How to Change Your Hotspot Name

Your hotspot name is usually the same as the name of your smartphone. You might as well leave that name and not change it, but naming it differently may make your phone more personalized. Also, your hotspot may be easier to discover. Or more difficult, depending on the new name given.

How to Change Your Hotspot Name

The process of changing your hotspot name isn’t complicated at all and it’s similar for both iPhones and Androids.

If you want your hotspot to have a different name, this article will help you change it.

How Does Hotspot Even Work?

If you’re not sure how Wi-Fi tethering works, here’s a brief explanation.

Most smartphones have this amazing superpower: in case of emergency, they can become a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This may really come in handy when you need to use the internet on your laptop, computer, or tablet and there’s no Wi-Fi signal available.

Why not simple use your smartphone to send an e-mail or do whatever you need the connection for? Well, sometimes you simply have to work from a full-sized device, or you have to send a file but you don’t have a way to transfer it to your phone.

Hotspots are easy to use and don’t require any additional equipment. Just turn on the feature on your phone and you’re ready to work. It’s like any other Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t forget to keep the mobile data network on, because that’s what your phone is using to act as a transfer point and create a Wi-Fi signal. Also, make sure you have enough GB left in your plan.

This type of connection is also more recommended than a public Wi-Fi network. It’s more secure in general, with the added benefit of being faster than most public Wi-Fi, though that might depend on your cell phone provider

In addition, other people can connect to your hotspot so it can be very helpful when you’re working with your colleagues someplace where there’s no Internet connection. Just be careful – set up a password to prevent unknown people from using your connection as well. Turning off your hotspot when you’re done also helps.

How to Change Your Hotspot Name on the iPhone

If you’re an iPhone owner and you’d like to change your hotspot name, here are the instructions to follow. Note that the steps are similar on all iOS versions since you’re essentially just changing your iPhone’s name.

  1. Open Settings from your home screen.
  2. Scroll down to find the General tab and tap to open it.
  3. The first option on the list is About. Tap to open.
  4. Open the Name tab.
  5. Erase the current name and type in a new one.
  6. Tap Done on your keyboard.

As mentioned, changing your iPhone’s name also changes the name of your hotspot. The new name will be visible on you and other people’s list of available wireless networks instead of the old one. People will still need the password to access your hotspot, which you can change by going to Settings>Personal Hotspot>Wi-Fi Password.


How to Change Your Hotspot Name on Android

The steps you need to take to change your hotspot name on Android are also very simple. There may be slight differences depending on the model. Just do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app from your menu.
  2. Open the Wireless & Networks/Connectivity option.
  3. Find the Tethering & Hotspot option and tap.
  4. Open (Portable) Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. Among other hotspot settings, you’ll see Hotspot name. Tap to open.
    wifi hotspot
  6. Erase the current name and add a new one.
  7. Tap on Save at the bottom of the screen.

Now you’re ready to use your hotspot with the new name. When turned on, it will become visible to other devices when they’re looking for a Wi-Fi connection.

Other Hotspot Settings You May Find Useful

You may be wondering what else you can do with your hotspot. To enhance the experience and make it more secure, you can:

  1. Change your password. Make sure it’s not the same as the password you use for your e-mail or social media because you may need to share it with other people.
  2. Set the hotspot turn-off timer. Some smartphones offer a timer option for your hotspot – if you’re not using it for more than five or ten minutes, it will automatically turn off.
  3. Limit the number of connections. You can set the maximum number of devices allowed to use your hotspot. On some Android phones, it can accept as many as 8 connections.
  4. Set the data limit. When you reach the data limit set, the hotspot will automatically turn off. This way you can make sure you won’t spend more GB than planned.

Any Spot Is a Good (Hot)spot

Next time you start panicking because that coffee shop’s Internet isn’t working (again!), remember that you already have everything you need. Turn on your hotspot, connect your laptop and enjoy!

How often do you use your phone’s hotspot? What’s the one pet peeve you have about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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