How to Get Eggs in Blox Fruits

There were many ways to find eggs in Roblox’s Blox Fruits. Eggs were a cosmetic for fruits released for the Easter Event 2023. Unlike some other collectibles in the game, eggs didn’t have specific locations and were spread across the islands.

How to Get Eggs in Blox Fruits

Eggs or Fruits are essential for progressing in Blox Fruits as they allow players to buy different upgrades and have an advantage in battles. Since this game is unpredictable, finding eggs, or fruits, can be challenging. Read on to learn how to find eggs in Blox Fruits.

Searching for Eggs

Collecting eggs worked the same way as collecting fruits. Although the event is long over and the egg cosmetic was removed from the game, you can still find fruits the same way. There weren’t any specific, known locations where eggs spawned; they appeared randomly, so you needed to search for them.

The best way that this could be done was by using Fruit Notifier. This tool can be bought in-game and shows an egg’s location and distance when spawned. During the event when the eggs were in place, this collectible was more available, considering their spawn time was faster. The spawn time for fruit was 60 minutes, whereas eggs were spawning every 25 minutes.

How to Gather Fruits

Since eggs used to give you random fruits, gathering them was not the most optimal way of getting your hands on the specific fruit you needed during the event. Since the event is over and the egg cosmetic is gone, you can gather fruits like before.

Buying fruits from the Blox Fruit Dealer and Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin is a good option if you’re in a hurry. The Dealer will give you the option to choose which fruit you want to buy, while his Cousin gives them randomly. The Dealer, or Gacha, will provide you with premium fruits for a price.

You can also collect Fruits by completing various tasks.

  • Factory Raid – You’ll earn valuable fruits if you deal enough damage in the factory raid.
  • Ship Raid – Fighting and defeating the Brigade will earn you fruits, though this method has a low chance of dropping them.
  • Defending the Castle – If you succeed in defending and protecting the Castle from pirates, you can receive valuable fruits.

Where to Find Fruits

Even though the specific locations of fruits are unknown, there are some places where you’ll have a higher chance of obtaining this collectible if you’re willing to search for them. Here is where you might find some devil fruits:

  • Starter Island
  • Middle Island
  • Marine HQ
  • Alabasta
  • Skypiea
  • Impel Down
  • Volcano
  • Water 7
  • Marineford

The chances of finding fruits in these areas are higher, though the locations constantly change as fruits randomly spawn all over the islands. However, searching the abovementioned places won’t leave you empty-handed, as collecting fruits there is more manageable. If you bought Fruit Notifier, then the process becomes much easier.

Furthermore, you can find more fruit locations in the First, Second, and Third Seas. The Second and Third Sea aren’t recommended if you’re not a high-level player, as many hackers and strong PvP players battle there. The best option for newer players is the First Sea. While the Third Sea might contain the most fruits, it’s only recommended that more experienced players venture there.

Using Blox Fruit Codes

One way to make collecting fruits more worthwhile and time-efficient is to use Blox Fruit cheat codes and get more experience (XP). Here are the codes for doubling XP, which you can enter by clicking on the “Twitter” icon in the left corner of your screen:

  • Codes for free double XP – ADMIN_STRENGHT, Bluxxy, JCWK, Enyu_is_Pro, MagicBUS, StarcodeHEO, Sub2CaptainMaui, SUB2DAIGROCK, Sub2Fer999.
  • Double XP codes that last 20 minutes – Axiore, kittgaming, TheGreatAce, StrawHatMaine, TantaiGaming, Sub2OfficialNoobie, Sub2NoobMaster123, Sub2Daigrock.
  • Double XP code that lasts half an hour – SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1.

Different Fruits in Blox Fruit

If you buy fruits instead of collecting them around the islands, knowing which fruit is the best avoids wasting money and resources on ones you don’t need. There are three different types of fruit:

  • Natural – This type of fruit controls the forces found in nature. Look for Venom, Soul, Shadow, and Dough. They are S-Tier Natural fruits.
  • Beast – This Beast fruit can be used for transforming into a beast. Dragon, Leopard, and Buddha are the strongest and rarest Beast fruits.
  • Elemental – This fruit type controls and uses different elements. Rumble, Dark, and Light are the most valuable Elemental fruits.

Apart from the fruits mentioned in these three categories, there are many more to choose from, depending on your need and preference.

For example, Light fruit was extremely useful when searching for eggs during the Easter event. This fruit gives you high traveling speed but shouldn’t be used in the Second and Third Seas. Portal fruit is another good traveling option, which, as the name suggests, portals a player to different parts of the land in a second.

Besides the flying fruits useful when crossing large bodies of water or land, some fruits boost your power and increase your strength. These fruits are the best for combat, PvP in the Second and Third Seas, and raids.

  • Buddha Fruit – As mentioned, this Beast-type fruit is one of the strongest you can obtain. When awakened, its powers increase even further. Considering it’s a Legendary fruit, the chances of getting it are low. There is only a 6% chance that Buddha fruit will spawn and a 5% chance it will be in stock. The damage is extremely high, the hitbox can increase to 800%, and it gives the player a 40% damage reduction when awoken.
  • Venom Fruit – This Natural fruit is best used in tight spaces and PvP since it increases the fury bar to the max in no time. The venomous and toxic ability should be utilized at close range.

  • Leopard Fruit – This allows the user to transform into a Leopard Humanoid, in which all weapons and combat skills become less important. However, players gain high-speed, agility, and evading skills.
  • Magma Fruit – This fruit allows the player to walk on water and is best used when hunting sea beasts. When awakened, this fruit gives you the power to create lava and walk over it while other players can’t see it.

Collecting Fruits Make You Stronger

The Easter Event gave Blox Fruits players another fun way of collecting fruits. You never knew which fruit you would get when you picked up the egg. They weren’t easily found, and there were no specific locations for eggs. Since the eggs event is now expired, players can return to gathering fruits or obtaining them via raids.

Did you participate in the Easter event to get eggs? Which fruit were you hoping to get? Let us know in the comments section below.

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