How to Get Enma in Blox Fruits

If you’re an avid Blox Fruits player, you understand that good weapons are needed to complete quests, fight battles, and defeat enemies. The most common weapons you can use in the game include guns, Blox Fruits, and swords. Having swords in the game is particularly helpful because, apart from fighting, you can also use them to grind fruits.

How to Get Enma in Blox Fruits

One of the most powerful swords in the game is the legendary Enma, also called the Yama.

In this article, you’ll learn the requirements you must fulfill to obtain the Enma sword and the process you must follow. So, keep reading to find out more.

How to Get the Enma in Blox Fruits

The Enma is a legendary sword in Blox Fruits inspired by the Yama sword from the popular anime, One Piece. It was introduced to the game with the 15th update, and word has it that it’s possessed by a demon. It is one of the game’s most destructive swords, especially if combined with other weapons. You can combine it with the legendary sword, Tushita, to form one of the deadliest weapons in the game, called the Cursed Dual Katana.

Below is a detailed breakdown of all the steps you need to follow to retrieve the Enma sword.

Meet Up With the Elite Hunter NPC

The first step in acquiring the Enma sword is to go to the castle on Sea Island and find the Elite Hunter. He will give you some quests to complete. If he doesn’t have tasks when you talk to him, he will ask you to return after 10 minutes.

He’s likely to ask you to go to Hydra Island to defeat Elite Pirates such as Diablo, Deandre, Urban, and many others. Elite NPCs are Level 1,750 Bosses.

Of the three, Deandre is the hardest to tackle because he uses long-range attacks and possesses a Magna with very high damage. Many players consider Diablo the easiest to defeat because he only uses dimensional slash when an attacker is far from him.

All of the Elite Pirates have a spawn time of 10 minutes.

You have to be very fast in execution because other players can defeat the assigned Elite NPC before you do. If this happens, you must wait another 10 minutes before the Elite Hunter gives you another set of Elite NPCs to kill. The good news, though, is you won’t spend much time hunting down these Elite Hunters because he will give you their locations.

Please note that the minimum number of Elite NPCs you must kill to be able to pull out the Enma sword is 20. However, this relatively low number will give you fewer chances of pulling out the weapon. If you want to increase your chances of pulling the sword, aim for at least 27 Elite Pirates, if not 30, defeats under your belt. Killing 30 Elite NPCs gives you a 100% chance of pulling the Enma, and 27 kills up your chances by 70%.

On a side note, you can ask Lunoven to reward you with the Pretty Helmet accessory once you kill five Elite NPCs.

Go to the Secret Temple

Once you have killed all the required Elite Pirates, you don’t have to return to the Elite Hunter because he keeps tabs on all of them. You can simply check progress on how many Elite NPCs you have killed to know if the task is complete.

Once you complete the task, head straight to the Third Sea and go to Hydra Island. Proceed to the waterfall and head to the Secret Temple. To enter the temple, pass through the cave and destroy the door using Instinct Break moves such as Acidium Rifle’s Z and Dark Blade’s Z.

Kill All the Guardians

In the temple, you will encounter the guardians of the sword, who will try to stop you. Kill all of them to proceed. Once you’re done, you can proceed to the next step.

Pull the Enma Sword Out

Now that you have taken down all the guardians, it’s time to get your reward. Pull out the sword by clicking on it four times.

If you followed the above steps correctly, including killing at least 30 Elite NPCs, you should receive a message that the sword has accepted you as its new owner. If you’re too weak to pull out the sword or did not complete all of the above requirements, you will receive a message saying that the weapon has a curse on it, and if you continue, you might die. The message might also tell you you’re not worthy of the sword.

Once you have acquired the Enma sword, you will receive the title of Demon Mode, which is highlighted in red.

How to Use the Enma Sword

The Enma sword has two moves. These include:

Hellish Slash

To make this move, press the Z key. You will also need to have 150 Mastery. As your character follows the movement of the mouse pointer, they will unleash a spinning attack on the opponent, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Internal Hurricane

To make this move, press the X key. You will also need to have 300 Mastery. Your character will follow the mouse pointer and use a dash attack with red lightning around it.

Advantages of the Enma Sword

  • Both of its moves boast good mobility.
  • It is a suitable choice for players who want to travel.
  • The Internal Hurricane is decent at stunning opponents.
  • It combines well with other weapons leading to higher damage output.
  • All the moves have a shorter cooldown time making them easy to spam.
  • It is easier to obtain than legendary swords like the Tushita and the Saber.

Disadvantages of the Enma Sword

  • You have to kill a whooping 30 Elite NPCs to obtain the sword.
  • While its damage is relatively high, it is considered very low compared to other swords at the Second and Third Seas.
  • Its moves require higher Mastery compared to other swords.
  • Hellish Slash has a poor hitbox making it hard to hit if it is transformed with the Buddha version 2.

How to Upgrade Enma in Blox Fruits

The original Enma is an able weapon in its own right. However, it can do so much more if you upgrade it. To do so, you must talk to the blacksmith to bring the sword to its full potential. He will ask for six Leathers and 20 Mini Tusks. This upgrade increases the sword’s damage by 10%.

Additional FAQs

Which two katanas are cursed in Blox Fruits?

The two cursed swords in Blox Fruits are the Enma and the Tushita. You can easily acquire the mighty Cursed Dual Katana with these two weapons.

Which player is the Enma sword best suited for?

The Enma sword suits players with good timing and aiming skills.

How long does it take to kill 30 Elite NPCs?

It is hard to tell how long it will take to kill 30 Elite NPCs because the duration depends on your skills and speed. At a minimum, you’ll spend around five hours, and that is if you find all of them immediately and take them down in under a minute.

How do I get the Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits?

To get the Cursed Dual Katana, you must retrieve the Tushita and the Enma and bring them above 350 Mastery. You should also be above Level 2,200 and complete the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle.

The Cursed Dual Katana is among the most potent weapons in the game, and it can cause significant damage to your enemies and opponents. This strength is attributed to the fact that the weapon draws power from both the Enma and the Tushita.

Is the Enma sword better than the Tushita?

Not necessarily. Both Tushita and Enma sword have their own unique abilities. The two blades both have high damage and fast attacks. However, when it comes to PvP, the Tushita is more fierce.

What’s the difference between the Enma and the Yama?

There’s no difference between Enma and Yama because they are the same weapon with two different names.

Where are the Elite NPCs located?

Elite NPCs are scattered across the Third Sea and can be found on several of its islands, including the Port Island, the Hydra Island, the Great Tree Island and the Floating Turtle Island. If you want to kill them, there is no need to worry because the Elite Hunter NPC will give you the location of each one.

Enjoy Your New Victories With the Enma Sword

As you can see, acquiring the Enma sword can be long and daunting. You have to be a level 1,500 player and finish some of the game’s toughest quests like getting to the Third Sea. However, it’s worth it because the blade will help you fight enemies, win battles, complete quests, and even grind the renowned Blox Fruits. Once you have the sword, upgrade it to the second version as soon as possible because that will increase its damage by 10%.

Have you tried getting the Enma in Blox Fruits? If so, have you upgraded it to the second version yet? What do you think of its destructive power? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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