How to Get to Mirage Island in Blox Fruits

Usually, a mirage is something that isn’t really there, like an optical illusion in the desert. However, the Mirage Island of “Blox Fruits” is genuine and definitely worth seeking out, as it holds great treasures and key items, like the Blue Gear. Unfortunately, it’s super rare and tough to find.

How to Get to Mirage Island in Blox Fruits

This guide will show you the best methods and tips for finding and accessing Mirage Island.

How to Find the Mirage Island

The Mirage Island is one of the four Sea Events that were added to the game in Update 17-Part 2. The other Sea Events include Ship Raid, Sea Beast, and Rumbling Waters, and all three of them are much more common than the Mirage Island.

So, unless you get lucky, you can’t expect to stumble upon Mirage Island right away. It’ll take time and patience. Plus, it only spawns for 15 minutes before vanishing again, so you have to act fast when you see it.

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire, guaranteed method to discover it, but some tips and tricks can push the odds in your favor.

Sail the Third Sea

First of all, it’s important to know the basics: Mirage Island only ever spawns in the Third Sea. It won’t appear anywhere else, so you’ll just be wasting your time if you look for it in the First or Second Seas.

To start your search, grab a boat and set sail. Any boat will do, although you may prefer a larger and stronger ship. This is because you’ll almost surely encounter some Sea Beasts along the way, and they might easily destroy small and simple vessels.

Look in Wide, Open Areas of Water

Mirage Island is vast. It takes up lots of space on the sea, which means it can only spawn in very wide open areas of water. So, while sailing, make sure to focus on those kinds of sites. Avoid getting too close to other islands, as there simply won’t be enough room for Mirage Island to appear.

A perfect space to look is between the Floating Turtle and Sea of Treats. Players have also reported success finding Mirage Island between Hydra Island and the Great Tree. So, to avoid waiting around too long, you might want to focus your search purely on one of these locations.

Face Forwards Most of the Time

While searching for Mirage Island, you might be tempted to keep turning the camera around in the hopes of spotting it. However, the island only spawns in the direction that your boat is actually facing. So, in general, it’s best to face forwards and keep an eye on the horizon, especially if you’re on a private server.

If you’re on a public server, it’s still wise to scan left and right now and then. Another player in the area might spawn the island in front of their boat, and you can then change course to get to it. However, for the most part, you’ll want to keep facing forward. This’ll also help you avoid getting too close to other islands and make it easier to spot any Sea Beasts that suddenly spawn in your path.

Consider Using a Private Server

One of the problems with looking for Mirage Island on a public server is that there’s always a risk of the island spawning in front of another player instead of you. If that happens, you might miss it completely, as you’ll be too busy looking in front of your own boat.

If you have the option, switch over to a private server instead. There, you won’t have to worry about other players causing confusion. You can simply sail around in circles and keep your eyes on the horizon, watching and waiting for Mirage Island to magically appear.

Use “Cruise Control”

It can get a little boring sailing in the open sea for so long. Your fingers might even get tired or sore from holding down the keys. So, a neat little trick you can use is to activate a kind of “cruise control” that will let you take your hands off the keyboard while still sailing.

  1. Find an open area of the sea.
  2. Your boat will sail in circles over and over without you needing to press anything. To do that, just hold the “A” or “D” key, along with the “S” key.
  3. Open the chat window.

  4. Watch the screen and take back control if you see the island appear.

Try Standing Still

Another fun fact about Mirage Island is that it can spawn even if you’re not moving. It can appear as long as you’re on a boat, on the sea, and facing some open water. So, don’t feel like you have to keep on pushing forward all the time. You can give your hands a rest and let the boat sit for a while. Just keep an eye on the screen in case the island suddenly appears.

Search at Night if You Want the Blue Gear

This tip is just for those seeking the Blue Gear. It only spawns at night. So, even if you find Mirage Island during the daytime, it won’t have any Blue Gear for you to discover. If you’re specifically looking for the island to grab the Blue Gear, you’ll need to do your searching during the game’s night cycle.


What is on the Mirage Island?

Mirage Island is home to the Advanced Fruit Dealer, who has a different stock compared to the standard Fruit Dealer. He has a higher chance of selling Legendary Fruits and restocks more quickly, in two hours compared to the usual four. Mirage Island also has chests, like Mirage Chests and Fragment Chests, so it’s a good place to find some treasure.

What are the chances of a Mirage Island appearing?

Of the four Sea Events, Mirage Island is by far the rarest. The Ship Raid has a 45% chance of appearing, the Sea Beast has a 39% chance, and the Rumbling Waters event has a 15% chance of occurring. In contrast, Mirage Island has just a 1% chance.

Do I need to find a Mirage Island for the Blue Gear?

Yes, the Blue Gear only spawns on Mirage Island and only appears at night. You’ll need this key item to upgrade your race to V4, also known as “Race Awakening.” To complete the “Race Awakening,” you also need to bring a Mirror Fractal to the island and find its highest point. From there, look at the moon for about 15 seconds until a message appears. You can then scour the island to find the Blue Gear.

Find the Mirage Island More Easily

Since it’s so rare, Mirage Island isn’t always easy to find. It can be frustrating to sail the seas, waiting for it to appear. But, if you use the tricks listed above and stay patient, it should eventually appear for you. Just remember to act fast once you spot it, as it will only stick around for 15 minutes before despawning.

Have you discovered Mirage Island yet? Know any other tricks or secret spots where the island is more likely to spawn? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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