How to Get Mink V2 in Blox Fruits

The race of your “Blox Fruit” character is one of the essential aspects of the game. You receive different abilities and skills depending on your race. When you start the game, you get a random race, which you can change later with “Race Changer” for 90 Robux. The possible races you can get at the start are Mink, Sky, Human, and Fish. You can unlock two more races later on.

How to Get Mink V2 in Blox Fruits

Mink is one of the best races in the game, providing Agility and increased speed skills. Getting V2 and V3 will improve your powers and abilities. Read on to learn how to get Mink V2 and V3 and the requirements for this achievement.

Obtaining Mink V2

Most players want to acquire Mink V2 since the race increases the speed of your dash and overall movement speed by 2x and allows you to use abilities that drain your energy slower. To be able even to start this quest, you need to be level 850 or above and complete quests from Alchemist and Bartilo. Furthermore, if you’re any other race, you must change it to Mink, which you can do in the shop.

Here is how to obtain Mink V2:

  1. Go to the Second Sea.
  2. Find the Café.
  3. Speak with Bartilo to receive the quest to defeat 50 Swan Pirates.
  4. Select “Yes.”
  5. Accept the quest by selecting the option “Swan’s Raid.”

Accepting the quest will prompt another window where you can see quest details, such as level requirements and how much money and experience you’ll get upon completing.

  1. Tap on “Confirm.”
  2. Go outside and defeat the pirates.
  3. After killing 50 of them, go to the Café and talk with Bartilo again.
  4. Accept the new quest to defeat Jeremy, the Spring-Spring user.
  5. Go outside and follow the quest instructions.
  6. Talk with another NPC to select the quest for Jeremy.

This mini-boss spawns on the mountain close to the Kingdom of Rose.

  1. Climb the mountain and kill Jeremy.|
  2. Speak with Jeremy to find out more about his story.
  3. Go back to the Café and speak with Bartilo.
  4. Accept the next quest to release the imprisoned gladiators from the Colosseum, located beneath the arena or the stadium.
  5. Go to the Swan Mansion.
  6. When you enter the Swan Mansion, go near a table and remember the code engraved in it.

A good option is to write the order of the letters in the code on a piece of paper since you will later need to use it to release the prisoners.

  1. Head to the Colosseum.
  2. Find the entrance to the jail cells under the stadium.

When you enter, you will see the letters from the previous code spread randomly across the room. To set the imprisoned gladiators free, you need to assemble the code in the correct order. For releasing the prisoners, you get a new title, “The Champion,” a reputation on the island, and a “Warrior Helmet.”

  1. Get close to each code to activate it.
  2. Follow the pattern you previously wrote down from the table in the Swan Mansion.
  3. Release the prisoners.
  4. Find Alchemist at the Green Zone.
  5. Search for him under vines and a blue mushroom.
  6. Talk to him to receive a new quest to find three different flowers, blue, yellow, and red.
  7. Find one of each across the island.
  8. When you gather the flowers, go back to the Alchemist and speak to him.
  9. Pay 500,000 Beli to complete the quest and obtain Mink V2 to enhance your speed and reduce cooldown and cost.

Red Flower Locations

Each flower has different spawns. However, the flowers won’t spawn again unless someone picks them. The red one generates only during the day, and this is where you can find it:

  • The first area of the Kingdom of Rose near a pink house
  • Swan Mansion yard
  • Green Zone; near Quest Giver and on top of brown rock
  • On top of the plateau close to the Factory

Blue Flower Locations

Blue flowers only spawn during the night, and this is where you can collect them.

  • Cave Island (find the secret room through the ceiling)
  • Close to the Islands where the Vampire resides
  • Search the graves in Graveyard
  • Usoap Island (two locations – near a house and a tree)

Yellow Flower Locations

The yellow flower is the easiest to collect; you only need to kill NPCs on the island and collect the loot. For the Flower Quest, you need one of each.

Obtaining Mink V3

To get Mink V3, you need to be level 1,000 or higher. The last enhancement of your race improves your skills by four times. Follow these steps to get the upgrade:

  1. Go to the Swan Mansion in the Second Sea.
  2. Speak with NPC Trevor, who asks you to bring him expensive Blox Fruits that cost over 1,000,000 Beli.
  3. After you bring him the fruit he requested, you can talk with Don Swan and kill him.
  4. Go to Don Swan’s room since Trevor granted you access.
  5. Buy an item called “Respawn Bosses” if you don’t find Don Swan in his room.

He spawns every 30 minutes, so purchasing this item for 50 Robux is the way to go if you don’t want to wait. Don Swan is a 1,000-level boss, and defeating him might be challenging. He drops Swan Ship and Swan Glasses in 2.5% of cases. After you defeat him, you receive the “Heavenly Devil” title.

  1. Defeat Don Swan.
  2. Head to Diamond’s Hill.
  3. Find a secret room
  4. Speak with NPC Arowe to accept the quest to pick up 30 chests.

This is a straightforward task since you can collect any chest in any location, including multiple ones in the same area. You can find the first chest outside the hidden room in Diamond’s Hill. Search the island to gather as many as you need.

  1. After you collect 30 chests, return to the secret room in Diamond’s Hill.
  2. Interact with Arowe again.
  3. Pay 2,000,000 Beli to evolve the race to Mink V3 and get a “Godspeed” title.

Evolve Your Race

Choosing your race in “Blox Fruit” is essential since each offers something different. Which race you will opt for depends only on your gaming preferences. Note that, upon starting the game, you randomly receive a race, but you can change it with “Race Changer.”

Mink race has its advantages, and it’s worth it to evolve this race to enhance your movement, dash, and Agility skills. If you’re a Mink race player, use Ice Blox Fruit to improve your movement speed further.

Which Blox Fruit race do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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