How to Get Fruits in Blox Fruits

Sure, there are multiple ways to advance in Blox Fruits. But judging by the title of this top-rated Roblox game, it’s clear which one is the most valued.

How to Get Fruits in Blox Fruits

Collecting Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits allows you to become insanely powerful in a fraction of the time (and effort!) it would take you to acquire fighting styles and weapons. With this in mind, you’re probably wondering how to get these oh-so-powerful artifacts.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn just that.

How to Get Fruits in Blox Fruits

As the game’s name suggests, Devil Fruits are the core mechanism of Blox Fruits. Each fruit grants you a distinct supernatural ability that helps you increase your power and combat skills and take on stronger enemies. So, it comes as no surprise you can get these fruits in several ways.

Currently, there are 35 fruits in Blox Fruits, and here are the best ways to get them.

Standing Out During Factory Raids

Any Blox Fruits player who wants to optimize their combat effectiveness has probably visited the Factory at some point. This large facility in the Kingdom of Rose can produce Devil Fruits.

Every 90 minutes, the Factory opens. Just before this happens, you’ll get a message stating, “We are breaching the factory in 30 seconds!” After you get into the Factory, you’ll have five minutes to raid it.

Unfortunately, simply participating in a raid doesn’t mean you’ll get Devil Fruits. The only way to do this is to inflict the most damage on the Factory’s Core.

Of course, the gathered players must also defeat the Core while the Factory is open for a Devil Fruit to appear. This means you all have five minutes to reduce the Core’s health from 200,000 to 0.

If you’re successful, you’ll get the following message: “101 FAcT0rY MALf44fUNCti0n. END.” If you do the most damage, you’ll also receive a random Devil Fruit as a reward.

Fiercely Defending the Castle on the Sea

The Castle on the Sea is an exciting location filled with intriguing NPCs and some powerful enemies.

Every 80 minutes, this castle gets raided by pirates. Around 30 seconds before the raid, you’ll get a message saying, “Pirates have been spotted approaching the castle!” But beware. These pirates aren’t easy to defeat. They will spawn from all the corners of the Second Sea, and they’re more powerful than usual.

Also, if you want to get a Devil Fruit, most of these pirates aren’t your primary concern. The final raid boss is who you want to defeat. After all, players who beat at least one pirate will receive Fragments (a currency used in the Second Sea and the Third Sea). But the player who deals the final blow to the boss will receive a random Devil Fruit.

Taking on the Brigade During the Ship Raid

With 11 flags, four cannons, and 2,500 health, the Brigade is one of the most powerful ships in Blox Fruits. So, it’s no wonder that defeating this ship during a ship raid increases your chances of receiving a random Devil Fruit.

As for these raids, they represent one of the four main sea events and take place in the Second Sea and the Third Sea. Unlike factory and pirate raids, these raids randomly happen while you’re sailing across the sea.

You’ll know a Ship Raid has begun when a Brigade ship and two basic ships spawn, and cannonballs start flying toward your boat. Fire back promptly for a chance to sink the Brigade ship and receive a Devil Fruit.

Picking Up Spawned Devil Fruits

If you need a breather from all the raids, you can also get Blox Fruits more peacefully. All you have to do is collect them once they spawn at random places on the map.

During weekdays, Devil Fruits spawn hourly. This time drops to 45 minutes during weekends. Once a Devil Fruit spawns, you’ve got 20 minutes to pick it up, or it disappears (or despawns, if you will).

While Devil Fruits spawn randomly, a few locations on the map are more generous than others. To increase your chances of picking up a Devil Fruit, do the following:

  • Roam the Starter Island, Drum Island, and Fishman Island.
  • Check the trees around the Middle Island, Marine Fortress, the Rusukaina forest, the Skypiea islands, and the volcano’s center in the Magma Village.
  • Explore the water in the Fountain City (Water 7).

However, since you’re limited in time, purchasing a game pass called Fruit Notifier might be your safest bet. As the name implies, this game pass will notify you when a Devil Fruit spawns. Not only that, but you’ll also know how far it is from your location.

Note that you must be inside the server for the Fruit Notifier to work.

Buying Fruits From the Blox Fruit Dealer

Buying fruits might be the easiest way to get a hold of Devil Fruits. But (as you can probably guess), it will cost you.

Players can use seven currencies in the Blox Fruits game. But only two should concern you if you want to purchase Devil Fruits:

  • Robux (the online currency used in all Roblox games, denoted as R$)
  • Beli (an easy-to-get currency throughout the game, designated as $)

Only Devil Fruits purchased with Robux are permanent. But before you decide this method is the only way to go, consider one thing. You’d need almost 50,000 Robux to purchase all the permanent fruits in the game. Convert that to dollars, and you’re looking at a $600 charge.

No matter how many fruits you decide to buy, you can do so with the Blox Fruit Dealer. You can find this NPC shop on islands (Pirate Starter Island, Marine Starter Island, and Dressrosa), major towns (Middle Town and Port Town), and some specific locations (the Café in the Second Sea and the Mansion in the Third Sea).

The Dealer offers at least three fruits at any moment and restocks every four hours. Although, this only applies to players buying fruits with Beli. If you go the Robux route, you can buy any fruit.

Buying Fruits From the Blox Fruit Gacha

The Blox Fruit Dealer isn’t the only NPC that can sell you Devil Fruits. So can the Blox Fruit Gacha.

Although the Blox Fruit Gacha is the Dealer’s cousin, this NPC doesn’t give you nearly as many options. In fact, you only have one – purchasing a random Devil Fruit with Beli. The fruit you receive will depend on your current rank.

Trading for Devil Fruits

If you aren’t up for fighting or spending money, you’re left with one option – trading.

Head to the Café in the Second Sea or the Mansion in the Third Sea, and you can trade Devil Fruits, and game passes, with other Blox Fruits players.

Since it sounds like a blast, you might find trading appealing and focus on it exclusively. But bear in mind that you can only exchange five times every eight hours. Also, you can’t trade two of the same fruits.

Elevate Your Gameplay With Devil Fruits

Playing Blox Fruits is endlessly fun, as the game’s popularity proves. Collect all the Devil Fruits and the fun meter will undoubtedly be maxed out. After all, these fruits allow you to obtain superhuman strength, teleport, transform into a dragon, and much more. Use the methods outlined in our guide and have the ultimate adventure sailing the seven seas.

How many Devil Fruits have you collected? What is your most prized possession? Let us know in the comments section below.

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