How to Block Websites on Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire allows you to have full control over the content that’s accessible via the device. Aside from websites, you can also block or remove specific apps as well as online purchases through the Amazon Store.

How to Block Websites on Kindle Fire

This is why many parents choose the Kindle Fire as a safe inexpensive tablet that can be used for educational purposes. But how do you block websites on this device?

The trick is in setting up a password and Parental Controls to limit the device’s accessibility or block all websites. Keep reading to find out more.

Setting Up Parental Controls

It’s worth noting that Parental Controls give you an entire suite of options to block and restrict online content. We’ll focus on blocking websites, but also discuss other security tips and tricks along the way.

Step 1

Access the Fire’s Settings bar by swiping down from the top of the screen. Hit the More icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select Parental Controls to enter the menu.

parental controls on

Step 2

First, you need to enable Parental Controls by tapping on the “On” button. Now, the Kindle Fire asks you to “Create Parental Controls Password”. Type the password in the Enter Password bar and confirm your choice by re-entering the password in the Confirm Password bar. Hit Finish once you’re done.

Expert Tip: Make your password case sensitive and use a combination of letters and numbers. Otherwise, your child might outsmart you and quickly figure out the password.

Step 3

Next, enter the Parental Controls menu and select “Block and Unblock Content Types.” This allows you to choose the services you’d like to block.


One of the limitations is that you can’t enter a specific URL, but choose only from the available list which includes social media sites, streaming services, etc. Either way, you tap on the “Unblock” button next to the website/service you’d like to restrict.

Step 4

With this out of the way, you can tap the arrow to return to the Parental Controls menu. Then tap the “Blocked” button next to Web Brower to prevent access to all websites. This action also removes the Web option from the Fire’s main menu bar.

Admittedly, this might be a bit of an overkill, but the tablet can still be used for educational purposes with apps and services that you didn’t block.

Important Note: These steps work on Kindle Fires that run on 10.2.4 Amazon Fire OS or later. The options are also available on older firmware but the layout and verbiage might be different.

The FreeTime App

The FreeTime app could be the best solution to fine-tune Parental Controls, block websites, and keep track of your child’s browsing habits. Plus, the app includes pre-programmed protections against unsafe browsing, based on the child’s age.

The only limitation is that FreeTime is only available on newer Kindle Fires. But it wouldn’t hurt to know how to set it up even if you’re using an older device.

Step 1

Tap the Home tab, select FeeTime, then tap “Add a Child” to initiate the set-up process. You’ll be prompted to include the child’s name, age, gender, and profile picture. Once finished, hit Continue to fine-tune the restrictions.

Cute Addition: The initial set-up window offers themes that fit your child’s age. Tap on the age-appropriate theme and it will affect the overall appearance of the device’s UI.

Step 2

At this point, you get to “Add Kid-friendly Content” and select the videos, apps, games, and audible your child has access to. Each category features content and apps that Amazon perceives as age-appropriate. Of course, you can add or remove them as you deem fit.

Step 3

Finally, there’s the option to limit or blocks access to websites. Amazon offers you default filters that can be applied without blocking the browser.

Tap Web Settings in the FreeTime menu and choose “Limit Web Content”. From there on, you can pick and choose which sites to restrict.

Note: As indicated, the content categories you block will no longer be available in the main menu bar. For example, when you block website the Web tab becomes grey and you can’t click on it.

kindle fire

Amazon Pre-Approved Content

Amazon considers Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Science Bob, and a few other websites as child-friendly and these are approved by default. However, there is an option to remove them.

Select “Manage Web Content” within the FreeTime app and navigate to the Settings tab. Swipe to Amazon Curated Content and tap on the button next to “Enable Pre-Approved Content” to disable the default websites.

If you wish, there’s an option to block cookies as well, but both of these actions are optional.

Disabling Purchases

Whichever website or app you decide to block, it’s also important to disable the purchases. Otherwise, your child will still be able to access the Amazon Store and download content and apps that might not be appropriate.

The “Password Protect Purchases” feature is in the Parental Controls main menu, just make sure that it’s on.

“You Can’t Access This Website”

As you can see, blocking websites on the Kindle Fire is pretty straightforward. There are menus to navigate and buttons to tap, but when it’s all done, you’ll have peace of mind that your child isn’t abusing the device.

Are there any particular websites you’d like to block? Why do you want to block those sites? Share your experience with the rest of the TechJunkie community in the comments section below.

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