How to Change Your CrossFire Email

As CrossFire is an online shooter, keeping your email address up to date is rather important. This isn’t only a way to get game news, but it also allows you to maintain your account. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing to change your CrossFire email, the process of doing so is rather simple, once you know how. In this article, we’ll show you how to change your CrossFire email along with several other useful account editing options.

How to Change Your CrossFire Email

Changing Your Crossfire Email

Changing your CrossFire account email is a rather straightforward process, but it does require a few conditions. First, you must be able to log onto your CrossFire account as the change request will be processed there. The second requirement is that you still have access to the current email account registered on the server. If you meet these requirements, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Log on to your CrossFire account on the website. The Log In link is on the upper right part of the window.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click on your Account Name. It should also be on the upper right portion of the CrossFire window.
  3. On the dropdown menu, choose and click on My Account.
  4. On the Account Summary portion, you’ll find your current email address. Click on the Change button to the right of your email.
  5. A blank text box will appear that will allow you to input a new email address. Once you’ve done so, click on the Confirm button to the right of the text box.
  6. A window will appear informing you that a verification email has been sent to your old email address. Click on Close.
  7. Open your old email address and find the verification email sent by CrossFire.
  8. On the email, click on the verification link provided.
  9. You will be redirected to a window informing you that another verification link has been sent, this time to the new email address that you have provided.
  10. Open your new email address and look for the verification from CrossFire.
  11. On the message, click the Verify My Email button. If the button doesn’t redirect you, copy the address provided underneath the button, and then paste in onto your browser’s address bar. Note that the verification email for both old and new addresses will expire in 24 hours.
  12. Once you click the verification email, you will be redirected to a window informing you that your information has been updated. You can now use the new email as your account email.

If you no longer have access to your old email address, you will have to submit a support ticket on their Customer Support page. Provide all the required information, or at least as much information that you can remember, to help speed up the process. Try to avoid sending multiple support tickets, as this will only slow down the response time in the long run.

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Changing Account Password

Another common account detail that requires constant changing is the password. This is also a rather simple process, but will require you to know your current password. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Proceed to the CrossFire games website and log onto your account.
  2. On the upper right portion of the window, click onto your account name.
  3. From the dropdown menu, click on My Account.
  4. From the information on the Account Summary, click on the Change button, to the left of the password portion.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your old password, your new password, and a confirmation of the new password. Once you’re done entering the information, click on Confirm.
  6. A small message box will appear confirming the change, Click on the Close button.
  7. You can now navigate away from this window.


Recovering a Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten the password that you used to register your CrossFire account, you can recover it by following the instructions below. Note that you will have to know the current registered email address of your account to be able to do this. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Proceed to the CrossFire website, then hover over Support on the upper menu. From the choices, click on Forgot your Password.
  2. Alternatively, you can go directly to the password recovery window using this link.
  3. On the text box, enter your current registered email address.
  4. Click on Submit.
  5. A window will appear telling you that an email has been sent to your registered address. Proceed to your email and find the message.
  6. In the message, a link will be provided that will redirect you to a Create New Password page.
  7. Enter and confirm your new password. Click on Create Password once you’re done.
  8. You will then be notified that the change has been made. You can now log onto your account using the new password.

If you’ve lost access to your old email address, or have forgotten it, you will need to submit a support ticket on the CrossFire Support Page. If possible, provide as much information as you can to speed up the process.

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A Handy Piece of Information

Anyone who has played online games before knows that being familiar with how to change your account email is a handy piece of information to know. Maintaining up to date account info is necessary if you want to keep enjoying online gameplay.

Have you ever had any problems related to changing your CrossFire email? Are there other account details that you think are necessary to keep updated? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Domsky Fernandez says:
but i dont have recieve any verification on my email. my email is correct
Steve Larner says:
Could be numerous reasons you don’t get the Crossfire notification email to change your email. Check your spam folder. Turn on two-step authentication. If using Gmail, click on “All Email” in the left menu to bring up every email received, not just read or unread, etc. Lastly, try changing emails from a different device.

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