The new McLaren 720s has a cockpit straight from the Batmobile

As cars get more and more advanced, manufacturers are looking for ways to keep the driver informed – but not overloaded. Systems like Audi’s Virtual Cockpit and most Head up Displays do a good job of giving the driver exactly what they need – but McLaren’s new 720s has a way more interesting approach.

Like most other cars, the 720s uses a display rather than traditional dials, and a teaser video shows it displaying information such as fuel levels, which mode the car is on – and even a trip computer. However, it McLaren’s ‘folding driver display’ then appears to flip over like something from Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile, and instead displays a narrow, cut down display.

The new display only shows the new McLaren’s speed, gear and revs – the only things you need to see when you’re trying to go as fast as possible. Although it’s not clearly stated it’s likely this feature is enabled in Sport mode, or something similar. It looks like something you’d usually find in a race car – not something you can drive on the road, and it’s probably the most unique cockpit solutions we’ve seen in ages.

You can see the all-new system below, and with any luck we’ll go hands on with it at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.


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