How To Change Regions in MIUI

There are times when changing the region on your Xiaomi MIUI makes sense. Doing so can change locked settings on your phone because of local regulations. It can also unlock additional themes or content. Many MIUI owners change their region to customize their phones further.

How To Change Regions in MIUI

Read on to learn how to change the region on your MIUI.

How to Change Region

Once you’ve set up your phone, you may quickly realize that the region you’ve set your MIUI to has locked certain features you would like to access. To change the region on the MIUI and unlock that region’s features, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Go to Additonal Settings and Select “Region” and tap search.
  3. A list of available regions will appear. Select the one you wish to use.

Once you’ve selected your new region, your phone should automatically reconfigure the settings to that region’s presets. If it does not, try restarting the device.

Supported Regions

MIUI operates differently depending on which region or country you pick in your settings. This helps the phone do two things: comply with regulatory bodies and provide unique customer experiences. Since MIUI ships worldwide, setting a new region on your phone is a great way to access features you may not otherwise have.

The major regions MIUI lets its users choose from include:

  1. China
  2. Global
  3. India
  4. Europe
  5. Russia
  6. Turkey
  7. Indonesia
  8. Taiwan
  9. Japan
  10. Other

Some of these regions offer a subset option that allows you to be country-specific. For example, you can pick the UK as a region that will follow Europe’s and UK’s regulations.

MIUI Features Change by Region

The MIUI’s region selection impacts several features, most of which are guided by a local area’s smartphone regulations. Unfortunately, the positive features you gain from changing to one region will frequently cause you to lose features you gained from another. A great example is the UK region. You gain a significant feature, but you will lose access to themes.

You will have to pick which region offers you the most of what you’re looking for in a phone.

No Advertisements in the UK

If you set your phone’s region to the UK, you can eliminate advertisements on your MIUI.

Gestures in the U.S.

Setting your region to the U.S. will cause the gesture controls on the MIUI to become more accurate and markedly smoother. This was done to mimic the iPhone.

Louder Sound in Singapore

If you want to increase the volume on your phone, try changing the region to Singapore. Unlike Europe, Singapore has no sound regulations, so you should be able to increase the volume significantly just by changing the region. You can also increase the sound by changing the region to India though it won’t be as loud.

Customization in India

You can increase customization options for themes, fonts, and more by setting the region to India.

Software Updates

China, Mexico, and India all get the latest software updates before other regions. If you want early access to features and other updates, you may want to consider other updates.


Could I use a VPN to get the same results as changing my region?

No, a VPN will not open up locked features on your MIUI. A VPN works for changing your location data collected on the internet. It will not have any impact on the phone’s internal settings.

Will my phone slow down if I change the region?

No, your MIUI phone’s performance will not slow or speed up depending on what region you set it to. Changing the region will primarily impact settings that deal with functions outside of performance.

Is there a limit to how often I can change my region?

There is no limit to how often you can change the region on your phone. If you like to access different settings at different times, you can change the area as often or as little as you like with no penalties.

MIUI Regional Advantage

With regards to features, picking a region for your MIUI is a win-lose situation. No one region will let you enjoy everything that MIUI can do. However, the purest MIUI experience is when the phone is set to the China region. The settings in this region are how the designers intended the software to work before local regulations required adjustments.

The good news is that there is no limit to how often you can change your region. Nor are there any adverse side effects beyond some reduced or missing features. If you want to use your phone with different regional settings, you can do so.

Where do you have your MIUI region set to? Which features in the region are a must-have for you? Let us know in the comment below!

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