Can You Follow Artists on Apple Music? No You Cannot

Apple Music offers many benefits, including offline listening, exclusive content, and more than 50 million songs. However, unlike other music streaming apps, Apple Music doesn’t allow you to follow your favorite artists. This feature used to be available, but with the newest version of Apple Music, you can only listen to artists without actually following them.

Can You Follow Artists on Apple Music? No You Cannot

Even though the ability to follow artists on Apple Music doesn’t currently exist, there are many other things you can do to personalize your Apple Music playlists. Continue reading to find out how to listen to your favorite artists without following them on Apple Music.

Can You Follow Artists on Apple Music?

One of the biggest advantages of many music streaming apps is that you can use them to stay up to date with your favorite artists. If they release a new single or an album, you can be notified first and listen to their new music minutes after it comes out. While Spotify, Deezer, and other music streaming apps let you follow your favorite artists, Apple Music doesn’t offer this feature anymore. 

The ability to follow and unfollow artists on Apple Music was removed in 2018. Rather than giving users the option to follow their favorite artists, Apple Music creates personalized playlists in the “Listen Now” section, which are based on the music you listen to on a daily basis.

The “Listen Now” section lets you discover new music every day, and it features curated albums, playlists, and daily mixes based on your music history and preferences. Within this tab, you can go to the “Top Picks,” “Made for You,” and “Stations for You” rows. The “Listen Now” section is constantly updated since Apple Music tracks what you listen to every day. You can even add any song you like to your “Favorites” playlist. If you want to listen to something again, you’ll be able to find it in the “Recently Played” playlist.

You always have the option to search for new artists. They just might not be in the “Listen Now” playlists if you’ve never listened to their music before. While you can’t follow and unfollow artists on Apple Music, you do have the option to share them with other Apple Music users.

Of course, to access any of these features, you need to subscribe to Apple Music after your three-month trial has been completed. If you don’t subscribe to Apple Music after your free trial, you’ll still be able to listen to music that you imported to your library. However, you won’t be able to use any Apple Music features that come with a paid subscription, which includes looking for new music.

When you first create your account (and if you did so after 2018), Apple Music syncs with the music library on your phone. In addition, Apple Music will ask you to make a list of some of your favorite artists so they can create curated content for you. You can even specify the genres you prefer. As part of the “Connect” feature, Apple Music automatically adds artists you have in your phone’s music library to their database. The “Connect” feature used to be linked to the “For You” section, which is now called the “Listen Now” section.

While this feature may be useful, it can also be annoying. For example, if you only listened to a song once, Apple Music will import it into your music library and may start spamming you with music you don’t like. While you don’t have the option to follow artists you like or even remove the ones Apple Music recommends for you, you can disable the “Connect” feature. Follow the steps below to find out how it’s done:

  1. Open Apple Music on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the “For You” tab on the bottom menu.
  3. Go to your profile picture in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  4. Find “Notifications” on the menu.
  5. Toggle the “New Music” switch to turn it off.
  6. Do the same for the “Show in Library” switch.

Doing this lets you have more control over your Apple Music library and curated content.

Even though you can’t follow artists on Apple Music, you still get notifications about artists you regularly listen to with the app. If there are any new releases from your favorite artists, Apple Music will send you a notification. Between Apple Music’s notifications and curated playlists, there’s really no need to follow your favorite artists. All their music will be presented to you.

There are a lot of things you can do on this app to have a better music-listening experience. For instance, you can explore new music, find featured songs, listen to music that matches your mood, and even listen to songs that will be featured on upcoming albums in the “Coming Soon” playlist. You even have the option to watch music videos, which is something you can’t find on other music streaming apps.

Can You Follow Friends on Apple Music?

While you can’t follow artists on Apple Music, you do have the option to follow your friends. Not only that, but you can see what they’re listening to in real-time. The same goes for your friends. If they follow you, they can also see what you’re listening to at that moment. What’s more, they can view any playlists you may have shared.

When you first set up your profile, Apple Music will show you a list of all your contacts who are also subscribed to this music streaming app. You can follow your friends at that point, or you can do this later. If you’re wondering how to follow friends on Apple Music, this is how it’s done:

  1. Launch Apple Music.
  2. Tap on the “Search” tab on the bottom menu.
  3. Enter your friend’s name in the search field.
  4. Tap on the “Follow” option on their profile page.

Remember, if you want to follow your friends on Apple Music, they need to be in your contact list and have Apple Music accounts.

Discover New Music with Apple Music

The newest version of Apple Music doesn’t allow users to follow their favorite artists. Even though this feature has been removed, there are many other things you can do on Apple Music to personalize your music library and improve your streaming experience. Apple Music will still provide you with the newest music made by artists you listen to the most, so you won’t technically be missing out on anything.

Have you found a new way to “follow” artists on Apple Music? Are you satisfied with Apple Music’s “Listen Now” section? Let us know in the comments section below.

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