper-right corner of the browser window) and then click on the User Settings option. Next, click on the Reddit Premium tab and click the Get Premium link. Click on the Get Reddit Premium button on the next page and select your payment option. Follow the rest of the instructions.

Get Reddit Premium

When you’ve completed the upgrade, go to the r/all page and start slamming the block hammer. The process is largely the same as on the old version of Reddit.

Native Mobile Apps

When it comes to blocking specific subreddits, mobile users are out of luck, just like their desktop/laptop comrades. There’s no option to use block hammer on either the Android or iOS version of the Reddit app. What they can do is upgrade to Reddit Premium and use their computer browser to weed out the unwanted subreddits.

To upgrade via mobile, download and install the Reddit app. Launch the app from the Home screen of your device. Tap on your avatar (it is in the upper-left corner on Android) and tap on the Reddit Premium tab. Tap on the Get Premium button and follow the instructions.

Reddit Homepage Android

Aside from the ability to block subreddits, a Premium membership will allow you to buy Reddit Gold, the onsite currency you can use in interaction with other users and their content. Finally, Reddit will stop showing you ads. The monthly fee is $5.99, and once bought, Reddit Premium will be available on all devices you use.

Third-Party Solutions

If you want to reclaim your r/all feed but you’re reluctant to pay Reddit your hard-earned money, you can use one of several browser extensions. Our favorite is the Reddit Enhancement Suite. The app is available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

RES Home Page

For the purposes of this article, we’ve used the Google Chrome version. What’s best about this extension is that there are numerous tips and tutorials on how to use it on Reddit. Download and install the extension. Now, let’s see how to hide a troublesome subreddit from your r/all feed.

  1. Open your browser. Go to
  2. Click on the RES extension button. A drop-down menu will appear. (If you’re in chrome you click the button that looks like a puzzle piece then click the three dot icon next to the RES extension)
  3. Click on the Options. Depending on the version you might see a cog icon. Click on it.
  4. Reddit’s Enhancement Suite’s page will open up. Click on the filteReddit tab in the menu on the left side underneath the Subreddits category.
  5. Toggle the filteReddit (filteReddit) option on.
  6. Scroll down the page and customize your blocked Subreddit settings.
  7. Check the +add filter button in the lower-left corner of the box titled Subreddits.
  8. Enter the subreddit you’d like to see no more.

If there are other subreddits you want to block, repeat steps 8 and 9. When you’re done, scroll up and click on the Save options button.

Stand Your Ground

With the new layout and design, Reddit decided to claim the r/all feed. However, users not willing to take whatever’s served on the feed can still reclaim their independence from Reddit’s algorithm. Available options include paying for the Premium membership and installing third-party apps.

What are your experiences with unsavory content on Reddit? How do you go about it? Do you report posts and posters or do you block entire subreddits? Tell us more in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “How To Block Specific Subreddits”

Nog says:
I have received notifications from subreddit r/brasil on my phone without even following them, what is posted in this community is not in my interest, it bothers me a lot to look at my phone in the morning is to be forced to see this kind of crap, I give up on reddit .
Alex says:
There really should be a way to do this without paying for reddit premium. It’s hard to support this site when so many useful features are hidden behind a paywall.

r/all would be so much better without having to see posts from r/actualpublicfreakouts, seriously I hate that subreddit with a burning passion

Roke Julian Lockhart Beedell says:
It’s awful that they’ve specifically migrated features to Reddit Premium for the redesign.
Grav says:
I have tried this extension multiple times and it only works on and does not and will not (creator’s words) function on the normal reddit. Don’t bother if you aren’t a old reddit user.
Yougotit12 says:
What i had to do to block was use certain formats for the name. So to block a racist site like r/randomactsofamazon i had to put random_acts_of_amazon and Reddit rook that. To block a different racist sub that was harrassing me, I put randomactsofkindness. Do it just depends. If you don’t want to use Reddit premium or a third party app what you need to do is, go to then at the top of the page towards the left, go to all. Then on the right hand side look for showing subs in r/all except the following. There is a search bar that lets you enter the subreddit’s name. When you put the correct format if the name, and click the button it will block the sub. If you are not sure of the format of the name go to the sub and look at a post, it will show how the format of the sub name looks and that is what you enter. Hope this helps.
Kevin says:
What format do I use for the subreddit name? Like r/roastme or just roastme?
Atanas says:
I’d like to know the same thing. The extension seems to be working on and off very irregularly.

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